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THE Trifecta Sliders

Hey guys. I realize there's already a thread for the Trifecta 2k14 Sliders I've been editing... hell, I created it! Haha, either way here's the deal: I've been noticing lately that due to whatever reason, the CPU is too forceful on offense. This may have something to do with 2k's supposed secret patch for CG. And by forceful offense, I don't mean overly aggressive, because that would be a good thing. No, forceful as in: bullying way into the paint with any position 1-5, straight shot and force a contested shot.

Not a lot of fluidity or creativity in their offense. So I decided to go back and input the Sliders from last year's project, Trifecta 2013. The results were phenomenal. I noticed the CPU being far more decisive and intelligent despite being on a lower difficulty (All Star) with lower shot tendencies. I'm suspecting this may have something to do with the All-Star difficulty in general. I've read about when you enter into Superstar and HOF, that the CPU gets a significant boost in ratings, but that shouldn't really change their overall mindset, it should just get smarter really. But this doesn't seem to be the case, right now I'm convinced that All-Star is the way to go and you either have to inflate the CPU or nerf the USER to achieve an even playing field and smooth gameplay.

Wow, why did I feel the need to type all that? Why did you feel the need to read it? LOL. Either way, I feel like this set is a far different feel from the Trifecta 2K14 set so maybe deserves its own thread. But of course, these are designed with the Trifecta Roster implemented, hence the name.
Difficulty: All-Star
Game speed: 50
Player speed: 55
Quarter length: 10-11 Minutes
Fatigue: On
Injuries: On
Shooting type: Real player %
FT Shooting type: Real player %
Free throw difficulty: 0
Automatic shot contest: Manual
Defensive assist strength: 0
Camera: Broadcast

Inside shot success: 45 / 48
Close shot success: 42 / 49
Mid-range success: 46 / 50
3PT success: 46 / 48
Layup success: 47
Dunk in traffic frequency: 55
Dunk in traffic success: 60
Pass accuracy: 48 / 47
Alley-oop success: 60
Contact shot success: 45

Driving contact shot frequency: 80
Inside contact shot frequency: 100
Layup defense strength (Takeoff): 100
Layup defense strength (Release): 100
Jumpshot defense strength (Gather): 45 / 55
Layup defense strength (Release): 50 / 60
Help defense strength: 61 / 65
Steal success: 50 / 58

Quickness: 95 / 100
Vertical: 45
Strength: 60
Stamina: 55
Speed: 50 / 45
Durability: 50
Hustle: 90 / 75
Ball handling: 42
Hands: 0
Dunking ability: 55 / 50
On-ball defense: 60 / 60
Stealing: 62 / 65
Blocking: 7 / 93
Offensive awareness: 100
Defensive awareness: 100
Offensive rebounding: 85 / 80
Defensive rebounding: 70
Consistency: 14 / 20
Fatigue rate: 45
Injury frequency: 57
Injury severity: 23

Take inside shots: 40
Take close shots: 55
Take mid-range shots: 65
Take 3PT shots: 70
Post shots: 65
Attack the basket: 95
Look for post players: 100
Throw alley-oops: 100
Attempt dunks: 57
Attempt putbacks: 0
Play passing lanes: 45
Go for on-ball steals: 60 / 65
Contest shots: 100
Backdoor cuts: 95

Over the back foul frequency: 100
Charging foul frequency: 100
Blocking foul frequency: 70
Reaching foul frequency: 95 / 90
Shooting foul frequency: 80
Loose ball foul frequency: 100

Automatic shot contest: Intense-D
Defensive assist strength: 0

Kick ball: OFF

* - The kicked ball rule is not properly implemented in 2K14 and most of the calls that do occur just interrupt gameflow and are not, in fact, kicked ball violations (Player getting ball dribbled off foot, player kicking ball away from self on loose ball, etc.) Kicked ball should be reserved for INTENTIONAL kicking of the basketball to interrupt a pass or dribble move.
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Re: THE Trifecta Sliders

I've been using the other set to decent results, but I do agree with you are saying about the forceful offense, so I'll try these out.(Although I use 12 minute quarters, its a weird thing about me but I need to play 12 min quarters lol)
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Re: THE Trifecta Sliders

Just played a game w/ these and I thought it played great! Great idea about turning off kick ball.. that will create some more loose balls in my opinion.

I used the new Trifecta demo roster and here's the box score (CPU is 76ers and I am Indiana):

Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers
Apr 27, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indiana (1-0)1925223197
Philadelphia (0-1)1918201774
Indiana Pacers
George Hill334-61-20-0671019
Paul George345-201-61-14401412
Evan Turner3310-131-24-46220425
David West271-90-03-6501005
Roy Hibbert295-70-05-916311215
Lance Stephenson115-93-30-01000013
Chris Copeland81-31-10-0110103
Luis Scola203-60-02-2600008
CJ Watson121-31-10-0132013
Ian Mahinmi81-10-00-0600002
Lavoy Allen51-10-00-0001002
Soloman Hill60-00-00-0210010
TEAM TOTALS37-788-1515-225421831397
Philadelphia 76ers
Michael Carter-Williams277-112-40-05421316
Tony Wroten284-121-10-00010012
Hollis Thompson302-70-11-17110 15
Thaddeus Young345-141-51-38302212
Nerlens Noel393-90-03-51212029
James Anderson123-71-40-0120007
Eric Maynor103-61-20-0310007
Jason Richardson120-50-13-4101013
Arnett Moultrie70-00-00-0100000
Henry Sims60-00-00-0300010
Lorenzo Brown90-10-00-0040000
Elliot Williams122-80-32-2001006
TEAM TOTALS29-806-2110-154116831074
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Re: THE Trifecta Sliders

These are working great, man! Thanks.

I am playing @ Chicago with the Bucks (2015 Association) and there have been 26 lead changes and I'm a couple minutes into the 3rd quarter. Gotta be some sort of record, lol. Hell of a game so far, I'm having a blast.

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Re: THE Trifecta Sliders

I really noticed this "forceful offense" problem this weekend, when I played a game on nearly Pro/Default (me: Memphis, CPU: Indiana, default 2k rosters). I had all foul sliders at 70, but everything else at 50.

The game felt good for the most part, but the CPU was way too aggressive going inside. They ended up with 66 points in the point (out of 102 total points). Of their 40 total field goals, 33 were in the paint!

I started up another game, playing against Portland, to see if it was a fluke. Same thing though, they played nothing like the real Trail Blazers.

If these sliders fix the problem, I can't wait to try them out.
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Re: THE Trifecta Sliders

good work, these are the best sliders I've played and I tested all those on the site but for offensive rebounds I was completely dominated for the rest it was just incredible I thought playing against a human player thank you very much

ps : i am a french player fan of Brooklyn Nets and Portland
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Re: THE Trifecta Sliders

Using these in my Suns Dynasty and they have been great. Thanks!!
Magic Dynasty
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Re: THE Trifecta Sliders

Using these in a Suns association, takes a game or two to get used to but they really work well.
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