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How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

can you guys help me with a desison. should i do a regular season or a draft. if a regular season what team? what ever one gets the most votes i will do. please responed
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Originally Posted by Brew
You cant go wrong with Durant or Wade...

I want to start a new association... simming the 1st season and drafting "my player" in the 2011 draft. 6'8 SF 82 OVR... plan on building my team around him. All other prospects are real. Id like to start with a bad team or a team that could acquire the 1st pick in the draft as that is what it will take to get "my player." I recently started one like this with my hometown Bucks and grew frustrated with Bogut and Jennings... going 1-3 to start 2nd season.

Here are the teams Im thinking about playing with in order of interest:

+Stoudemire & plenty young talent
+History; play in MSG!
+Grew up a Knicks fan
-already a playoff team IRL
-probably will end up with Melo IRL
No chance at 1st pick but do have some trade chips to get the 1st pick

+Griffin & plenty young talent
+Unis; play in LA
+Need a consistent SF
-Drafted a SF in Aminu last year
Decent chance at 1st pick and plenty trade chips to get 1st pick

+good depth on the perimeter
+history, unis & court
-no bigman to build front court around
-Elton Brand's contract
May get a lottery pick, just not 1st pick but do have some trade chips to get 1st pick

+Derozan & Bargnani
+unis & court
+Need a SF
-no history
-no depth
Have a great chance of getting 1st pick,
No trade chips(DD & Barg off limits)

+Great backcourt
+Unis & court
+Need a SF
-Small backcourt
-David Lee's bad contract & lack of size in frontcourt
Decent chance of getting 1st pick; probably would have to give up Curry or Ellis for 1st pick which I dont want to do.

Who would you go with?
Yeah thats my reason of going with these teams too, But Dorrell Wright for the warriors are their sf and he is quite good
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Originally Posted by jrose57
Whos this leslie dude, just curious about the rookie haha...
I downloaded a draft class from 2K Share (can't remember who's) but it was a pretty good class. CJ Leslie is currently a freshman at NC State and former teammate of John Wall. On NBA 2K11 he's an athletic SF, which a decent but not great midrange jumper, a good rebounder, great dunker, and a limp, decrepit ankle.

Here's highlights of CJ Leslie IRL:
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

So random question. I just started my 2nd season in Association Mode and wasn't paying close enough attention and accidentally uploaded the 2011 draft class again. So now the likes of Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker are listed as the draft prospects for this season despite already being drafted and on teams now! I can't seem to find where to go to re-upload the right/different draft class. Anyone know if it's possible?
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Unfortunately you cant re-upload a draft class.. the only thing you can do now is edit each player.. basically making a new draft class from scratch.
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Portland Trail Blazers Association (Year 1)

Record: 14-9

Currently coming off a huge win against the best team in the league, the Orlando Magic (19-3). Camby and Przybilla completely shut down Dwight and made him a non-factor. He shot something like 3-15, he did manage to pull down 13 boards though. We're on a 4 game winning streak and I brought Roy back into the rotation at the start of the winning streak (I sat Roy out for the first 20 games to add realism to it because of his meniscus tear). Roy's averaged 21 points and 5 assists in his first 4 games back. George Hill (Acquired from San Antonio for Rudy Fernandez) went down in his first game as a Blazers, he'll be out for 2 weeks.

We have Phoenix up next on our schedule. Where Greg Oden will be making his debut this season having missed the first 23 games of the season (I would sit him out longer but his morale is way to hard to manage)

Miller/Hill (Hurt)/Mills

Team Rumors

Andre Miller may be on the move, he's averaging 10 points, 8 assists, and 3 rebounds a game. Despite those solid numbers, he's only getting older and won't be a part of the future. Not really sure who I want at the moment. Tyrus Thomas has been in the rumor mill a lot lately and is frustrated in Charlotte, so I may go after him. But I want to unload Camby too. Camby's playing great but like Andre he's only getting older.

Anyone got any ideas for who I should try to get for Miller and Camby?

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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

In the case of Yao and Oden, do you guys think it would be wrong to lower their ratings and durability to make them a nonfactor on there teams and in the trade market? That way it doesnt affect a players morale, for those who use that feature.
It doesnt look very promising for either player to resume their career.
If not lower ratings... at least lower their potential and durability.
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Originally Posted by atlyoungin
The Atlanta Hawks have finally made it past the 2nd round of the playoffs. Opening round, we beat the Bucks 4-1 (I have no idea how they won one game) but CJ Leslie has ANOTHER severe ankle sprain and is out another 2-4weeks. Although this is his THIRD significant injury in his rookie year, I appreciate the realism in that it's always been an ankle injury. Devin Harris torched Brandon Jennings, averaging 12 pts and 10 assts per game.

2nd Round we actually swept the Celtics. Joe Johnson sprained his ankle, but played through it and consistently got Ray Allen in foul trouble. That made it much easier.

Now we draw the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals. Joe Johnson is healed, CJ Leslie should be back and we'll hopefully get to the NBA finals for the first time since the Bob Petit days.

I also have a guaranteed top 4 pick in the draft thanks to a trade with the lowly Toronto Raptors.

Good to see another Hawk fan posting association, THIS GAME ROCKS BY THE WAY!!!

I am in December in my first year with Hawks, in the hope to get some more depth and youth on team I made a few trades:

Starting 5 is same:

Jo. Crawford

1. Jamal Crawford, Damien Wilkins, Zaza Pachulia to Pistons for Ben Gordon, Tracy McGrady, Charlie Villanueva

2. Tracy McGrady, Maurice Evans, Etan Thomas to Magic for Ryan Anderson, Chris Duhon, and 2011 #1 pick.

I am currently in December, I play every other game, and sim others no matter what result. I used latest 2k insider rosters and sliders to go with it.

First in eastern conference at 18-5, just had big win over Magic in Orlando!!

Eastern Conference standings:

Hawks 18-5
Knicks 17-8
Heat 15-8
Magic 15-9
Bobcats 13-9
Bulls 12-9
Bucks 12-10
Celtics 12-10
Wizards 11-11
Pacers 10-11
Cavs 10-12
76ers 8-14
Raptors 8-15
Nets 8-15
Pistons 8-16

Western Conf standings:

Lakers 15-8
Mavericks 14-8
Spurs 12-9
Trail Blazers 13-10
Warriors 12-10
Rockets 11-11
Hornets 11-11
Nuggets 10-12
Suns 10-13
Thunder 10-14
Kings 8-12
Clippers 9-14
Timberwolves 9-14
Jazz 9-15
Grizz 8-15

My losses have been to:
Wizards 95-82
Magic 117-91
Jazz 97-87
Wizards 97-93
Heat 105-98

Wizards have my number so far, hopefuly trades will make some difference. Last magic game I beat them in Orlando 110-98, better bench helped, Horford went off with 30 points and 11 rebounds.

Got some tough games coming up:
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