New to the game, need defensive advice

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New to the game, need defensive advice

So I've been playing strictly College Hoops 2k8 since it was a brand new game. I've recently started playing nba 2k bc I needed a change.

Question: what defense should I call and what defensive game plans do you suggest I call so that cpu does most of the work for me while I figure out how to play offense? I'm just getting smoked right now and I want to tackle one aspect of my game at a time, haha.

Would the help defense sliders do anything?

Thanks, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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New to the game, need defensive advice

Welcome, choops is maybe top 5 game for me all time. It kills me that there’s been no new college game for over a decade.

Anyways, as far as your defensive questions there’s so much in the gameplans that you can tailor depending on the opponent you’re playing, sag or gap, hedge or drop, etc. I would say the safest bet to start would be setting “switch all” on and switching on all picks and learning how to do your best to stay locked in on-ball. Guarding an on ball human opponent is one of the hardest things in the game as the defense is at a severe disadvantage with the lateral movement as slow as it is.

On-ball defensive tips would be

- stay patient, let the ball handler make the first move
- sag off a bit if they’re not a good shooter, like real life, there’s no need to press everyone
- try to anticipate where they want to go, if you’re beat don’t chase to where they are, instead try and run to a spot outside the paint and cut off their path.

All these are similar to playing the CPU but it’s tough online if you run into “dribble gods” or folks that just like exploiting side to side movement.

Help defense is a point of contention here at the moment because honestly it’s not where it needs to be no matter the sliders or settings you choose. There’s ways to make it better but you’re also going to be giving up something else like leaving cross court or corner passes open if you were to gap off all shooters and try and “protect the paint”.

Hitting right on the dpad while on defense will bring up a quick menu of a few overarching defensive options, I’d try those out first before diving into all the options in gameplan.

There’s a lot more, the offensive and defensive settings are very deep, some more effective than others.

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