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Old 11-18-2012, 12:50 AM   #777
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Re: mkharsh33 NBA 2K13 - ALL-STAR Sliders

Hi all. So Iím using these sliders to play a season as the Celtics, ďplaying the scheduleĒ, ie. playing the games on the day the real games get played. Ten games in, I thought itíd be interesting to compare my stats with how the real team is doing. My season is listed first, then the real Celtics. (Caveat: Iím playing on an xbox that isnít connected to the internet so it hasnít been invisi-patched. Iím using the sliders (set #2) before the latest update, when the game speed was set to 55. I played an exhibition game with the sliders as they are currently and found it to be really arcadey with an unpatched 2k, so I stuck with the slightly older sliders. All the other stuff is the same, All-star difficulty, 11 min quarters, etc.)

Me / Real Celtics

PPG: 107.5 / 98.3
OPPG: 92.9 / 97.6
FG%: .529 / .478
3PTFG%: .326 / .371
FT%: .819 / .796
APG: 27.2 / 25.3
RPG: 43.1 / 37.5
ORPG: 5.8 / 6.8
SPG: 10.1 / 7.3
BPG: 3.6 / 3.6
TOPG: 12.3 / 13.4
FGA per game: 78.5 / 76.6
FTA per game: 28.1 / 25

So far Iím mostly happy. My record is 9-1 (Cís are really 6-4), which I donít think is that unrealistic considering weíve played the Wizards twice, Bulls without Rose, Sixers without Bynum. I am blowing a lot of teams out, but the Brooklyn game was close. This week will be a good test; I shouldnít be able to blow out the Spurs or Thunder.

I did raise Take Inside Shots and Take Close Shots to 40 because my guys would keep getting offensive boards and kick it back out despite being clear to go back up with it.

Maybe CPU pass accuracy is set too low? Even at 42, a couple times a game the inbounder after a made basket is just throwing it wildly out of bounds, even with zero press and nobody around the guy heís passing to.

Steal success and/or stealing ability seems to clearly be too high. Rondo is leading the league with 4.3 steals a game, with 23 in the last 4 games. All heís doing is waiting for the opposing PG to settle in at the top of the key after bringing the ball up and swiping it away. It works an alarming amount of the time, especially with sub-par PGs (he made Nate Robinson turn it over 9 times).

I also scaled back the Loose Ball Foul Frequency to 75. Too many times this would happen: Iíd take a shot and if the CPU grabbed the rebound and if I was anywhere near an opposing player and pressing basically any direction on the analog, my guy would push the dude over and the whistle would blow, even if I was nowhere near the ball. I could be outside the 3 point arc and itíd still happen. That got really annoying really fast. Even at 75 itís still happening, so Iím going to 70 and seeing if that fixes it.

So far, itís been pretty good. Iím so glad to get to the line a fair amount; Iím coming from 2k11 and I think I got to the line maybe 4 times a game. Question: Why did we decide 52 was a better game speed, especially after all the talk about anything less than 55 being too slow? Iíve played so much on 55 that Iím afraid changing that will disrupt my rhythm. I find the pace to be just fine and realistic.


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Re: mkharsh33 NBA 2K13 - ALL-STAR Sliders

yes i have use it in my player and is great so far
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Re: mkharsh33 NBA 2K13 - ALL-STAR Sliders

Originally Posted by arimamba
yes i have use it in my player and is great so far
...How??? When I look at my player/my career I don't get the option to use custom sliders. Same goes for creating a legend mode.
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Old 11-20-2012, 03:31 PM   #780
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Re: mkharsh33 NBA 2K13 - ALL-STAR Sliders

Hey MK loving the sliders so far. Only one thing though.. Im last in the league in PPG, and first in the league in OPPG. 85.9 for me, 85.6 for the other team. Would turning it up to 12 min quarters help this? I have only played 7 games so far though, and i seemed 2. The two I simmed the scores were 96-94(W) and 111-70(L).
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Re: mkharsh33 NBA 2K13 - ALL-STAR Sliders

My game against San Antonio today was amazing. It was challenging, and for the first time playing 2k13 I don't think I yelled at the screen once (eg. "That would never happen!", "Stop being stupid!"). The game was tied with 6 mins left, and I ended up winning 112-101 due to flawless execution and making very realistic basketball plays. It was one of those games I would watch film of if I could. My most memorable game of 2K since the 2011 finals in 2k11, game 3, when I beat the Lakers 92-86 in a defensive showcase.

The final stats for the game: (Me [Celtics] / Spurs)
FG: 43/88 (48%) / 40/86 (46%)
3PTS: 5/10 (50%) / 5/16 (31%)
FTS: 21/22 (95%) / 16/22 (72%)
RBDS: 42 (9 Off) / 43 (11 Off)
Turnovers: 5 / 7
Note: I can't provide the rest of the stats because going back to the box score from calender mode, they all read zero. This needs to be fixed with a patch, along with the Biggest Lead stat (always wrong), and Gametrack at the end of the game, which is FUBAR, ie. it doesn't match up to the times during the game and you can only see maybe the first 30 pts worth of scores from both teams.

One observation: the CPU doesn't seem to manage their subs very well. I'm only basing this on two games, this and a nets game last week. WIth the nets, they brought their starters in really early in the 4th, but only because I was destroying the second unit. With this game, Duncan needed gatorade with more than half the 4th Quarter left in the game, while I brought my starters in with about 7 mins left and they were fine until the end of the game. Is this something that gets tweaked with people's roster files? (I'm using my own roster, which consists of just putting players on the right team.)

Thanks mkharsh, for providing me with the basic parameters to have such a great game!
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Re: mkharsh33 NBA 2K13 - ALL-STAR Sliders

Quick question I've always wondered:

When people use the shooting type "Real Player %", How does that work come year 2 with the fake players? Since they obviously dont have a "real player %".
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Re: mkharsh33 NBA 2K13 - ALL-STAR Sliders

UPDATED!!! Wednesday, November 21st - 6:30 pm

Gamespeed is now 55

Here are the changes to the 2nd set - double-check your numbers because there a LOT of update. More balance of certain issues being faced, and these play fluid and sim-like. Still trying to get this thing playing well. Read the patch will drop in a couple weeks, so we'll burn that bridge when we get there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(NOTE: IF ONLY ONE SET OF NUMBERS BELOW - it's for BOTH user AND cpu .... IF TWO SETS OF NUMBERS: user (first) / cpu)

Inside Shot Success 44 / 46
Close Shot Success 44 / 47
Mid-Range Success 48 / 51
3PT Success 45 / 50
Layup Success 50
Dunk in Traffic Frequency 35
Dunk in Traffic Success 47
Pass Accuracy 48 / 38
Alley-Oop Success 47
Contact Shot Success 46

Driving Contact Shot Frequency 95
Inside Contact Shot Frequency 100
Layup Defense Strength TAKEOFF 65
Layup Defense Strength RELEASE 55
Jump Shot Defense Strength GATHER 45
Jump Shot Defense Strength RELEASE 45
Help Defense Strength 75
Steal Success 50

Quickness 45 / 41
Vertical 45 / 41
Strength 50
Stamina 50
Speed 45 / 41
Durability 50
Hustle 75 / 25
Ball Handling 47 / 42
Hands 50
Dunking Ability 50
On-Ball Defense 60
Stealing 50 / 45
Blocking 100
Offensive Awareness 50 / 80
Defensive Awareness 100
Offensive Rebounding 54 / 47
Defensive Rebounding 100
Consistency 0 / 75
Fatigue Rate 57
Injury Frequency 60
Injury Severity 50

Take Inside Shots 25
Take Close Shots 25
Take Mid-Range Shots 47
Take 3Pt Shots 60
Post Shots 100
Attack the Basket 0
Look for Post Players 100
Throw Alley-Oops 50
Attempt Dunks 50
Attempt Putbacks 100
Play Passing Lanes 15
Go for On-Ball Steals 40
Contest Shots 100
Backdoor Cuts 0

Over the Back Foul Frequency 100
Charging Foul Frequency 100
Blocking Foul Frequency 100
Reaching Foul Frequency 100
Shooting Foul Frequency 100
Loose Ball Foul Frequency 100
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Old 11-22-2012, 05:37 AM   #784
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Anyone tried mk's new sliders? Is points in the paint better? Mk..... What coach setting do you use?

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