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Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

In myplayer mode increase the foul calls in the paint, I fall a lot and no call. Give me at least a 60/ 40 change of a foul. Or add sliders so I can do it myself.
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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

I've been watching a few pre-season games on NBA TV and quite honestly 2k13 doesn't look/play like what I'm seeing. I know it's a video game and it needs to have a fun factor but, that should be accomplished by Casual settings. Sim doesn't play sim. I believe some of the issues are fundamental in the way the game was programmed and I don't know if anything can be done. My list is as follows:

1. Defensive awareness. AI teammates in particular are really dumb. Proper defensive rotations are absent. Versus the cpu, whenever help is provided by a big, his man is ALWAYS open because no other player is aware enough to rotate and protect the basket.

2. Constant attacks to the paint. Points in the paint in general. The paint area in the NBA is really congested. Yet, in 2K13, players can operate in the paint amongst several other players without issue.

3. Speed burst, coke head play after misses. Save it for the blacktop.

4. Offensive rebounding. Sliders actually do work so, it may not be a huge issue. That said, there are still too many instances where players will teleport to the ball. Or go directly to the proper spot to get the board no matter who's there. CJ Watson out jumping Faried for rebounds? C'mon. Also problematic is cpu teams that constantly hit the offensive glass aren't necessarily penalized when they don't get the rebound. They have much better catch up speed than you do. Not as bad as in the past but, still an issue.

5. Probably a defensive awareness issue but, these 2 scenarios played out as I played as the Nuggets vs the Nets. Iguodala gets a breakaway off of a turnover. 2 Nets players trail. Ig dunks. The Nets inbound the ball, pass it 60 ft up the floor to an unguarded Joe Johnson (Iguodala's man) for an uncontested corner three. There were 4 Nuggets back and only 3 Nets in the front court. No one guarded Johnson.

Similar scenario, Faried gets a breakaway, ball is inbounded and then perfectly passed up the floor 70 ft to a posted up Kris Humphries (Faried's man). Gallinari actually tried to defend him but, without a dribble Humphries teleports/glides into a hangtime layup from 12 feet out.

6. Run more plays. Shoot more jumpers. Pull the ball out if the break isn't there.

7. Block/change shots. Once the offensive player is in their animation it's near impossible to block or alter the shot. Your defender will either not jump high at all or just get pushed out of the way. The only time it seems drives are really well defended, the cpu player will make a near impossible wrap around drop off pass or a super sped up kick out for an easy bucket anyway.
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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request


Please add in your original post that the career stats for all players who have missed a season are incorrect. Examples: Brandon Roy, Andrei Kirilenko, Greg Oden, etc.
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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

Originally Posted by Norris_Cole
Fix the OA/A stamina glitch. It's a game killer...
+1... This makes OA unplayable and it's mode I'm most intrested in :-/
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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

Originally Posted by kjjnesb
Dear God I know its been mentioned but the Auto-Save is far to aggressive..... I mean I'm finally fully diving into Association this yr and anytime you do ANYTHING the game Auto-saves your Association file then Auto-Saves the User Profile.... When you go to play a game it Auto saves twice....

There really has to be a better way.... I know they want to protect against VC exploits but I would really like to have an option to turn of the VC collecting that has dominated this yrs edition of the game at least for Association so I can play as normal without tons of Auto Saves and the connecting to 2Ks servers which has me scared the game will freeze at any moment..
This. Ive always turned off Autosave. All I want to do is play a freaking Association Offline. I dont care about VC. Autosave is killing me. It seems like every time I exit a screen, here comes the Autosave. Its getting stupid..............
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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

I sure hope they fix the substitution overlay issues, I have yet to see it once in MyCarrer and in other modes it shows up during games rarely. I know it's in there, but there's no point in having it if it rarely/never shows up.
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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

Posted this in the Impressions thread, but might as well post it here:

I was playing vs the Bucks yesterday. First game Ellis scored 50+, second game he scored 40+ (60% FG or more every time). Sliders seem to not have a big effect when it comes to some signature skills, I guess. I could have probably lower all the CPU's scoring/offense sliders to 0, and he would still score at ease.

It's not about bad D, I had guys in his face jumping to block every jumper and sticking to him like glue, still nothing but net every time.

Please 2K, tone down some offensive signature skills a bit. No star should score at ease EVERY TIME - if you play good D. If that was the case, the scoring leader in the NBA would average 45 ppg.
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Re: Official NBA2K13 Patch#1 Request

Running plays and play vision in my career. It's almost unplayable at the moment.
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