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Old 10-10-2009, 06:33 AM   #1
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NBA 2K11 Wishlist

I'm tired of waiting. Live has one for Live 11, so why not for 2K11? I think I have some durned good ideas anyway.

Here goes:

Defensive Pressure assignments:

Stay At Home (stick to your assigned man even when another player penetrates)
Foul Trouble (play back, do not contest shots heavily)
Shadow [insert opposing player] (when player in question has the ball, go to his side if you're not on his side and watch him)
Double [insert opposing player] (when player in question has the ball, double team immediately)

Defensive Setting assignments:

-P&R Against: Show, Switch, Deny Drive, Trap, Never Switch

-More "Walking the ball up court" animations

-Holding shot button/stick "too long" should result in a double-pump animation. Imagine the possibilities with a player like Kobe

-Team "Pick and Roll" and "Offball screen" tendencies

-No "Ballhandler not moving in the post even though I'm moving the stick toward the basket" animations

-Jab step able to go right into jumper

-Manual post-up

-Signature "Turbo+Y" moves (Crawford Shake and Bake, Rondo ball fake, LeBron pivot, etc.)

-Replays during timeouts, after fouls

-White accessories should be white, not gray

-After-the-whistle activity (i.e., players running up court, shooting, goaltending shots that won't count, etc.)

-Ability to edit what a player wears with which jerseys in Edit Player (i.e., can switch jerseys in Edit Player and assign accessory colors to each jersey)

-Ability to make headbands and accessories ANY color

-Scoreboard/shot clock "delay." The scoreboard should reflect a score that just happened slightly late, about 1.5-3 seconds after the score occurs, just like the shot clock shouldn't reset immediately after the ball hits the rim or goes in.

-Pressure-sensitive block button

-Fake pass by tapping A, possibly able to fake in different directions

-Referee bouncing ball to FT shooter

-Players dapping/greeting opposing players before tip

Commentary one-liner suggestions:

"Here's a screen by [player], knockin out [player]"
"Screen by [player] for [player]"
After a difficult shot is made: "Wow. [insert something about that player's ability to make difficult shots or any defense's inability to stop it consistently]"
When saying "Here's [player]" as he's bringing the ball up, say something about that player (former MVP, 2nd in assists in the NBA, how many years he's been in the NBA and what college he went to if he's not a star, etc., or who's guarding him)
"Flash of defense there by [player]" when a big man shows on a pick and roll
"[player] watching [player]" where first player is playing defense and second player is the ballhandler/shooter
"Here's [player] inside on [player]" when first player posts up second player and gets good position
"Here's [player] with the drive on [player]"
"Here's [player], right by [player]" when ballhandler gets penetration
"[player] into [player]" when first player drives on second player
"[player] is open" when shooter takes a wide open jumper
"[player] workin on [player]" when ballhandler makes move(s)
"Pick and roll, [player] and [player]"
"[player] breakin the ankles of [player]!"

All stuff I've heard from Harlan IRL.

-Have CPU players dribble out of doubles instead of passing every time

-When Harlan says "[team] with the ball now" or "Here's [player] bringing the ball up," he shouldn't be silent afterward. He should comment either on the score, recent occurrences in the game, the player or team he's talking about, etc.

-When Kellog makes an observation or a comment, Harlan should sometimes respond with a quick "Yep" or "They sure do," "Absolutely," "Mmm-hmm," etc.

-Camera angle should cycle through players faster after a foul (player who committed the foul, player who got fouled, either coach)

-Harlan should comment on the weather in the city of the game during pre-game

-Get rid of "You're gonna miss it" chants at FT line

-Any FT line chants should end after the first FT is missed or made, and the crowd should react accordingly (cheer if made, boo if missed)

-Get rid of old commentary lines (cheesy lines like "Pound cake dunk" and such)

-Players shouldn't immediately give the ball to the ref on goaltending/interference calls. They should do things like clap their hands or bounce the ball on the floor hard in frustration if they thought the ref was right, or argue with the ref if they thought he was wrong (run towards the ref, point up towards the rim, point towards opposing players, etc.)

-Players should get dap after every dead ball FT (made or missed)

-Shouldn't show start of LeBron's chalk ritual then cut to another player before it finishes

PA announcer still wrong for LeBron made FG (it should be a deeper voice, will provide video if necessary)

Teams shouldn't do the same thing on every play even if it's the same play run (i.e., if a play has a SF coming off a screen and passing to the SG for a jumper, he doesn't always have to get the ball, and if he does, he doesn't always have to pass to the SG, etc.)

Bring back "One hand up" jumper contest animation (make it triggered by moving the stick toward the shooter)

-Players should react to buzzer beaters (not only the shooter, but his teammates)

-If a player is facing one way and the user passes where he can't see, the pass should have a higher chance of being errant

-Shaq FT routine needs to be fixed (doesn't dribble in the game-- he dribbles the ball at least once in real life)

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Re: NBA 2K11 Wishlist

Ok here it goes...

Defense -The #1 priority

You really need to fix your help D. The help D is there at first, but then there is no rotation by the defense. No one bumps cutters, players double when they shouldn't, players just leave their man open for some reason, and players get beat on cuts every game.

NBA 2K11 needs to be a game where defense wins championships. I want talking on defense, heck, I want to actually here my teammates telling me information. A pick is coming to my right side yell, 'Pick Right!'. My teammate is on the right and my man has the ball 'Help Right side!'. This is a little thing that would go a long way.

Another thing that bothers me is the lack of contact animations. It seems I can go through players. This is why there are so many points in the paint. This is why if we lower the sliders we get stuck with dumb lay-ups. The paint is where you get fouled hard! You get hit and readjust you shot mid-air. NOT where you just get a little slap on the arm and get an easy AND1 where it's like you didn't even get touched.

One other defensive thing you developers need to take from the other game. Dribbling in the crowded paint is a turnover almost half the time. It gets crowded and there's no space to dribble. Sure, CP3 and Parker can do it, but I don't want to see any big men or players with only decent ball handling skills doing Isos in the paint. This will make people play more basketball. Play more mid range which IS more like basketball.

The Crowd needs to be in the game!!

In CH2K8, one of the greatest games ever made, they had the 6th man meter. This was an awesome idea. Let's say I'm trailing the Magic by 10 with the Sixers. AI just finishes a ridiculous alley-oop, and the crowd goes crazy. The 6th man meter would fill up because of the big play, and my team would get the momentum. This could cause some comebacks and blowouts. Another example is if Dwight Howard rejects AIs dunk attempt, and the crowd is silent. This would cause for the Magic to gain momentum and to probably coast to an easy win.

This causes home court advantage to feel like home court advantage. In CH2K8 playing at Duke was much more difficult than playing at Hartford. I would like it if stealing a road game in a playoff series felt like actually stealing it. When I'm tied 3-3 in a playoff series with no homecourt advantage, I want to have to play my best ball to win that game. Win game 7 on the road should be amazingly difficult. The meter fills more quickly, and the home team gets a lot of momentum.

Here's another thing needed for the crowd. Game Types:

1. Small Regular Season Game- Grizzlies vs. Knicks mid-season should be quiet. No one really cares for that game.

2. Normal Regular Season Game- Nothing too special with the crowd. Just like it is now.

3. Big Regular Season Game- When two teams at the top of the standings clash in the regular season the crowd should be a little more loud, more standing ovations, and just a little more intense.

4. Playoff Game- Crowd should be real into it. Much louder on big plays. Reacts more. If theres a big play they'll go crazy, if it's a bad play they'll be pissed. I should feel the intensity of playoff basketball. Also all the fans should be wearing the same shirt.

5. Game 7- Crowd extremely into it. Almost defeaning when your team makes a big play. Make me have to adjust my volume setting for this game. The crowd should over react on every play and not dissapear at all. They should be really into it.

6. Finals- The most intense crowd you can create. 5X what it is now.


No bugs, fix player stats. Test it, make sure it is realistic.

My Player

No bugs, gimme an option of player minutes. Gimme an option of simming and how long the season is.

And one addittion I need is....SuperSim! To play realistic in this game I have to play 10-12 minutes. One game takes an hour. It sucks. With SuperSim, I could sim to the 4th quarter and play about 15 minutes of intense basketball. I could then do an 82 game season and it would be awesome. Please add this. I have big expectations for this game.
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Re: NBA 2K11 Wishlist

1. Framrate should be rock solid, no graphical enhancements should trump smooth fluid gameplay.
2. enhance user controled defence, especialy in the low post.(u know the help D issues)
3. more reward for well timed/ great positioned contested shots
4. polsih all of the transition animations, get rid of the odd ones
5. more colision detection on driving ball handlers, espesialy when the D colapses into the paint
6 see MLB the show for lifelike non robotic transition animations and cut scenes (yours are great but get robotic alot)
7.your trade mark has been endless non repetitive animation (i was still seeing new layups in 2K9) dont stray from that.
8 bring back cycle cams
9 more random angles that vary during 1st of 2 free throws and jump balls
10 love the end of quarter replays and signature highlights keep it coming. the camera work on those are sweet
11 love the new steal, and crossover to avoid steals animations, keep adding those realistic animations. there are also some nice ones for shaking a defender
12 and a street ball turney mode, nothing fancy choose your squad and enter a bracket
13 go back to more global slidders

great game this year (better after the patch i hope) but be sure to stick to what got you here...........
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Re: NBA 2K11 Wishlist

and more diving for loose balls and keeping the ball in play animations

its a nice how the running animation changes when i gaurd is pushing the ball on a fast break, his momentum even changes, we like those nice touches. even though thats been in for a awhile its those touches or realism and polished game play that pull u in. u wouldnt know by reading the boards sometimes but we dont want you to re invent the wheel but once its good just polish and add to it
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Re: NBA 2K11 Wishlist

I want to be able to customize position priorities in Association mode.

Ex: In order from who I want to be playing each position.
PG: D. Fish, Shannon Brown, Farmar
SG: Kobe, Vujacic, Shannon Brown
SF: Artest, Odom, Walton, Kobe, Morrison
PF: Gasol, Odom, Powell
C: Bynum, Gasol, Mbenga, Odom

IMO this would help a lot, because the CPU still makes questionable subs.
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Old 10-12-2009, 01:29 AM   #6
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Re: NBA 2K11 Wishlist

1. Dual Presentation

They say they taking presentation to the next level and I think its a joke. Sure a dumb screen talking about upcoming games comes up and they'll say something and then Clark Kellogg will go on another stupid rant.

EA in NCAA Basketball has two presentation teams, one from ESPN and one from CBS. How realistic is that? I know EA has right to ESPN/ABC, but why cant 2k get right to TNT and maybe Fox Sports or something else? I just think it would be cool to get variety of announcers for different games. That would be taking it to the next level.

2. Same old offensive woes

Guys like Ray Allen hit shots from all over the court. However, in this game and last years game, they needed about a football field between them and the defender to be able to hit the shot. A guy like that should be able to hit good percentage unless defender all over his grill, but in this game a guy could be a foot away and majority of time they clank it.

3. Get rid of shot stick

Id like iso moves back. But thats just me. I hate shot stick. Keep it for free throws and move on.

4. Better defensive controls

How about a button to call out a pick? Or tell a player to switch? Itd add a different element but maybe then the computer wouldnt just assume and leave people wide open all the time.

5. Highlight Show

2k has gotten good at highlights at end of games, etc., but what about a show at the end of day with highlights from games, etc. I like that stuff, keeps me involved with league and not just my team.

Thats all I got right now.
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Old 10-12-2009, 01:34 AM   #7
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Re: NBA 2K11 Wishlist

Camera Issues

1. Manual Camera for 2K11.
User has control of ZOOM, HEIGHT & ANGLE.

2. Bring the auto flip option back to the HIGH camera.

3. Auto Flip option for all vertical camera angles.

4. ONE camera angle for freethrows, our choice. Never changes, always stays the same.

5. All camera angles available for Practice mode.

6. All camera angles available for Blacktop mode.
NBA 2K11 = Best Basketball Game Ever!
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Old 10-12-2009, 01:43 AM   #8
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Re: NBA 2K11 Wishlist

Practice Mode Issues

1. Return the option to have 5 players on the court for FREESTYLE.

a. Why? Because this is a great way to practice catch and shoot.

b. It's also an easier way to learn the signature shots on the fly.

2. All camera angles available for practice mode.

3. Option available to turn off good shot/bad shot feedback.

4. Option available to turn off options bar on lower R hand corner.

5. Full statistics available for SCRIMMAGE mode.

6. Add SCRIMMAGE option to Association practice mode.

a. You'll play within your own team as opposed to another team

7. Change practice types on the fly instead of having to start over.

a. EX: I chose FREESTYLE and later I want to switch to SCRIMMAGE. I shouldn't have to leave the mode completely and start over.
NBA 2K11 = Best Basketball Game Ever!

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