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2K14 Wishlist (Lets get it started)

1. Spectator Mode!!!!
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Re: 2K14 Wishlist (Lets get it started)

2. Jason Kidd New Jersey Nets from the early 2000s
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Re: 2K14 Wishlist (Lets get it started)

1. A typical schedule for rotations.

Starting PG starts the game, comes out at 2:00 left in the 1st. Back in at 9:00 in the second and plays to the half. Starts 2nd half, plays to 4:00 in 3rd, comes out until start of 4th and plays entire 4th quarter.

I'd love this for Auto rotations, but I'm sure it would get all messed up with the situations such as foul trouble, close games, blowouts, etc.

2. A white man voice for My Career. Rather, how about a few different voices for us to choose from? Or just base it on the skin color? I don't mean anything racist by this, by the way.
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NBA 2K14 Wishlist Thread

1) Bring back multiple my career/ my players like nba 2k12 had. If anything give people the ability to create at least 5 different my careers with different looks and names. So we could do a my career for different positions.

2)Use the control and the dunk variety from nba 2k8. Have a tutorial for it. I prefer that control scheme to the guitar hero controls.

3) 2K could probably save a lot of money on legends by adopting a game face similar to how easports has. That way you can create yourself and legends that might not be in the game like this year chris webber, julius irving, and kareem adbul jabbar.

4) Add the skills challenge to all star weekend. The dribble drill is already in there all you have to add is those passing things and you have the skill challenge.

5) add the create a playbook from college hoops 2k8 this was pretty cool you could create offensive plays and zone defenses.

6) do not add a vc cost to accessories unless they provide attribute boosts. So we can make guys with generic and team color accessories, but if we want a boost like+2 vertical it will cost vc points.

7) the size caps for each position should be based on the the max sizes players have played at for example:

pg max height 6'9-magic was 6'9
sg i think still keep at 6'9
sf 7'0 I think barnani started in the nba as an sf
pf 7'4 ralph sampson played the 4
c 7'7 george muresan, manute bol

8) have a mode where you take the best teams never to earn a ring the chance to get a championship. you could have all the best conference and finals losers never to win a championship compete against the teams the beat them.

9) for create a player and my career add goggles as an accessory as well as the face mask.

10)for create a player add hairstyles like flat top, high flat top, and the mohawk design brandon jennings, and dennis rodman's multi color hair designs.

11) for create a player and my career add the ability to create player wingspan or reach. That would add a new dynamic to undersized players that play larger than their position. We see this commonly with undersized power forwards that have wingspans over 7 feet tall and use their athleticism and wingspan to rebound and block shots. We should be able to create that for our my career players. So if I want to make a 6'7 center with a 7'6 wingspan or a 6'0 point guard with a 6'8 wingspan I can. Wingspan plays a factor in the game and should be in there.The minimums and caps can be based on the max and minimum of players at each position in nba history.

12)MY player career franchise, season, playoff , and single game records. These should be mentioned in the commentary and be a extra vc or milestone points when you break it. So the post game interviewers and game commentators, and endorsements should mention this. Also, if someone breaks that record they could mention it.

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Re: WISHLIST FOR nba 2k14

1.) ability to get selected for the olympic team and play against other teams AT the olympics.

2.) ability to play a college game BEFORE the rookie showcase and the performance determines how many minutes you get in the rookie showcase.

3.) 2k12's dribble animation instead of the hop skip ****** looking dribble we have now. (normal dribble up court)

4.) FULL ASW as standard INCLUDING 3pt comp, dunk comp (without the crap guitar hero design), celebrity match, rookie match, skills challenge, rising stars challenge and all star game.

5.) DLC as the international teams or maybe olympics as DLC.
china, AUSTRALIA (hint hint lol), team usa, lithuania, spain etc etc

6.) If using VC make the pricing REALISTIC, or have VC AND SP, SP buys skills, VC buys clothing, accessories etc etc.
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Re: WISHLIST FOR nba 2k14

The ability to use alt jerseys in MyCarrer. Why can't we get something as simple as that?
"I just wanna be heaaaaaaaaard"

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Re: WISHLIST FOR nba 2k14

1) let us choose uniforms for the games in MyCareer!!!!
2)let us choose what we want to do pre-draft - it could be an option of ncaa tourney, draft combine, and rookie showcase or all three
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Re: WISHLIST FOR nba 2k14

-Give me the option to control the outlook on a team.

Let me be James Dolan & handle the ticket prices, promotions for games, marketing for games, ability to relocate, making fan attendance really a factor, setting up players for interviews, dealing with in house problems/chemistry problems, etc, etc, etc. I'm amazed at how they call it a franchise mode yet handcuff us to just hiring & firing coaches.


There should be a big presentation for winning the MVP, DPOY, Rookie of the Year. In the Playoffs the crowd needs to be into especially for the Knicks, Thunder, etc. Winning the NBA championship needs to be on a HUGE scale. We have been asking for this for years.

-I want to see players given incentives

IE: Player X gets 12,000 dollars for making it to the all star game, Player X gets 100,000 dollars for winning the MVP.

-Give us the ability to meet players & other teams to discuss their players in the free agency.

This happens all the time in sports.
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