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Re: The Official Rate My Trade Thread

Originally Posted by ojandpizza
So I started a association hoping to get the Cavs back to playoff contention with life after LeBron..

I made 1 trade: Jamison and I think my pics (maybe some fillers can't remember the players) to the Rockets for Kevin Martin, Courtney Lee and Dalembert..

And then signed Lamar Odom

I started -
Kyrie, Martin, Gee, Odom, Varejao
Bench -
Gibson, Lee, Casspi, Thompson, Dalembert, Harris, Samuels

Made it to the second round of the playoffs game 5, and improved record by like 30 wins.. Kyrie and Martin both all stars, and Kyrie rookie of the year and Martin at 28ppg.. I played only 10 games or so..

In the off season signed: Chris Paul, Andre Miller, Landry Feilds, DJ White, and re-signed Lee&Dalembert..

Then made a 3 team trade with Orlando and Phoenix

Cavs trade: Paul(ORL), Thompson(ORL), Varejao(PHO),and 1st pick(ORL)
Magic Trade: Howard(CLE),D Collisin(PHO),Glen Davis(PHO)
Suns Trade: Moris(CLE),Gortat(ORL), J Terry(ORL), and 1st pick(ORL)

In the end the magic gain a new starting PG, SG, PF, and C while also adding two first round pics to build with

The Suns before the trade were starting Willie Warren at PG(61ovr) and upgraded to Collison(81), and also gained a starting PF and C to compliment Wes Johnson and Dorell Wright (their Wing men)

And I end up with my line-up of - Irving, Martin, Gee, Morris/Odom, and Dwight..
With solid bench- Lee, Fields, Dalembert, A Miller, and Casspi

What do y'all think? I think I was pretty fair along the way with the trades and trying to balance it out somewhat.. I got Dwight out of Orlando and left them with 4 new starters, one who is a complete superstar, one only 21 years old and 2 new 1st round picks, made a trade with the recently "trade happy" Rockets, and significantly improved the Suns at the PG spot to deal with losing Nash while replacing their lost Center and upgrading them at PF..
Not sure Phoenix got enoug. Gortat is arguably the 5th-8th best center in the league. Markieff Morris showed some real promise. Jason Terry is always a 6th man of the year candidate and you gave up a 1st. I'm fine with considering Collision straight up for Terry. Glenn Davis or Varajeo for Gortat isn't a great deal for Phoenix. Davis or Varajeo for Morris is also questionable. But even if you call all three as straight up fair, they still tossed in an extra 1st rounder. For what? Gortat isn't under a bad contract. Is Terry? Unless he's under a 5 year/50 million deal or something I don't think Phoenix got enough. I think the stuff with Orlando and Cleveland is workable though. Maybe another player to Phoenix or a 4th team involved to make it more equitable?
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Re: The Official Rate My Trade Thread

What about this trade?
I want to make it realistic so let me know if i should tweak it at all.

Clippers trade: Griffin, Jordan, Butler, Bledsoe
Hornets trade: Davis, Gordon, Lewis
Bobcats trade: MKG, Diop, 2014 2nd

Clippers receive: Davis, MKG, Lewis
Hornets receive: Griffin Jordan Butler Diop
Bobcats receive: Gordon, Bledsoe

I think i might be giving up too much but my team clears a ridiculous amount of cap space so we can go after Dwight/Bynum in FA.

Hornets upgrade Davis into Griffin and a disgruntled Gordon into 2 valuable starters.

Bobcats were rumoured to be interested in trading the 2nd pick for Harden and Gordon is just as good if not better. Getting Bledsoe as well makes this a must do trade.
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Re: The Official Rate My Trade Thread

Let me start off by saying im aware that neither one of these trades will ever happen in real life as.
A. The bulls wont trade D rose.
B. The pacers most likely want to build around George.

Out of these two, which is a better deal for the pacers...I do not care about if it is a good deal for me or not.

Bulls Recieve
Danny Granger 2 yr 27 mil contract
Paul George 1 yr + team option 2.57 first year
Miles Plumlee 2 yr 2.19 mil + 2 yr team

Pacers Recieve
Derrick Rose 5 yr 95 mil
Vladimir Radmanovic 1 yr 1.35 mil


Bulls Recieve
Paul George 1 yr 2.57 mil+ team option
David West 1 yr 10 million
George Hill 5 yr 40.01 million

Pacers Recieve:
Luol Deng 2 yr 27.63 mil
Joakim Noah 4 yr 50.5 mil
1st Rd pick this year

Which one is a better deal for the pacers? A or B?
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