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NBA 2K14 HOF Slider SET

hi guys,

For years now i've been downloading sliders that other AMAZING users have uploaded for nba2k.

This year i decided to contribute to the community sliders of my own.

I'm playing sim basketball and running plays for 90% of the time. I mainly play as one player locked so it's very important for me that my teammates and opponents AI will play as smart and realistic as possible.

My definition of SIM is good ball movement and motion on the offensive side combined with good D.

These sliders with little tweaks are giving these results.

At first glance my sliders might look weird but they play AMAZING. they significantly reduce the times the AI atacks the paint like crazy and increase mid shots.
You will need good coaching profiles to enhance the experience (i used the profiles that came with the game (before the update) and tweaked them according to real NBA stats: Tip- offensive tempo will cause the AI to move the ball quicker to the open man.

would love your feedback (Enjoy):

Level: HOF
Q Length: 12 Min
Shooting: shot stick
Free Throws: Shot Stick
gamespeed 49 (should be further tested)
Prefered with player lock



Inside Shot success: 45/44
Close Shot Success: 45/44
Mid Range Success:49/48
3pt Success: 49/49
Layup Success:47/46
Dunk in Traffic Frequency (can tweak by your taste): 50/50
Dunk in trafic success: 50/50
Pass accuracy: 49/49
OOP Success:49/47
Contact Shot success: 49/47

Defence (both USER & CPU)

Driving contact:100
inside contact:95
layup Defense strength (takeoff):65
layup defense strength (release):72
Jump shot defense strength (gather):60
jump shot defense sterngth (release):70
help deefnse strength:65
steal success (should be toned down):48


Quickness: 48/46
Vetical: 49/47
Stamina: 50/50
Speed: 45/45
Durability: 50/50
Hussle: 32/25
Ball Handling: 48/45
Hands: 45/45
Dunk Ability: 50/50
On-Ball Defence:50/50
Stealing: 45/45
Blocking: 54/54
Offensive awareness:70/80 (Adds "smartness" to the game)
Defensive Awareness:60/50
Offensive Reb:48/44
Defensive reb:57/48
Fatigue rate:54/54
Injury Freq:52/52
Injury Severity:50/50

Tendencies (Both user & CPU)

Take Inside Shot:35
Take Close Shot:50
Thae mid range shot: 95 (increasing mid range game wo overshooting)
take 3pt Shot: 52
Post Shots: 72
Attack the basket: 15
Look for post players: 70 (Post teams will look for their bigs)
Throws oops: 50
attempt dunks:50
attempt put backs:70
Play passing lanes:40
Go for on ball steals:40
Contest shots:70
Backdoor Cuts:70

Fouls (For both User and CPU unless mentioned)

OTB: 85
Shooting:60/70 (i like to play more physical so i toned the shooting fouls down)
Loose Ball:80


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