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Re: Tempo-Freelance-RunPlays

Originally Posted by ffaacc03
Even if it were some, the thing is, that they would be conceived to complement a unique roster ... this is why many people find sliders to be non helpfull, they overlook this and (wrongly) think that it can apply to every roster, custom or default ...

The problem with most of the gameplay issues lies within the roster, with how certaint ratings and tendencies dont hold onto the stablished scales and sometimes, not even onto the designed formulas ... so, if you dont have a scaled roster, the results wont translate consistently ... ironically, defaults are the worst on this aspect.

So, you should try and get a (custom) roster with some consistency and then look for sliders tailored for it ... and even then, since both, roster and sliders are made to fit a unique experience, you may have to do some edit to make them fit your perspective on how the game should play.
Thanks for the insight...

I've been using Beds PS3 roster since I started playing around November or so... I've just recently input the "Sim World" sliders and Coach Profiles and I've had some pretty good games with those... The game is a little more fast paced then I was used to, so I lowered the game speed a little, and I dropped some of the CPU shooting attributes, but, overall I think its a good mix...

Even with sliders, and rosters, and tendencies and blah blah blah, I think its nearly an impossible task to make every player / team play and react exactly how they do in real life... I applaud the effort that has been made by everyone though as its definitely much better now, than it was out of the box haha
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Re: Tempo-Freelance-RunPlays

Drive The Lane is an off/on ball tendency that dictates the frequency of which a player will cut to the basket and how often they will drive to the basket.

How sure are we of this? It doesn't seem to make sense that a tendency dictates on-ball and off-ball action. What if a player drives a lot off the ball but not on the ball?
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