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Ok, so I gave you my tips on guarding the ball, now I am going to give you some tools on guarding the post.

When guarding in the post you want to use the same philosophy when guarding a ball handler. The cpu assist will contest for you but you have to be in position. I don't any chances I contest on my own.

When a player receives the ball, there is a few seconds that past while he decides what he is going to do. Here is the time to make the necessary adjustments to determine whether a double team is needed or if you can play straight up.

If playing straight up. The player will begin to back you down (depending on the strength of both players will determine how deep he will go) you push the left stick into the player each time he bumps you to give some resistance or you can attempt to take a charge but your taking a risk here because if a foul is not called your giving them an easy basket.

Wait for the player to start his animation to decide what side to contest. If he goes right, move the left stick right and contest with the block button, vice versa to contest left. If you want to avoid foul trouble put your hands up by using the right stick and pushing it towards the basket.

Guarding the fade away takes a little technique a timing. Again, wait for the animation once he starts to fade, push the left stick towards the defender and push the block button (here I sometimes use turbo to get a little more lift on my block attempt and I have been highly successful).

Guarding the post is about anticipation and timing. It is a little easier to guard someone if you know their tendancies. For example, Dirk is not a banger he will always hit you with a turn a round or fade away. Dwight is a banger and his probability of scoring in the paint will be higher than his turn around while contested, so adjust your defense to guard accordingly. Shaq, BRING THE DOUBLE TEAM!!! Amare, multiple moves, a lot of shot fakes and will more than likely try to shoot over you.

Know you personel and practice, practice, practice!!!
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