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What's up OS community. This is my first post since I became a member back in the summer. I usually just like to play the background but I was coming on so often I thought I might as well join. Anyway, what I came here to talk about is game sliders for NBA 2K13. I love to play & watch basketball in real life so I'm a very big fan of sim basketball and I like the game to be as real as possible, so when I'm scoring 125 points every game with about 3 or 4 players over 20 points each, it doesn't seem real at all. I was looking around OS before I started messed around with my sliders and generally I was able to still get up in the 120 range and shoot above 50% because I like to play with an up-tempo pace. So I just said f*ck it I'll do it myself. The base set is simulation so switch to that for less manual editing. So without further ado, here's the sliders I came up with on my first attempt, as well as the stats from the first game played.

Game Settings

Difficulty: Superstar
Quarter Length: 12
Game Style - Custom
Game Speed - 50
Player Speed - 47
Fatigue: On
Injuries: On



Inside Shot Success - 43
Close Shot Success - 42
Mid-Range Success - 41
3PT Success - 46
Layup Success - 48
Dunk in Traffic Frequency - 25
Dunk In Traffic Success - 50
Pass Accuracy - 48
Alley-Oop Success - 50
Contact Shot Success - 42


Driving Contact Shot Frequency - 100
Inside Shot Contact Shot Frequency - 100
Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff/Release) - 72/37
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather/Release) 73/37
Help Defense Strength - 75
Steal Success - 50

ATTRIBUTES (Unlisted = 50)

Quickness - 48
Stamina - 48
Speed - 48
Durability - 43
Hustle - 60
On-Ball Defense - 73
Stealing - 45
Blocking - 70
Offensive Awareness - 65
Defensive Awareness - 65
Offensive Rebounding - 45
Defensive Rebounds - 75
Fatigue Rate - 55
Injury Frequency - 78
Injury Severity - 55


Take Inside Shots - 65
take Close Range Shots - 41
Take Mid-Range Shots - 35
Take 3PT Shots - 45
Posts Shots - 62
Attack the Basket - 57
Look for Post Players - 65
Throw Alley-Oop - 40
Attempt Putbacks - 50
Play Pass Lanes - 40
Go for On-Ball Steals - 20
Contest Shots - 75
Backdoor Cuts - 50


Over the Back Foul Frequency - 70
Charging Foul Frequency - 65
Blocking Foul Frequency - 75
Reaching Foul - 82
Shooting Foul Frequency - 87
Loose Ball Foul Frequency - 80

Game Stats (Me/CPU)

Final Score: 97-98
FG%: 45%-44%
3PT%: 41%-33%
Free-Throw Attempts - 27-26
Steals: 10-12
Blocks - 5-2
Turnovers - 19-11

I was viewing the box score after the game in my Association mode and wasn't able to get the rebounding stats because of some sort of glitch I guess. The fast break points, second chance points and rebounding was 0 which is obviously impossible but as you can see, the final statistics are very similar to what you would see in a real NBA game. Note that this is only after one attempt whit these sliders if I see any drastic changes in gameplay I will update them accordingly. I hope this works for you guys as well. Also, the player speed option is available in the pre-game options screen where you choose your teams by pressing triangle (Y for XBOX users). Be sure to let me know how it works for you!
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Re: NBA 2K13 Slider (REAL NBA STATS)

I used these and play now mode and really liked them. Thanks for sharing. Only thing I saw was that it was hard to make jumpshots on both sides. I might up Contact shot up to about 45. Thank you!
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Re: NBA 2K13 Slider (REAL NBA STATS)

Tried these, they're really good.. Played a game vs Utah and won 103-80 instead of how my games were always like 125-120..
Kept game close mostly and score realistic
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Re: NBA 2K13 Slider (REAL NBA STATS)

Man, I was looking for a set of sliders to match with my own tastes, and these are perfect! I kept my own tendencies as I have my own thing I do with them(never the same number, all separated by 5 from 35-95). But I damn near matched everything you used on everything else.

I Dropped 3 pointers to 44 for both sides because as a 85 3 point shooter I can hit 50% on a consistent basis when I should be hitting 45% or less, . I put dunk in traffic success and layup at 45. I also put vertical at 40 and dunking ability at 45 on abilities to take away some of the cartoonish slams, bring them down to reality. Dunk tendency at 45, couple others.

If you want them I'll post them but I didnt want to hijak your thread. These were so close to what I was using already at most of these that its freaky! Cant wait to start my new mycareer with these.

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Re: NBA 2K13 Slider (REAL NBA STATS)

im definitely going to try these..need some realism! will post results in a few!
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