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Re: PC Discussions Thread

Originally Posted by Guffers
Yeah I have to eat crow now. On a whim last night I rolled back my drivers to an older version and boom, no stuttering. It's completely gone and I'm playing a perfectly smooth game at max settings, 1440p.

Anyone else with stuttering try this! Perhaps 2K15 doesn't play nicely with the latest Nvidia driver or maybe I just had some kind of bug (not sure as all of my other games are running flawlessly)
Okay, I went back to 337.88. I'm perfect on Fifa now, but still chop here. What driver you are using? And what camera? BTW, what are your AA settings, too? I've been able to get 2k semi decent with 8/8, but none of the others (Drive or Action 1 or 2.) I'm also waiting to get my Displayport cable tomorrow. How do you hook to your monitor? I'm hoping someone has some silver bullet that can free up my system. Where I can play Drive Cam or, although not my first choice, 2k smooth. I know you've been about as ready to pull your hair out as me, please say you finally got something that can bring me some joy too!

Update: I'm running 337.88, and did both the Priority and Affinity workarounds, and it worked enough to give me a bit of hope. Funny thing is then I got the audio hitchiness that others have brought up. But I was able to run at a fairly stable experience on 8/32 quality. If they can patch this game, it will be one of the greatest sports games ever. I hope they can get with the card makers and figure out what isn't quite running smooth with Windows. This game is right there from being "great."
Note to Tiburon Marketing:

A great product sells itself, no "back of the box" features required! (See Fifa...)

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Re: PC Discussions Thread

Originally Posted by 2K15 PC
Wait, so do we make sure set affinity box is checked or unchecked? Mines is already unchecked.
Just uncheck one of the cores (if you have all of them selected) and click ok.
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Re: PC Discussions Thread

Ah forget my last post. Stutter is back. Damn!!!!!

I've tried changing the priority in task manager but it tells me access denied?! I have administrator rights of course so I'm baffled.

It should not be this hard...
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Re: PC Discussions Thread

Anyone been able to download any rosters yet? I keep getting a corrupted error every time I try to download the official rosters.

Also, for rosters and draft classes, what are y'all searching for? I really dislike the fact that 2k makes us search by user id or file name now instead of just showing all the files and allowing us to filter them.

Last, if anyone in Rivet City want to ball sometime, let me know. RC is pretty crowded every time I get online and its pretty easy to get a game going. My Steam ID is below...just add me.
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Make sure when you go to task manager that you click "show processes for all users" and then you should be able to set priority. I set mine to real time and lowered all the rest.
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Re: PC Discussions Thread

I just noticed something tonight. After making all these adjustments, my screens were loading super fast and the game starts off with good frame rate. But, after about 5 minutes of gameplay, the game refreshes/buffers(screen goes black for about 1 second) and then play continues...and from there the framerate drops. Anyone know how I can stop that from happening? I know in the video config ,the Buffer Count is set to "3" by default. Any suggestions?
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Re: PC Discussions Thread

Here is my specs:
Intel i3-3210 3.2ghz
gigabyte h61m-ds2 3.0
4gb ddr3
amd radeon hd 5500 series

I manage to run the game all at low and turned off except texture at med and player high i get 30-40 fps shoots at 50 sometimes but not steady. If i put it all at low i get the same fps and its not steady. What settings do i need to change. Im good playing at that range but i want it steady.
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Re: PC Discussions Thread

People who have the PS4 version...do you guys find the controls slippery in the PS4 version? You really need to control the sticks playing defense or you end up out of position. I'm using a 360 controller on the PC and I'm able to stay in front of the ball handler without my player sliding/moving out of position.

I'm curious if it's controller related....it's annoying playing defense on the PS4....a slight nudge of the stick and you're literally out of position....
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