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NBA 2K14 wishlist

Gameplay: I like how you guys tried to fix the speed but it needs a little more improvment. I want a a fast point guard for example " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j3S9-sCWGw , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF90lEkRfIc , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fFQdOTqkM4. Thats true speed , and it allows use to really fast break instead of laggy running. Stealing , I hate how a player has 88 defense & 91 steal rating but can't rip at all.For example when a big man is coming down witht he ball I can't steal but get called for a reaching foul.I should be able to rip easy or at least knock the ball loose some type of way.

MyCareer : I love the whole game mode but it needs more. I want more for my player. Like the hairstyles , you give players cool buzz-cuts , and afros , or mo-hawks but wecan't get them. If they have it would should be able to get them. Same with tattoos , I want Jeff Teague's tattoos and I should be able to get them.Next the endorsements , you guys did good but how about endorsements for cars , drinks, company's , or even just NBA commercials.And we should get more VC or money to our count because what we are earning.Thats real right their hard earned cash and more.Next how about a agent like in madden when you can request trades , or anything else.And how about more voices like for people in the interviews and for people like me.When in New york the reporter should have a nortern type accent.Last have more questions , and let our coaches & teammates answer questions.

Assocation Mode : Needs alot of improvements , because I play this mode the most.And I wanna see it improve alot more.Can we re-build a franchise and move them to a different state or re-name and change logo.I hate having to stay in Utah with my team and it would be fun to move it to Boston or Atlanta. Next the staff hiring can we move assistant coaches to head.Next the drafting of players , I want a " REAL NBA Combine " i wanna do every drill with players im scouting like they do in real life.And have interviews with them to get a closer look into what type of person they are.Next I want more better crowds devlopment & game features. The crowds are so fake , like when I play Bobcats , or Magic the house is pack with a 10-32 record.Be more realstic get real crowds noise , chants , and sounds.The crowd should get up and leave during blowout or get super loud during close game or playoffs.Also add interviews wlaking-in , halftime , and post game.Either have the star player of the half , coldest star player , or a hot bench reserve interview who ever is having a big impact.Last the NBA home screen & off-season / off-days.Have more news like the play of the night , assist , dunk & plays of the night. Instead of just trade rumors & signings put how a team is on bad streak , or trouble in locker room , and outer news having to do with the team or city of team.Last have practice's we can actually interven in or off season things we can actually do.

Extra : Bring in lay-up packge's , like for a person who wants to lay-up like Russell Westbrook , Rubio , or Kyrie Irving.They have great circus shots and more.Next bring in dribble package's , like steve nash , kyrie , Rose , Rondo , Paul , and Parker & Magic. Just imagine breaking ankles with their moves or doing freestyle passes like them. That would be a great package to add in.Add in more broadcast stations , like TNT , NBA on ABC , ESPN , NBATV , MSG , FSW , SportsSouth that's a great feeling to play on that channell with those broadcatsers.Next more animations like for a chase down have a mashing block or just a block , have a super hard alley or soft touch.Next add-in gameface for a person can import their actual face online and send to NBA 2K.Last have the signture skills based off of size instead of postition.Like a 6'6-67 point guard should be able to have chase down , or brick wall. A 6'10 C that is a rebounding type should not have shot creator see where i'm going with this ? But yeah I'm just letting some ideas fly more improvements. Let me know what you think .
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Re: NBA 2K14 wishlist


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