GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

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Old 07-26-2009, 07:09 PM   #25
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

I think you people that are posting rosters that are not following the guidelines set forth by GatorBait need to go on ahead and read the very first post of this thread before it turns into a migraine headache like the other one did.
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

University of Georgia

HB Zach Renner (is a WR) change to RG Chris Burnette 6' 2" 300lbs Fr #3 Guard in the country
WR #26 Tony Wilson change to #64 C Dallas Lee (6-4, 293, Fr.)
TE- # 13 Orson Charles change him to WR
LG- #71 Cordy Glenn is a Sophmore
LG- #72 Vince Vance is Black
RT-#79 Kiante Tripp is moved back to LE
TE- #84 Bryce Ros change to DT Abry Jones 6' 3" 237lbs Fr #9 DT in the country
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

Hey r these rosters going to be under the same psn I'd or a different 1 and also r they up right now or when u finish the project
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Old 07-26-2009, 10:25 PM   #28
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

Originally Posted by Palo20
Arizona St.
QB Brock Osweiler should be #17
HB Cameron Marshall should be #26 and should be black
WR Allante Battle should be 5-9 202
WR JJ Holiday should be Holliday and #80
Create: WR TJ Simpson RS SO 6-1 189
TE Christopher Coyle should be a True FR and should be 6-3 235
TE Max Smith should be #85 and should be 6-2 258
TE Greg Smith should be changed to TE Dan Knapp SO 6-5 258 (Projected Starter)
LT Mike Marcisz should be moved to RT
LG Jon Hargis should be white
LG Brent Good should be black SR 6-2 342
RG Zack Schlink should be Zach, White, SO 6-4 331
RG Evan Finkenberg should be changed to #77 Adam Tello SO 6-3 290
RT Andrew Sampson should be moved to LG and should be R-FR (86 OVR is too high)
RT Fred Thornton should be #74 Tom Njunge SR 6-5 272
RT Zack Schlink is a duplicate and should be changed to LT #78 Kyle Johnson R-FR 6-7 292
LE Jamaar Jarrett should be medium skin
RE Gregory Smith should be changed to #49 Dean DeLeone JR 6-2 245 (JUCO) (Ratings increase a bit, 2nd on Depth Chart)
DT William Sutton should be changed to #68 Corey Adams True FR 6-3 277 (Everything stays the same)
DT Corey Adams should be changed to #51 Otis Jones R-FR 6-1 285
LOLB Thomas Ohmart should be changed to Shelly Lyons (Everything stays the same)
MLB Vontaze Burfict should be #7
Create: MLB Gerald Munns SR 6-2 242
CB Pierre Singfield should be a SR
CB Lequan Lewis should be a JR (JUCO)
CB Deveron Carr should be a R-Fr
CB Osahon Irabor should be #19
CB Shane Mccullen should be white #29 and moved to FS
FS Matthew Tucker should be #12 and Black
SS Max Taback should be changed Tabach and #24
SS Mike Callaghan should be a JR

Depth Chart
QB—Sullivan, Szakacsy, Osweiler, Threet
HB—Nance, Dewitty, Bass, Woods, Miles, Marshall
WR—Williams, McGaha, Taylor, Robinson, Pickens, Smith, Simpson, Holliday, Battle
TE—Knapp, Williams, Coyle, Smith
LT—Lauvao, Johnson
LG—Hargis, Sampson, Good
C—Gerhart, Altieri
RG—Schlink, Finkenberg
RT—Njunge, Marcisz
LE—Brooks, Jarrett, Tuitea
RE—Davis, DeLeone, Robinson
DT—Guy, Falahola, English, Adams, Gasu, Jones
LOLB—Lyons, Parker, Jones
MLB—Goethel, Burfict, Munns
ROLB—Nixon, Magee
CB—Bolden, Carr, Jordan, Singfield, Lewis, Irabor, Carr
FS—Floyd, Holman, Tucker
SS—McFoy, Tabach, Johnson, Callaghan

Dead on about ASU
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)


Roster moves/changes/corrections/adds

QB #19 Andrew Banks to QB #19 Ryan Rosenvall, Rosenvall is a 6'1" / 180lbs / t-Sophomore, Rosenvall is white and should be rated 77 OVR as a QB

correct QB #10 Brent Burnette

move HB #2 Desmond Gee to WR, should be rated 87 OVR as a WR

change HB #23 D.D. Kyles to Deondre Kyles

move HB #34 Marquise Branton to FB, change Pass Block to 54, Run Block to 58, Impact Blocking to 65, Run Block Strength to 65, Run Block Footwork to 60, Pass Block Strength to 55, and Pass Block Footwork to 60

correct HB William Pratcher, and change from #25 to #29

change FB #42 Jacob Longoria to FB #45 Craig Heyward, Heyward is a 6'0" / 232lbs / r-Senior, Heyward is black and should be rated 71 OVR as a FB, Heyward should be the starter at FB as well

correct WR #17 Patrick Honeycutt

change WR #83 Eldred King to WR #83 Andrew Banks, Banks moved from QB to WR in the spring to replace Eldred King who was suspended for the 2009 season, Banks is a 5'9" / 149lbs / r-Sophomore, Banks is black and should be rated 76 OVR as a WR

move TE #82 Alvin Ingle to WR, change Alvin Ingle to Arthur Williams, Arthur Williams is a 6'2" / 185lbs / t-Freshman, Williams is black and should be rated 68 OVR as a WR

change LT #79 Josh Walker to #77

move LE #98 Chris McCoy to RE

move LE #45 Jarrett Crittenton to RE

move RE #91 Emmanuel Perez to LE

move Jordan Johnson from DT #97 to RT #76, Johnson's race should be changed to white and his weight should be adjusted from 265 to 318, his skills should not be adjusted for this move

add/create DT #96 Kendall Dangerfield, Dangerfield is a 6'2" / 307lbs/ r-Freshman, Dangerfield is black and should be rated 67 OVR as a DT, he is fourth on the depth chart at DT, all of his skills can be found at the bottom of this post

change DT #90 Jadareius Hamlin to #97

move LOLB Jamari Lattimore to LE

move MLB #43 Gorby Loreus to ROLB

move ROLB #46 Norman Washington to LOLB, and change to #56

correct ROLB #99 Antonio Hill

change CB #26 Jawan Carson to #25

change CB #32 Sherman Neal to #28 (FS Josh Gregory must be changed first as he already has #28)

change CB #24 Derrick Crumpton to CB #18 Kenneth Gilstrap, this player was initially named incorrectly, so only the name should be changed as all other information is correct

change CB #38 Marquise Dixon to #41

change FS #28 Josh Gregory to FS #24 Derrick Crumpton, Crumpton replaces Gregory on the depth chart at FS, Crumpton is a 5'11" / 178lbs / t-Sophomore, Crumpton is black and should be rated 66 OVR as a FS

change FS #35 Sammy Seamster to #8

move (depth chart) FS #20 Jeremy Kellem to first-string, should be rated 72 OVR

change SS #39 Juno Prudhomm to #42

Depth Chart

QB - Dasher, Rosenvall, Ramsey (t-Fr), Burnette
HB - Tanner, Kyles, Jones (t-Fr), Pratcher
FB - Heyward, Hale, Branton
WR - Beyah, Gee, Honeycutt, Cannon, McClover, Caldwell, McDonald, Banks, Thurmond, Williams (t-Fr)
TE - Delle Donne, McLeod
LT - Thompson, Williams, Walker (t-Fr)
LG - Lewis, Boss
C - Padrick, Lettsome
RG - McLeroy, Hawkins
RT - Fisher, Johnson (t-Fr), Stuart

LE - Perez, Lattimore, Carter
RE - Crittenton, McCoy, Tinsley
DT - Perry, Smith, Tucker, Dangerfield, Hamlin (t-Fr)
LOLB - Washington, Davis
MLB - Carmichael, Robinson
ROLB - Loreus, Davis, Hill
CB - Suber, Issac, Udell, Carson, Johnson, Neal, Gilstrap (t-Fr), Dixon (t-Fr)
FS - Kellem, Crumpton, Seamster (t-Fr)
SS - Brown, Guerra, Prudhomm (t-Fr)

K - Gendreau
P - DeFatta

RS - Tanner, Gee

Skills for created DT #96 Kendall Dangerfield (OVR 67)

SPD - 52 STR - 87 AGI - 56 ACC - 58 AWR - 50 BTK - 22 TRK - 35
ELU - 24 BCV - 31 SFA - 41 SPM - 36 JKM - 37 CAR - 35 CTH - 30
SPC - 19 CIT - 21 RTE - 17 JMP - 38 THP - 32 THA - 16 TAK - 82
POW - 60 PMV - 74 FMV - 59 BSH - 71 PUR - 60 PRC - 69 MCV - 29
ZCV - 32 PRS - 31 RLS - 30 PBK - 42 RBK - 44 IBL - 50 RBS - 44
RBF - 39 PBS - 43 PBF - 37 KPW - 26 KAC - 15 RET - 25 STA- 70 INJ - 87
XBL/PSN: OrangeUaVol2

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Old 07-27-2009, 02:09 AM   #30
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

NC State
FB Colby Jackson should be white
FB Taylor Gentry should be #47
WR TJ Graham should be black
WR Owen Spencer should be their big play guy but he lead the team in drops (22.6 yds/catch)
LT Gary Gregory should be a JR
LT Julian Williams should be moved to LG
LG Ted Larsen should move to C
C Barbee should move to RG
RT Sam Allen should be Zach Allen and should be black
LE Shea McKeon should be McKeen and white skin
LE Josh Milinichik should be 6-3 235
RE Markus Kuhn should be JR 6-4 280
DT Natanu Mageo should be Nathan
DT Deion Roberson should be 6-4 258
DT Raynard Randolf should be Randolph
LOLB Nate Irving should be moved ROLB
LOLB Dwayne Maddox should be #41
MLB Pearce Grant should be Grant Pearce and should be #45
ROLB Audi Cole should be Audie Cole, white and #42 and should be R-SO
ROLB Patrick Apple should be white
ROLB Terrel Manning should be Terrell and black and should be moved to LOLB
CB CJ Wilson should be #46
CB Earl Wolff should be #27
CB Chris Carter should be a R-FR and should have his ratings lowered
CB Dean Haynes should have be changed to #39 Gary Grant R-FR 6-0 195 (SPD should not be 95)
CB Jarvis Byrd 5-10 173 True FR
FS Brandon Bishop should be white

Depth Chart
QB—Wilson, Glennon, Proctor, Imhoff
HB—Baker, Eugene, Underwood, Barnes, Washington (subject to change)
FB—Gentry, Jackson
WR—Williams, Spencer, Graham, Bowens, Howard, Smith, Davis, Underwood
TE—Bryan, Carter, Kushner
LT—Vermiglio, Gregory
LG—J. Williams, , Mattes
C—Larsen, McKeon
RG—Barbee, Lawson, Good
RT—McCuller, Allen
LE—McKeen, Augistin, Milinichik
RE—Young, Reiskamp, Kuhn
DT—Michael-Cash, Burgess, Mageo, Randolf, Roberson, Slay
LOLB—Maddox, Manning
MLB—Michel, Lucas, Pearce
ROLB—Irving, Cole, Apple
CB—Morgan, Wilson, Wolff, Byrd, Grant, George, Carter, Smith, Haynes
FS—Simmons, Byers, Bishop
SS—Johnson, Walker, Coleman
K, P--same

EDIT: WR Bryan Underwood and DT Raynard Randolph will not be attending school in the fall. I will find replacements when I get a chance.

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Old 07-27-2009, 03:05 AM   #31
Palo20's Arena
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

QB CJ Brown should be a True FR
HB Avery Graham should be Avery Porzel (Everything stays the same)
RT Nick Klemm should be changed to #76 RJ Dill R-FR 6-7 320
DT Zach Kerr should be Zachariah #98 6-2 330
Create: DT AJ Francis #96 6-5 310 R-FR
DT Masengo Kabongo should be moved to LE
LOLB Dominique Herald may be a Safety, but he is still listed as a LB on the team site.
MLB Darin Drakeford should be #52
ROLB Demetrius Hartsfield should be #59
CB Travis Hawkins could use a slight ratings increast (4* recruit)

Depth Chart
QB—Turner, Robinson, Brown, O’Brien
HB—Scott, Meggett, Green, Douglas, Graham, Adams
FB—Jackson, Brown
WR—Smith, Lee-Odai, Tyler, Williams, McCree, Dorsey, Logan, Cannon, Stinebaugh
TE—Watson, Furstenburg, Campbell
LT—Campbell, Pinegar, DeSouza
LG—Young, Fulper
C—Costa, Edwards
RG—Lewis, White
RT—Dill, Hampton
LE—Drummond, Kabongo, Arnett
RE—Harrell, Galt
DT—Ivey, Armstrong, Francis, Blue, Kerr
LOLB—Moten, Herald, Pooler
MLB—Wujciak, Gloster, Drakeford
ROLB—Hartsfield, Ross, Goree
CB—Wiseman, Carroll, Taylor, Hughes, Chism, Hawkins, Carter
FS—Skinner, Perez, Walker
SS—McCullough, Tate, McDougal

**Maryland is running a more traditional 4-3 this year, but the game still has them running a 3-4. The REs: Harrell and Galt are playing a hybrid type position, but they are considered DEs in the new sheme. So their base scheme needs to be changed to a 4-3 in the game for this depth chart to apply**

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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)


QB-Bozzo JR(RS)-change to- Senior(RS)
QB-Eden-change appearance to White
HB-Thompson-change to- CB
HB-Reese-SO- change to- Senior(RS)
FB-Rodriguez-change to- RE
FB-Wigley-change to- C/Long Snapper
WR-Avery-SR-change to- Junior(RS)
WR-Flynn-replace with-83 Khalil Paden SO 6-1 165 Chatsworth,CA
WR-Richmond-replace with-Michael Avila SO 5-9 175 Seaside, CA
TE-Williams #80-change to-#3 (possession TE starter)
TE-Elledge-replace with-80 Avelino Valencia JR 6-5 250 Anaheim,CA
LT-Zusin-replace with-61 David Quessenberry LT 6-5 245 FR(RS) Encinitas,CA
LT-Eliapo-change to- RG(starter)
LG-Koloto JR-change to- RT(starter) SO(RS)
C-Paysinger-replace with- 70 Robbie Reed C 6-3 290 JR(RS)
RG-Leatiota-change to- LG(starter)
RT-McGriff-replace with-78 Andres Vargas RT 6-4 280 SO Mountain View,CA
RT-Albassam-replace with-62 Garrett Faulconer RT 6-7 330 SR Anaheim,CA
RT-Moreno-change to- LT
RE-Cole-change to-LOLB (ovr. ratings 80)
RE-Salimu-change to- DT
RE-Ihenacho-change ratings-(ovr. 83)
DT-Gilbert-replace with-92 Pablo Garcia DT 6-2 290 SO San Jose, CA
DT-Romero-change to-LG
LOLB-Scicli JR(RS)-change to-FR(RS)
MLB-Jones- change to-(ovr. ratings 72)
MLB- Marah-change to- LE (ovr. ratings 69)
ROLB-Gonzales (SR)-change to- JR(RS)
CB-Johnson,R. SR(RS)-change to-SO(RS)
CB-Hamilton-replace with- 20 Austin Carter CB 5-10 180 SR Pomona,CA
CB-Newsome-change to- SS(increase stats)
CB-Walker-replace with-5 Alex Germany CB 5-9 160 SO Palm Desert,CA
CB-Carrillo-replace with-15 Brandon Rutley HB* 5-10 190 SO Martinez,CA
SS-Ryan-replace with- 7 Jay Atkins SS 6-0 200 JR(RS) San Jose, CA
K-Cope Tyler FR-change name to-SO(RS) first name:Tyler last name:Cope

DT 99 Justin Willis 6-1 305 SR San Jose,CA

QB: Reed, LaSecla, Bozzo, Eden
HB: Muldrow, Hunsucker, Rutley, Island, Reese
FB: Liaina, Wigley
WR: Jurovich, Avery, Beauchman, Avila, Harrison, Paden, Grigsby, Orth
TE: Williams, Valencia, Harris, Otten
LT: Quessenberry, Pal, Hasani
LG: Leatiota, Romero
C: Castillo, Reed, Wigley
RG: Eliapo, Lightsy
RT: Koloto, Faulconer, Vargas, Moreno
LE: Marah, Abbott, Smith, Nigos
RE: Ihenacho, Rodriguez
DT: Davis, Willis, Garcia, Cressel, Larceval, Burton
LOLB: Cole, Storaasli, Scicli
MLB: Jones, O’Neill
ROLB: Gonzales, O’Neal
CB: Driver, Johnson, Carter, Germany, Hill
FS: Ihenacho, Festejo
SS: Newsome, Atkins, Maher
K: Cope
P: Zavala
LS: Wigley
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