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Re: NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

Contact Physics, needs to be improved alot. There are so many bad defense contact animations. In the paint defensive bigs should be feared not just pushed out of the way or unable to draw contact on dunks. Dunks should be blockable.

Defense Sliding, needs to be cleaned up. There is so much sliding on defense or when you try boxing out on rebounds.

Defense Movement, you get stuck in alot of slow transition animation movements. Lateral movement and turning around should be quicker. Bumping animation should be toned down. Automatic walking animation when you change directions needs to be removed.

Defense Contested Shots, should make more of a difference. To many contested shots go in. No more rewarding people for taking bad shots.

Passing, needs to be speed up more. Less bobbled catches when guys are wide open.

A.I. movements, needs to be better spacing on the court and smarter more intelligent movements.

NO MORE making the game more accessible (aka Dumbing Down). I don't want tweens, parents, and grandparents to be able to compete if they use a top team, wiggle the stick, or push a couple of buttons. 2K needs to get back to what made them great in the first place, creating a realistic SIM game. Stop watering down the game on offense and making it so easy just to try and generate more sales to casual gamers.
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Post Re: NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

Biggest wish is for 2k to buy the rights for a new collage hoops game. It's been to many years since we have had one. If u can take on wwe u should be able to fork over the money to make a collage game that we can follow a player from freshman year in high school all the way to the hall of fame if he were to make it that far. Sorry I felt like ranting but come on I know I'm not the only basketball fan that wants this. At least ea is going back to it this year in football where u can transfer draft classes. Come one everyone lets start this up and get 2k to get us a collage game back with what the fans want!!!
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Re: NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

I loved the idea of the Dream Team. I'm afraid there might be the assumption that folks just weren't interested. However, like the Dunk Contest and 3pt. Shootout, I don't think it was people not liking the idea, it was just a matter of questionable execution.

That said, I'd fully support the inclusion of some '92 Dream Team opponents so there was actually someone they could realistically face.

On the other side, I sort of assume the Dream Team won't be returning. So if that's the case, I'd at least support retaining the dunk contest and 3pt. Shootout but completely overhauling the control schemes.

Originally Posted by RONDO4LIFE
Many More Historic Teams. Not Just from the 60's,70's 80's 90's
Add teams like
2008 celtics (Champions)
2009 Lakers ( Consecutive Champions)
2011 Mavs(Champions)
2011 Heat (Birth of big three)
2006 heat (First Championship)
Keving Garnett era TWOLVES
I'm with you. Recent classics could be really fun too. It's actually getting tougher to make our own 2000's as the years go on because so many teams are changing their court art and whatnot. For instance, the '07 Warriors used to be an automatic self-made classic but now they look a little ridiculous in their '07 jerseys on their '13 hardwood.
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Re: NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

You're right they do need a few recent classics, although they shouldn't have any teams after the 2010 year because they haven't changed too much, having your latest histroic teams be from 2002 doesn't quite do justice.
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Re: NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

Dr. J, George Gervin and Bob Cousy lay-up packages.

Signature passing packages e.g. Bob Cousy, Pistol Pete, Magic, Jason Williams, Nash, etc.
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Add a 'grab ball' button, or let the players grab the ball when it's infront of them. It is very annoying when the players suddenly become blind.

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Re: NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

1. Better spacing

2. Bring back contested jumpshot animations (that work and look better) especially being that good d and contesting jumpshots dont work, at least it'll look more legit instead of it looking like a block shot and they still make it(fix that period).

3. Change the speed of the shot by how close the d is to the shooter for exm. a wide open shooter can take his time and set as to where if the defender is closer he has to speed up his release.

4. Signature turbo running animations

5. Better tendencies and tendency effectiveness so the players actually utilize everything thats in their signature package for exm: I havent seen any running jump floaters like a wade and even if u put dirks fadeaway at 100 he still never does it.....Y?

6. Bring back drifter tendency, do away with the gd scale please and separate pull-up from drive lane and so on.

7. Give us control over choosing what animation belongs in a player package for exm. certain animations in lebrons hop shot package is what he does and cetain ones are not let us add or subtract those in specific.

8. Bring back the ability to branch out of moves(especially the jumpshot gathers) some of those gathers would have substituted for the lack of dribble moves this year and could add more variety to the game in 2k14.

9. Please better transition defense and smarter fastbreaks

10. A.I needs a overhaul in my OP

11. Manual flashy pass

12. Better variety of contact layups its getting boring and those same off contact layups are taking the excitement out of the and 1.

13. Real time crowd reaction

14. better change of direction and lateral quickness and change of speed and pace.

15. better handoff plays and animations. See tony parker and ginobili chasing the ball after they make the pass.

16. Lastly add in screens with hand off passes.

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Re: NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

Association Mode wishlist:

This probably won't make sense, but bear with me please haha.

What if we were to have a feature in the mode called something like 'Team notes' or something like that, which would include an assessment of our team/s along with interesting stats about players/lineups/etc to help up make easier and smoother adjustments for the team... Well that was a mouthfull.

So, say the Notes would update every two weeks or so about how the team and certain players are doing (Basically like a little scout report of our team over the last couple of games). So for example, it would say how "Player A has been shooting over 52% the last few games", or how "Player B's presence on the court makes the team stronger on defense" (along with advanced stats showing just that)... And then there could be a suggestion section where it tells you how to take advantage of these notes such as "Start Player A over Player C (shooting % has dipped)" or "Start Player B (include defensive rating here) over Player C (defensive rating)". Obviously they won't change anything automatically, only serving as a guide to your adjustment making concerning rotations and lineups.

Also these notes could cover a range of things like fatigue, morale, team needs and basically everything that needs attention...

I know it probably sounds too complicated to put into the game. But I thought having something along the lines of this feature could solve SPECIFICALLY the CPU Teams' lack of lineup adjustments. They could have something like this running in the background for CPU teams and automatically adjusting their team. And to avoid too much change by a team, make it based on the Head Coach's rating and style. If he's a defensive coach then he'll make the necessary defensive arrangements and so on... Also take into account the coach's tendencies which imo are being incredibly underutilized.

Not to mention it would require having a more complex array of Advanced Stats which everybody would love to have.

So hopefully this made some sense to you guys, and please try to either explain it better or add some things if you can... So yeah that's just an idea I had.

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