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Opinions on badges

Making threads today, yoooo.

I made this park build, rebounding point (hehh) to match up with centers, and I like how it feels. It's yellow/red. This list is not informed by that, as I have done more rec than park, but just talking ish.

I have been thinking a lot about badges, and I still think it's wrong to run intimidator at all. It helps, sure, but if you're talking HoF level, there are other HoF level badges that you can get that would be way more important. Think about getting HoF rim prot instead and take the massive take over boost when you block someone with your ear. Pick dodger is a must unless you are a big big imo. Heart Crusher is fun. Not sure how I feel about interceptor either because even though I get robbed sometimes. Never used clamps. Box, rebound chaser are OP for bigs even on gold. Big fan of pick pocket. HoF worm is underutilized esp if you already know how to swim around people at 0.

I liked unpluckable until I realized it was ME that is unpluckable not the badge haha. As long as you don't run directly into someone doing a steal animation, you should be OK. Dimer is a must if you rolled a PG, and honestly if you didn't roll a big, you probably should have rolled a PG. The only thing I can think of is the 'super slasher' yellow blue SF, but even then you still got dimer. I just started using bail out and that's a super op underrated badge, even works on double team passes ( cuz you jump to pass out.) You will surprise people a lot because they aren't used to dimes from jumping players. Quick first step and handles for days are good, handles even if you're not a dribble gawd because you get tired doing just a cross over. I also like tight handles cuz I am a person who doesn't spam the same cross, and that makes you cross real nice.

Catch and shoot, corner, clutch/range extender are good for non-shooter builds who have a little J. Steady shooter is a good badge, but it's higher risk. I'd always pick ice in veins as an only shooter badge unless you're in park. Range Extender makes you able to hit those 12 footers all day.

Finishing: contact, of course (no matter if u have contact animations or not), and pro touch. Pro touch is S tier, I dunno why anyone would run without that. Lob city probably worth throwing on, given the game, unless you're a play sharp. Showtime used to trigger more, but now it's kinda less useful unless you're getting a lot of and 1s. Deep hooks is still real, esp in park.

Some of these are incomplete, but I mainly wanted to put down badges I think you DEF SHOULD TAKE if you can. Might edit more later!

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