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20th Century Greatest Teams Roster

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20th Century Greatest Teams Roster

20th Century Greatest Teams Roster.
Includes great NBA and 6 ABA teams. Several teams are not available on other retro rosters.

gamertag: sellaz

First a little background. When I was in 7th grade in 1987, I got a game for the Commodore 64 called NBA by Avalon Hill. For those who are unfamiliar, it was a pure stat based simulator game. It had 20 classic teams and then later they released season disks 85-86 and 86-87 and even a create-a-team disk later. This game inspired me to learn more about and appreciate old school teams such as the 60’s Celtics and 70’s Knicks. The only reference at that time was the NBA basketball encyclopedia. In those days, games were either stat based or arcade based but never both. Fast forward 24 years and I get NBA 2k11. I see Mr. Jordan’s Classic Roster on OS and it brought me back….
I want to thank a few guys for inspiring me to make this roster. Mr. Jordan’s Classic Roster which is what I initially used as a base, though I made numerous facial edits, tendency, and rating edits to fit my style and philosophy. I highly recommend his Classic Team V2 roster. Nogster’s approach to tendencies and playbooks (from his Superleague), though I also continued to edit and tweak. Portlandblazer’s CAPs on many of the newer players were also used. PB’s ability to achieve face accuracy inspired me to work really hard to make the faces look ok. I am certainly not claiming to be in the same league, but I feel pretty good about my CAPs. This may be obvious to the CAP experts, but I learned early on if you Google a retro player and put “Topps” you can usually find a pretty good pic from a basketball card as a guide. Of course, on some you just have to wing it. Oh and I am also not sure if its wrong to credit guys when I probably butchered their work, but I wanted to credit them at least for the inspiration. I say that to emphasize that if you are a follower of those cited above and see inconsistencies remember that this is simply based on my opinion and style.

On Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, my goal was to make the teams play as accurately as possible while still making the simulated stats look accurate as well. This has been quite a learning curve since this is my first NBA 2k game. So far, the stats are looking very good. Having trouble getting assists numbers up though. I am open to any suggestions on this.

On the whole different eras issue:

This is my take on it. Older teams are going to do less size-up moves and flashy dunks. They may be smarter though and play better D.

For association purists:

I didn’t mess with contracts or potential that much, and to be honest, it just seems silly to try play association mode with different era teams. My plan is play season mode primarily.

Roster Setup:

Initially, the roster included some newer teams such as the 2010 Lakers, current Heat, 2008 Boston, 2003 Mavs, and 2003 Spurs. I decided to take them out for a few reasons. First off, I just like older teams better. My NBA upbringing was in the 80’s so I just generally have more respect for that era than the post-2000 era. I realized this when I would simulate a season and it would bother me when current players would make the All-NBA team over Hall of Famers. Sure they probably will be one day and probably have the numbers to justify it, but it just didn’t sit well with me. Secondly, everybody and their mom’s roster has those players so if someone wanted to play with current teams they wouldn’t want a retro roster anyway. There is some overlap with other rosters and my point is not to compete. I just wanted to share my take on these teams.

And lastly, the dreaded name glitch got me. Both James and Garnett were wiped. You could get away with Lebron because the announcer just says LeBron which sounds ok. Larry was another name that was replaced with “FIRST”, but I fixed it where the announcer says Larry even if the text says FIRST. I exported the 86 Celtics so Bird’s name would be ok though. I also used PB's method to get rid of stupid nicknames by replacing the name ABC. His idea to use the name glitch to your advantage is genius by the way.

8 of the top 10 NBA teams of all time per www.nba.com made the list. (Obviously it’s a dated list, but who cares) I made 6 ABA teams, which was very fun by the way. The uni’s and logos look pretty good and was based off www.remembertheaba.com. There are a few duplicated players, but most of them are icons at different times in their careers. (’64 & ’71 Oscar, ’71 & ‘87 Kareem, ’73 & ’83 Dr. J, ’65 & ’73 Havlicek.) Of course, www.basketball-reference.com was my main source for info.

To keep it simple, I stuck with teams prior to 2000. I will list each team and the rationale for inclusion. This is the setup by divisions:


1970 Indiana Pacers (ABA Champs): Roger Brown (had never heard of him but watched him on YouTube and he was a badass, Mel Daniels, and Bob Netolicky.
1970 NY Knicks: NBA Champs and self explanatory
1971 Baltimore Bullets: Earl “The Pearl”, Wes Unseld (the retro uni is on the game)
1973 Celtics: Havlicek, Cowens, Jo Jo White. Yes, they won it the following year but the numbers were better this season. 68-14.
1983 Philly 76ers: NBA Champs and self-explanatory


1964 Cincinnati Royals: Oscar Robertson almost averaged a triple double this year. (best I have been able to see simulated thus far is 31.3 ppg, 11.5 rebs, 7.5 assists.)
1965 Celtics: NBA champs and self explanatory.
1967 Philly 76ers: NBA Champs with Wilt and Hal Greer; Probably Wilt’s best overall statistical year and considered one of the best teams ever. Simulated season stats have him at about 24 ppg, 17 rebs, 6 assists ppg.
1968 Pittsburgh Pipers ABA Champs with a dominate rookie, Connie Hawkins
1973 Virginia Squires (ABA) a dominate Dr. J and Gervin’s rookie season. (their logo is perfect too)


1986 Celtics: NBA Champs and self-explanatory
1990 Pistons: NBA Champs and self-explanatory
1990 Atlanta: Dominique is represented
1995 Orlando: a younger Shaq and Penny Hardaway. Credit to PB on the CAPs.
1996 Bulls: I am not a Bulls, nor a Jordan fan, but this was my choice to be represented.



1970 Lakers: I know I know, why not ’72? Well I wanted to represent a better West and Baylor and plus they would rival up nice with the 1970 Knicks. Plus, the ’72 team gets enough props on other rosters. (Wilt is already represented too.)
1970 Denver Rockets (ABA) a dominate rookie, Spencer Haywood
1971 Bucks: Self-explanatory
1972 Kentucky Colonels (ABA) : Issel, Gilmore, and 3-pt threat Dampier. Both Issel and Gilmore’s names are in the play by play data base.)
1972 Utah Stars (ABA): Zelmo Beaty, Willie Wise, Jimmy Jones, Glen Combs. Not household names, but went 60-24 and had 6 players avg double figures with 2 avg 23 ppg.


1975 Golden State: NBA Champs with Rick Barry
1977 Jazz: Pistol Pete
1977 Portland: NBA Champs with Walton and Lucas
1979 Sonics: NBA Champs with Gus Williams and Dennis Johnson.
1987 Lakers: NBA Champs and self-explanatory and my personal favorite.


1992 Portland: Drexler represented
1993 Suns: Barkley represented. (Credit to PB for the CAPs)
1994 Houston: NBA Champs and Olajuwon is represented. (Credit to PB for CAPs)
1996 Sonics: Payton, Kemp, and Schrempf. A great team that faced the Bulls.
1997 Jazz: Stockton and Malone. Another great team that had to play the Bulls.

Create team slots

86 Celtics (due to the name glitch)
64 Royals (Uni looks good) (They are called the Lakers…learned this late in the game.)
67 Philly (Uni’s are just ok…but if I had to choose which team’s would be more generic it would have to be the older team.)
72 Kentucky
68 Pittsburgh
73 Virginia (My favorite in terms of logo accuracy)
70 Denver Rockets
79 Sonics (Unis are not that bad actually)
72 Utah
10 Lakers (they are on there if you want them. Not sure which roster I pulled them from)

This has been a fun project since I got the game for Christmas and I hope retro team lovers will enjoy it as much as I have. This is my first and probably last roster I will do (if I want to stay married). I am open to suggestions. It will be released very soon!


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Re: 20th Century Greatest Teams Roster

very nice! I've been looking for a roster with more of the old school teams.
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Re: 20th Century Greatest Teams Roster

Nice, Looking forward to this.
Thanks for the credit and glad I could help.
I'm excited to see how you might have tweaked things off the original roster.
I feel like a proud parent, LOL.
ps- were you able to avoid the exporting team face distortion glitch?
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Re: 20th Century Greatest Teams Roster

Can you download rosters from 2K Xbox 360 for free or do you have to subscribe to live to get just rosters?
CLICK ME==> NY Jets Dynasty

CLICK ME==> NY Mets Dynasty Page

I'm the only person on the planet that says sports games AI should be tested in cpu/cpu mode

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Re: 20th Century Greatest Teams Roster


Only had the face glitch on the 86 Celtics, but that is only for the bench players. Those will have to be signed on after the season. The others were created from scratch so I just cloned them over.

The 77 Blazers were created before your version 2 came out, and I had to do the 79 Sonics from scratch because they were a late addition, and I had already used the other CAPS. Most of the changes included more detail on the faces (for better or for worse), more detail on shoes, and sigs, and some minor tweaks in ratings/tendencies. I also had the teams reflect the actual year, instead of combining years...again just a personal preference. I didn't realize how OCD I was until I took this on!

Teams from your roster
71 Bucks
75 GS
77 Jazz
70 Lakers (changed from 72 LA)

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Re: 20th Century Greatest Teams Roster


Yes its free, of course XBOX Live is not...
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Re: 20th Century Greatest Teams Roster

I loved the ABA. Looking forward to this set. Any idea how soon it will be released?

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Re: 20th Century Greatest Teams Roster

I am hoping by the end of this weekend. Still need to tidy up some cosmetic stuff and run some more gameplay tests. I may just release a 1.0 then continue to test and tweak. (It seems the closer I look the more stuff f I find that needs fixing.)

Now, if I could only convince my step-son to quit playing Black Ops and go to bed...

Thanks for the interest!
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