Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

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Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

2k has been HEAVILY geared towards slashers & quick guards & forwards with an absurd amount of finishing animations in their favor. I would hope that showcasing Kareem & Dirk in 2k22 that they would at least reward players that have an overwhelming advantage in the low post, whether it come via mismatch or up & under, ball fake, etc.

If we are gonna create all these artificial speed & finishing animations for slashers, we need to show some love to post players too. Is basketball played like that anymore? Absolutely not & i fully understand & embrace that. But why are we gonna have a 96 ovr Karl Malone that plays like a 74 ovr player missing easy standing layups, just because a stupid game mechanic claims a shot is "70% contested"?

I shouldnt have to use 98 ovr 2005 Tim Duncan as a mid range court spacer because he's a liability in 1 v 1 post situations against another big. Robert Horry @ C with the 5 out offense is more lethal than a 4 out 1 in with Duncan in the post, and that should never happen

What do yall think? I remember there was a recent 2k that actually did a decent job making sure you got rewarded for playing good post O without you bricking cause a defender breathed on you, think it may have been 2k19.
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Re: Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

That was the last 2k19 I liked.
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Re: Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?


I wish real NBA brought back the post game instead of one dimensional hands off three point contests.

Iím currently playing as a prime Shaq and heís useless on offense. Crazy rebounds and blocks but canít make anything inside. But any guard can slash in at will. Smh
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Re: Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

Also the CPU needs to be better in the post they be brinking most of the time.
The Joker /embid is useless coming from the AI
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Re: Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

The post is sadly dead.

One can only hope.

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Re: Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

As an old school I still try to use and take advantadge from the post, but every year is more and more difficult... There are still players who do some damage in the post, at least respect those along with the classics of course...
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Re: Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

With the year Embiid had, I'm hoping they show it some love. There needs to be a legitimate counter to the defender just standing there holding his hands up.

If the defender is just holding his arms up, the post spin or drop step should be extra effective. If the defender is playing the offensive move, the hook/fade percentages should be higher.

I also have taken serious issue with how they allow you to build post players. On Next gen you can't make a post scoring center with a solid midrange without sacrificing crucial finishing badges. If you get the guy a solid midrange you'll have to invest in the three and FT in order to get the shooting badge count to warrant having a midrange shot. At the end of the day you either have a post scorer that is essentially an interior finisher, or you have a post scorer that is essentially a stretch big. If you try to go in-between and aim for balance, you'll get a guy that isn't particularly good at anything.

The only thing I haven't tried with a big this year is just saying "Ef It" and making a 7'3 max measurable paint bully.
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Re: Will 2k22 finally bring respect back to the post game?

It's BS how the mid-range and three-point ratings are tied together in the next gen MyPlayer builder to where you can't raise one without also raising the other.

We should be able to make a player with a high mid-range rating but no three-point shooting ability, since countless players (including many hall of famers) were able to dominate the pre-Steph Curry era of the NBA using a 20-foot-and-in skillset.

Even on current gen, where the shooting ratings aren't linked together, if you try to make a Karl Malone-type build using the half-sharp/half-slasher pie chart, you'll max out at a mid-70s shooting rating, which just isn't good enough to be making middies at a high volume like The Mailman did IRL.

I think 2K18, with its pure post scorer archetype, was the last time that we could create a player who would hit consistently from the mid-range, dunk hard & finish over defenders in the paint, then still protect the rim (but not the perimeter) and grab rebounds decently enough on defense.

We need that type of MyPlayer build back in 2K22, since Dirk and Kareem seem to be on the cover.

It's discouraging to see how 2K, since 2K19, has become a game where your only good options on offense are to hunt for 30-foot threes & corner threes or look for alley oop & driving dunk opportunities, since the post-up, mid-range, and standing dunk systems simply aren't able to deal with--much less effectively counter--cheese defensive badges like intimidator & pogo stick, which never should have been added to the game in 2K20, and absolutely should not have returned for 2K21.

The fact that the shot contest system--since 2K20, and again in 2K21--has been unrealistically tuned to where you don't even need to jump or put a hand near the shooter's face to make his/her shots register as contested (all you have to do is stand somewhat near him/her then let the magic "area of effect" cheese trigger "ghost contests," as the competitive community calls them) has only helped to further 2K's agenda of making their gameplay nothing but a three- and dunk-fest that will keep little Timmy's & Tiffany's ADD-marred minds stupefied--and their obese or malnourished but certainly not healthy arms tied to their greasy controllers--by insisting that some sort of "highlight play" absolutely HAS TO HAPPEN on every other trip down the floor, because BASKETBALL, to the audience that 2K has indebted itself to, is apparently nothing but a looping highlight reel of SportsCenter Top 10s, scored by autotuned mumble rap, and intro'd/outro'd by the latest TikTok dance crazes.

Somebody needs to call 2K22's mama and tell them to stop holding Timmy's & Tiffany's hands on defense, and stop rewarding them with unwarranted "good shot contests" for merely being "in the vicinity" of a shot attempt, because we all know that 2K's virtual court has always been too stinking small to ever get off a mid-range or post-up shot without somebody's defender being close enough to tell what type of deodorant you're wearing.

Bring back the "Hand down, man down!" contest system that made 2K19's mid-range game flourish (after the WE SHOOT OVER THOSE! height cheese was patched, and all the stupid 7'3" stretch bigs that dominated the early months of the game could be reasonably contested by forward-size-and-up MyPlayer builds).

This 2021 playoffs run has proved that the post and the mid-range are still viable scoring tactics at the highest level of pro hoops, not some forgotten, arcane artform, like you'd believe if you only watched the NBA's Twitter clips instead of TNT's full series.

But the post and mid-range have not been smart shots to take in any 2K since 2K19, and if 2K22 continues that status quo, it's going to make Dirk and Kareem good for nothing but snagging rebounds, setting screens, and in the latter's case, a scattering of snatch blocks plus a dopamine triggering, sensory overload of highlight dunks.

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