The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

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Old 02-17-2011, 06:53 AM   #1697
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Pabby stole the words from my mouth... again, if you hate these turnovers you can just put back the Passing Ability to 50. The problem in this game is that turovers are (9 out of 10) STEAL turnovers. So if you want a realistic numbers of turnovers WITHOUT the bad passes you'll end up with a huge amount of steals, because stealing is the only way to create turnovers. If you keep steals at a realistic level you'll have low turnover numbers, because less steals = less turnovers.

The logic consequence is to create turnovers that are not stealing turnovers. The only mean we have to do that is making players to commit error on passes. Steals + bad passes = right amount of turonvers.

As I said before you have to decide if you want realistic numbers OR a game without bad passes. You can't have both. Our hopes go to NBA2K12.
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Originally Posted by pabby21
the cpu throw it away on indboun if you are remotely close the two inbound players. It's due to pass accuracy and hands. For the billionth time guys, if you don't like how the game is playing CHANGE the sliders. It isn't gospel....Greenie has moved on, Cesco has sort of taken the reigns but mainly just updating what HE'S now doing......

I'm not having a go and I aplogise for singling this post out, but there are so many people carrying on about it and yet don't do anything about it when the sliders are right there on your screen!!!!
No need to single me or my post out as I am happy with this slider set.
I was just disputing his theory on inbound passes. I think this set of sliders is golden.
Are there some weird passes and turnovers??? Yes.
But it is the only way to have any TO's at all.
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Old 02-17-2011, 02:06 PM   #1699
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

I wonder how many people sold the game because of a "passing glitch" since it seems many people treat these sliders as out-of-the-box settings and unalterable?

Interestingly, Amazon did not accept my trade-in (because of dirty cover art), so I am back among the owners of NBA 2K11. And, since they are the ones who put the dirt on the cover art (or maybe it happened in transit), it may now be unsellable. Thus, I'm stuck with the game.

Not all bad, not all bad.
Originally Posted by Fabian Avenarius Lloyd
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Old 02-17-2011, 04:16 PM   #1700
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Welcome Back dude, god bless Amazon

I've tweaked the set with clutch at 27 in sliders and Off, it work !and it work good for me.
And put the original roster of the game with dynamic roster for one reason.
The players who has been modified for some roster in 2k share has Jordan Shoes, more cool in visual but not in game, beat by Houston with Orlando .

I've got another game against Cleveland 89-90 with Chicago 89-90 and I win 103-100 and nobody got Jordan Shoes on the floor.
Jordan Shoes gives some advantage to some player and can be beat by bad team who's not really able to do that in reality.


-original roster and dynamic roster.
-Clutch at 27 but off

I'll be Back tomorrow for crying my mother and says that I go back in pro after finish another game. xD
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Old 02-17-2011, 04:40 PM   #1701
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

to the folks complaining about not enough turnovers without steals or bad passes that sail out of bounds there is a fix.
the fix is simple:
you have to turn the hustle sliders down or the player speed down. this solves the turnover issue/ change of possesion issue and the rebound issue.

rebounds and turnovers will magically fall in place. reason being is that players will not be able to track every ball down when passes are deflected or when rebounding. players react more naturally to any given situation which causes balls to simply go out of bounds with out errant passes.

12 minute quarters
you will get more natural out of bounds calls, rebounds end up being in the low 40s, turnovers wind up being in the 8-15 range. # of shots will also decrease some.
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Old 02-18-2011, 11:05 AM   #1702
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Hey Cesco mate, what have your FG% numbers been like since you made those changes to the shooting sliders?

I realized why I was playing so well, I was on shot stick timing for some unknown reason lol......but I can still manage to get like 16 point leads and all that on real FG% so I'm not fussed.....but no wonder I was so consistent lol.....

I went back to original numbers since I learned i wasn't on Real FG% and I'm still around high 49-55%.....I'm guessing with the adjusted numbers you posted it should be mid 40%'s with rarer 50%+?

Cheers mate

also, has it dumed down the cpu considering how low you put there shooting sliders due to having to low humans? I'd hate for that to happen or it be too easy

Last edited by pabby21; 02-18-2011 at 11:06 AM. Reason: more info
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Old 02-18-2011, 11:20 AM   #1703
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Shooting % seems good no ?

vs the Wolves here with The C'

W123 - C109 ( I know...)
  • [FG] 48-96 - 36-88
    [FG%] 50% - 40 %
    [3] 8/20 - 10/26
    [3%] 40% - 38%
    [FT] 19/24 - 27/37
    [FT%] 79% - 72%
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Old 02-18-2011, 01:52 PM   #1704
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Re: The Purist(s) NBA 2K11 Sliders (Post-Patch)

Lose By ONE after 1 OT vs Washington with Orlando ....raaaaah !

I made a buzzer Beater with Arenas at 3 at 0.8 second of the end 93-93 and finish 108-107.
  • Magic - Wizard

    [FG] 36/80 42/95
    [FG%] 45% 44%
    [3At] 4/16 9/19
    [3%] 25% 47%
    [FT] 31/45 15/20
    [FT%] 68 % 75%
    [TO] 19 15
    [RBS] 45 40
    [OR] 9 9
    [BLK] 9 9
    [Assist] 19 24
    [Stls 14 16
    [PIP] 48 36
    [PtsOff] 6 8

PS : I'd Like to know how I can have more animation for the flashy pass and more animation for the dunk... ?

Dunk Ability Sliders ?

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