The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

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Old 12-30-2010, 01:17 AM   #793
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Originally Posted by Atlanta
how do you guys play defense? greenie just controls his pg, but how do the others who use this slider play D? and last time i played, bibby got 6 rebounds but mostly because of me jumping after them earlier than horford and smith and what not. should i be doing that or should i let the computer get those boards too?
I control the player on D that I took the shot with on my last possession. I feel that it gives me a good balance of controlling different players on D.


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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

maybe it's just me but i think there's a glitch in the game when using the 'R1' button on the controller. it seems like their accuracy goes down by about 50% and the chances of the pass going through is significantly lower when it's at that. in my second test drive of these sliders, i decreased the hands by 2 and increased the pass accuracy by 1. so far, the game has played a little better. still some stupid passes, but before i decrease the hands attribute and increase the pass accuracy by one point again, i'd like to ask if anyone else is experiencing this problem when your accuracy is much lower passing with the 'R1' button instead of the regular 'X' button
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Oh my oh my!! I just had an UNBELIEVABLE game with these sliders (plus a few tweaks)! I was my beloved Bulls playing @ the Cavs in my Association and it was a Double OT Thriller!

The game was back and forth all game! I was up pretty much up by double digits in the 1st qtr 26-15, but then the Cavs and A. Parker lit me up from 3pt pretty much through the 2nd qtr and shot 68% from the field in the 2nd qtr to give themselves a 4 pt lead at halftime 55-51! A. Parker had 21 pts at the half while D. Rose had 14 pts

When the 2nd half started, I couldn't stop any of the Cavs players and they extended their lead to 8 with the score 77-85, but thanks to a few injuries (SN: too many injuries in this game = 4) I was able to maintain a decent deficit to overcome. By the 4th qtr, D. Rose had to turn it up a notch and he responded well with 18 pts in the 2nd half. By the 3:00min mark, I was able to slow down the Cavs and go on a scoring tear, which was capped off by a game-tying 3 pointer from R. Brewer that tied the game at 106 with 35.9 seconds left in regulation. After a missed 3pt from the Cavs D. Gibson, the game went into the 1st OT.

The 1st OT really belonged to the Rose, Deng, Boozer and Noah, who scored all of the points in the OT quarter. The BIG surprise of the entire game though was D. Rose going 3-8 from the 3pt line, including AGAIN the game tying 3pt shot with 2 seconds left in OT to send it to 2OT. In the 2OT the Cavs were without M. Williams and J. Graham due to injury, and A. Jamison was the only hot hand they had. But that didn't stop D. Rose from having a phenomenal game that led to a very convincing win 134-129!

Team Stats

Stat Bulls (me) Cavs (cpu)

Field Goals 48/98 47/103
FG% 48% 45%
3Pt 8/20 14/34
3pt% 40% 41%
FT 30/38 21/27
FT% 78% 77%
Assists 25 34
Turnovers 15 21
Team Fouls 15 25
Tot Reb. 46 54
Off. Reb 3 8
Steals 18 11
Blocks 4 2
PiP 60 30
Bench Pts 22 60
Sec. Chance Pts 2 5
Fst Brk Pts. 8 6

Key Players


D. Rose - 43 pts, 8 asts, 6 stl, 4 reb
C. Boozer - 24 pts, 12 rebs, 3 stl
L. Deng - 20 pts, 6 reb, 5 asts,
J. Noah - 20 pts, 12 reb, 4 stl, 4 asts


A. Parker - 28 pts, 6-10 3pts
A. Jamison - 23 pts, 6 reb, 2-3 3pts
M. Williams - 11 pts, 11 asts
J. Moon - 15 pts, 8 reb
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Old 12-30-2010, 06:47 AM   #796
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)


Found out that i had been using shot stick timing instead of using the real FG% and real FT%. Now i am getting more accurate percentages with shooting. And Evan turner not gets his free throws.

Also i won my first game with the sixers in my association after losing my first 10 games of the season so i am now 1-10. Only just beat the caveliers 100-98 thought i was going to lose it. How is your sixers season going?

Great sliders also.
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

i love these sliders but i need to figure out what to put the shooting on because i play on all star and it very frustrating watching me miss open shots while the CPU throws up anything and it goes in any ideas?
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

^Turn off shot stick timing
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Originally Posted by greenieblue
Yup, yup.

One annoying thing I've noticed is that there is basically 0 talent after the 10th pick. Sometimes even after the 5th pick. Almost all rookies after pick 5 have 50-60 potential. That's fine on it's own, but since the entire NBA (the real players) have potentials of 70+, what I imagine will happen is that the 1st five picks in each draft will eventually find themselves starting somewhere and the rest of every draft will be out of the league. This will create a situation like every sports game before 2k11 has: real players will dominate the league until they retire.

I guess it's a players union issue (that they can't bring NBA player's potential down to reasonable numbers), but why do it to the draft picks if you can't do it to the real players?

I'm not sure how to deal with it. I've already edited two draft classes potential down 10, which essentially means that everyone after pick 5 has a 55 potential. Maybe that was a mistake. But there were still 95 Potentials, which bothered me.

I'm not saying that 2/3rd's of every draft isn't out of the league in 5 years irl, because they are. What I'm saying is, both the HUM and the CPU recognize high potential one way or another, draft them in the top 5 and then it's all 50's from there-- meaning Rajon Rondo is not going to happen, ever. Luc Richard, not going to happen. Landry Fields, not going to happen. Etc.

Should a guy with a 75 potential be available in the 2nd rd? No probably not. But a 69 after pick 5, yes.

This was definitely something they did to the rosters. It wasn't like this before.

One thought on a possible "workaround". Create a spreadsheet with the # draft pick in column A and a bunch of potential edits in column B (i.e., -15 to +15 or something - you can probably figure out a better group of numbers than I can) and then =rand() in column C. Then sort by column C and edit potentials for each of the draft picks based on the "roll of the dice". A little time consuming, but that hasn't stopped you before This would all be done after the draft so as not to impact the CPU's picks (or your own for that matter).

Anyway, just a thought...

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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Beat the Bobcats(who were 6-2 before this game) 108-100, it was a nice tight game all the way through the last mintue.

Field Goals: 36-94(38%)/38-45(44%)
3's: 4-10(40%)/7-18(38%)
free throws: 24-33(72%)/25-35(71%)
assists: 15/22
turnovers: 20/23
rebounds: 56(12 off.)/46(7 off.)
steals: 17/17
blocks: 4/13
PIP: 38/48
bench: 26/29
2nd chance: 14/4
fast breal: 8/19

key players:
Jackson 42 points 4 steals No 1 else had more than 11

Wall 30 points 6 assists 3 steals
Beaubois 23 points 4 steals 5-8 from 3
Blatche 16 points 5 broads 2 blocks
Mcgee 3 points 9 broads 4 steals 5 blocks
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