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DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters

These are rerated rosters. You can get them from my gamertag- romancaesar

Guys who are helped me directly are: Nolia, CWSapp, Carson, AuburnAlumni, Peteykirch, Geauxlden, Wookie, and Trev. This set was based off the community set of which many of the same guys worked on.

Gamertag and PSN Name: RomanCaesar

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Re: DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters

Originally Posted by dkrause1971
I am using the community rosters as my based- since i helped work on them. I have been doing this for years. So not some newbie.

These are rerated rosters. I suggest Lans rosters for default

I do not have a set due date. I and a few others will be working on the BCS first.

I'll be going conference by conference.

I do not add people to my friends list generally sorry.

Instead of getting bombed with 120 teams worth of information- I am looking for information/corrections about the Big ten and SEC only at this time.

If you want me to add a player- i need to know of someone to replace them with.
I used your rosters all last year and they were good. The one thing I don't understand is that you said you are using the community rosters as a base and then you said you suggest Lans rosters for default? Why?
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Re: DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters

Dammit! I used your rosters last year on the 360 but i traded it in for a PS3. Any way you or someone will copy them for the PS3?
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Re: DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters

Originally Posted by Dbrentonbuck
I used your rosters all last year and they were good. The one thing I don't understand is that you said you are using the community rosters as a base and then you said you suggest Lans rosters for default? Why?
Default = works well to play online "play now" games - uses the names so they can be pronounced (but ratings aren't effected), but no changes of like an OL to WR, so that the names get screwed up. This is Lan's.

Community = positions changed, rating changed, etc. Works well in Offline Dynasty and Online Dynasty, because it doesn't go to default depth chart or default ratings.
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Re: DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters

Changes for Illinois Roster: OS Version 1

Juice Williams: Hometown is Chicago, IL
Eddie McGee: Can We lower his rating, he honestly is a turnover machine./LR Wrist: Taped Normal/LR Elbow: Sweat Med White
Daniel Dufrene: Helmet (Adams Bull RB)/ LR Elbow (Sweat Med White)
Jason Ford: Dark 19/Helmet (Adams Bull RB)/
Troy Pollard: Dark 7/LR Elbow: Normal/ LR Wrist: Dbl White Wrist/ Helmet (Schutt Robot)
Zach Becker: LR Elbow (Sweath Thin TC)

Arrelious Benn: Dark 7/Socks: Medium/Helmet (Adams Robot)
Jarred Fayson: LR Elbow: Sweat Thin TC
Jeff Cumberland: Dark 2/Visor: Nike/ LR Elbow (Sweat Thin TC)/ LR Wrist: Wrist TC/Socks: Medium
Terry Hawthorne: From E. St. Louis, Illinois
Chris James: From Chicago, Illinois/Dark 6/ Visor: Nike
Cordale Scott: Visor: Nike/LR Wrist (Wrist White)
AJ Jenkins: Helmet (Adams Robot)

Michael Hoomanawanui: From Bloomington, IL/LR Elbow (normal)/ Medium (2)
Hubie Graham: Helmet (2bar Single Standard)/LR Elbow (Sweat Thin TC)/LR Wrist (Wrist White)/Decrease Chest...make him look more like a WR
London Davis: Class (Redshirt Freshman)/

Corey Lewis: LR Hand (OL)
Craig Wilson: Dark 4/LR Elbow: Normal
Randall Hunt: Neckpad (Restrictor Black)/LR Wrist (Wrist White)
Eric Block: From NO, Louisiana/ LR Wrist (Wrist White)
Jon Asamoah: LR Elbow (Normal)/LR Wrist (Wrist White)/LR hand (OL) OL on team
Jeff Allen: Dark 17
Ryan Palmer: LR Wrist (White)

Jerry Brown...Has Left Team (CAP at Bottom)
Clay Nurse: Helmet (Standard 3rb)/Visor: Dark Nike/LR Wrist (Taped Light)

Doug Pilcher: Helmet (Adams Full Cage Robot)/LR Elbow (Sweat Thin TC)/LR Wrist (Taped Light)
Antonio James: Medium (10)/ LR Elbow (Sweat Thin TC)
Corey Liuget: Ranking needs to be up: All Big Ten DT
Sirod Williams: Sleeves (Short)/LR Wrist (Wrist TC)
Lendell Buckner (Weight 325 to 340)
Josh Brent: LR Hand (Main)
Reggie Ellis: Has Left team (CAP at Bottom)
Darylle Ballew: Dark 31

Ian Thomas: Should be Medium (3)/LR Elbow (Sweat Thin TC)
Aaron Gress: Light 2
Evan Frierson: LR Elbow (sweat thin tc)

Martez Wilson: From Chicago, IL/ Dark 11/LR Wrist (Normal)
Eric Watts: Dark 8
Dustin Jefferson: Visor (Nike)/LR Elbow (Sweat Med White)

Russell Ellington: LR Elbow (Sweat Thin tc)
Justin Staples: Dark 14/LR Elbow (Sweat thin TC)
Nate Bussey: Should be a True JR
TAvon Wilson: Dark (6)/LR Elbow (Sweat Thin TC)/Socks: Med/LR Wrist: Max Tape
Miami Thomas: Dark (3)/LR Elbow: Normal

Donsay Hardeman: Dark (22)
Travon Bellamy: Dark (1)/From Greenbelt, MD/Sleeves: Long TC/Socks: High

Bo Flowers: Helmet (Standard Robot)/LR Wrist: Taped Max/LR Elbow: Sweat Thin TC/LR Hand (Swoosh)
Garret Edwards: Light (5)/LR Elbow: Normal/LR Wrist: Wrist White
Tommie Hopkins: LR Elbow: (Normal)

Matt Eller: LR Elbow (Sweat Thin TC)/Helmet (Revolution Kicker)/Socks: High

That leaves:
1 CAP and 2 Changes (Ellis and Brown)

Replace with:
#32 FS Supo Sanni: 6'3, 215lb, Sophomore from Chicago Heights, IL
3rd String Safety, Had 9 tackles Last year:
Equipment: LR Elbow: Sweat Thin TC/LR Wrist: Tape Normal/LR Hand: Swoosh/Socks: Med/ Visor: Nike/ Helmet: Standard 3-Bar RB
Ratings....He is fast, Big. Played Basketball in HS, Was 51st Ranked WR in HS by SCout, Rivals had him as #53 LB in Nation

#99DE Michael Buchanan: 6'6, 220 lb, Freshman from Homewood/Chicago, IL. 4-star DE by Rivals.

#23 Bud Golden, 6'0 190lb RB from Cincinnati, OH.

Buchanan for Ellis, Golden for Brown.
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Re: DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters


Here are the changes that I am going to post for the community rosters for Penn State. I figured I'd post them here for you as well.

Daryll Clark – should be 233lbs, change to Revolution helmet with QB 2 facemask, should have clear Nike visor and thin white armbands on each elbow
Kevin Newsome – should be 6’2
Matt McGloin – change to #9 or other unused QB number

Brandon Beachum – change to #3

Shaine Thompson – change to Joe Suhey rsSO 6’1, 220lbs #37, white, home state is Illinois

Chaz Powell – should be 6’1 and 195lbs
Derek Moye – should be 195lbs
Graham Zug – should be 178lbs
Brent Brackett – should be BRETT not Brent, 231lbs
Justin Brown – change to #19
Devon Smith – change to #27; Smith is the fastest incoming freshman in the country. His speed should be bumped to AT LEAST 97. He is faster than Trindon Holliday was in high school, coming within .05 of breaking the national record in both the 55m and 60m dashes. He also placed 4th in the 100m last month at the outdoor national championships.
Patrick Mauti – change to Curtis Drake FR 6’0, 170lbs, from Philadelphia, PA #7. Mauti will never see the field and Drake is actually the freshman WR that many are saying will see the field the quickest. He was a HS QB, so consider bumping the passing ratings a little.

Notes – I would bump Graham Zug’s catching, he has the best hands on the team and should probably be the highest WR. The depth chart should go Zug, Moye, Powell, Brackett, Price. After that it’s a crapshoot with the freshmen.

Andrew Quarless – should be 253lbs
Mickey Shuler – should be 249lbs
Mark Wedderburn – should be 6’6 and 225lbs, change to #18

Eric Shrive – should be 300lbs, change to #75

Johnnie Troutman – should be 322lbs
Matt Stankiewitch – should be 290lbs
Quinn Barham – should be 6’3, move back to C as he is backing up Wisniewski

Doug Klopacz – change to Mark Arcidiacono rsFR 6’5, 285lbs and move him to RT
Ty Howle – should be 6’2

Lou Eliades – should be 305lbs

Dennis Landolt – should be 303lbs
Nerraw McCormick – should be McCormack with an A, change to rsSR

Jack Crawford – should be 262lbs
Pete Massaro – should be 249lbs

Kevion Latham – should be 248lbs
Eric Lattimore – should be 264lbs and should be black

Jared Odrick – should be 306lbs and should be medium skin tone; I would consider bumping his rating a little also, he is probably the best and most important player on the defense and probably closer to a top 5 DT nationally than top 10
Abe Koroma – should be 317lbs and should be black, change to #95
Tom McEowen – change to rsJR
Devon Still – should be 305lbs
Chimaeze Okoli – should be 293lbs

Notes – Koroma may be facing a dismissal from the team, I will certainly post this if it occurs. I would move McEowen down in the ratings and Still up in the ratings. The only reason Still hasn’t played a ton the last 2 years is torn knees, heading into each season he has been high on the depth chart.

Michael Mauti – should be 224lbs and is the starting ROLB, is also a true SO
Bani Gbadyu – should be 228lbs, although there are rumors he is up to 240 and will be playing a standup DE position

Chris Colasanti – should be 235lbs

Navorro Bowman – should be 230lbs, change to #11 and move to starting LOLB; should have clear Nike visor, covered neck pad, normal elbows, white wristbands and swoosh gloves

D’Anton Lynn – change to #8
Darrell Givens – doesn’t have a number yet but change to #23 so Brandon Beachum can have his #3
Stephon Morris – should be 5’9 and 175lbs, is wearing #2 but that is a duplicate

Drew Astorino – should be 193lbs
Gerald Hodges – should be 6’2 and 223lbs, change to #46 and he is playing the SS position

Andrew Dailey – change to #13
Nick Sukay – should be 208lbs, change to #30; he is actually penciled in as the starter at the moment, so I would bump him up

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Re: DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters

Originally Posted by dkrause1971
I am using the community rosters as my based- since i helped work on them. I have been doing this for years. So not some newbie.
You sir, are awesome. That being said, and while I do realize your specifications for Big 10 or SEC only I've had a personal roster project that I've been working on since National Signing Day for WVU (Big East) and I would be very [EXTREMELY] thankful if you could look it over and factor in as many of my edits as you possibly can. As to keep this thread clear of clutter until you're ready to work on the Big East, I'll PM you the information. Thanks again!
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Re: DKrause1971 Rerated 360 Rosters

DK good work man...Im doing this for PS3, have you heard about the progression glitch error. They might be fixing it but let you know about it.

Dont want you to put in all the work only for it to be gone by the 1st year
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