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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

-Yeah those corrections were done a long time ago.

-Im putting the most up to date file periodically. I let a few people get it, look at it and call out changes that are still to made.

Everything is looking good. Keep the teams coming. People should def take notes and when you want me to change a player, post that link of the new player to be created. That makes it so much easier.

And can anyone tell me if Missouri RB Shawn Scott is still on the team. I dont think he is, but I want to be sure. And any ideas for a replacement.

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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

Originally Posted by Palo20
Arizona St.
QB Brock Osweiler should be #17
HB Cameron Marshall should be #26 and should be black
WR Allante Battle should be 5-9 202
WR JJ Holiday should be Holliday and #80
Create: WR TJ Simpson RS SO 6-1 189
TE Christopher Coyle should be a True FR and should be 6-3 235
TE Max Smith should be #85 and should be 6-2 258
TE Greg Smith should be changed to TE Dan Knapp SO 6-5 258 (Projected Starter)
LT Mike Marcisz should be moved to RT
LG Jon Hargis should be white
LG Brent Good should be black SR 6-2 342
RG Zack Schlink should be Zach, White, SO 6-4 331
RG Evan Finkenberg should be changed to #77 Adam Tello SO 6-3 290
RT Andrew Sampson should be moved to LG and should be R-FR (86 OVR is too high)
RT Fred Thornton should be #74 Tom Njunge SR 6-5 272
RT Zack Schlink is a duplicate and should be changed to LT #78 Kyle Johnson R-FR 6-7 292
LE Jamaar Jarrett should be medium skin
RE Gregory Smith should be changed to #49 Dean DeLeone JR 6-2 245 (JUCO) (Ratings increase a bit, 2nd on Depth Chart)
DT William Sutton should be changed to #68 Corey Adams True FR 6-3 277 (Everything stays the same)
DT Corey Adams should be changed to #51 Otis Jones R-FR 6-1 285
LOLB Thomas Ohmart should be changed to Shelly Lyons (Everything stays the same)
MLB Vontaze Burfict should be #7
Create: MLB Gerald Munns SR 6-2 242
CB Pierre Singfield should be a SR
CB Lequan Lewis should be a JR (JUCO)
CB Deveron Carr should be a R-Fr
CB Osahon Irabor should be #19
CB Shane Mccullen should be white #29 and moved to FS
FS Matthew Tucker should be #12 and Black
SS Max Taback should be changed Tabach and #24
SS Mike Callaghan should be a JR

Depth Chart
QB—Sullivan, Szakacsy, Osweiler, Threet
HB—Nance, Dewitty, Bass, Woods, Miles, Marshall
WR—Williams, McGaha, Taylor, Robinson, Pickens, Smith, Simpson, Holliday, Battle
TE—Knapp, Williams, Coyle, Smith
LT—Lauvao, Johnson
LG—Hargis, Sampson, Good
C—Gerhart, Altieri
RG—Schlink, Finkenberg
RT—Njunge, Marcisz
LE—Brooks, Jarrett, Tuitea
RE—Davis, DeLeone, Robinson
DT—Guy, Falahola, English, Adams, Gasu, Jones
LOLB—Lyons, Parker, Jones
MLB—Goethel, Burfict, Munns
ROLB—Nixon, Magee
CB—Bolden, Carr, Jordan, Singfield, Lewis, Irabor, Carr
FS—Floyd, Holman, Tucker
SS—McFoy, Tabach, Johnson, Callaghan
Alot of the number changes for AZ State are duplicate. So I saved time and left them as is. Things like this really arent a huge deal. AZ State fans can set things like that up on their own. But most people will never even see AZ State in the game. Im just trying to get these rosters out ASAP.
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Re: Utah

Originally Posted by radoslaw77

QB 19 Louks: spd 90, awr 65, thp 84, thacc 84 (one of the fast guys on the team)
QB 7 Cain: skin dark 1
QB 3 Wynn: skin light 5

RB 2 Stowers: MOVE TO FB
RB 46 Moss: REPLACE WITH #38 Beau Burton, true Frosh, 5'9" 195, medium 5 - 3 star Rivals

FB 22 Shakerin: MOVE TO RB - 3rd string RB - spd 88, agil 87, acc 89, bktk 82, carr 75
FB 48 Fonua - change to: #82 John Peel WR 6-1/185 redshirt Sr (possession WR, ovr 74-76)

WR 16 Reed: skin med 5
WR 9 Key: skin med 2
WR 87 Fitzgerald: skin light 4, 6' 3" 195
FS 15 Canales: change #18
WR 13 Christopher: #15, redshirt Frosh
WR 26 Lacy: fastest WR
WR 81 Moeai: MOVE TO TE, light skin 28, wt 235, (receiving TE, ovr 70)
WR 88 Smith: 6' 2"
WR 8 Wesson: REPLACE WITH #1 Shaky Smithson, Junior, 210, str 60, return 88
WR 5 Ezeji: REPLACE WITH Luke Matthews #11, redshirt Frosh, wt 205, str 62, (ovr 73-76)

TE 34 Clifford: CHANGE TO - RT #74 Sam Brenner, true Frosh, 6'3/291, light 4, spd 60, str 87, agil 60, acc 64, awr 62, ctch 50, psblk 84, rnblk 82, imp 80, other block ratings 78
TE 89 Goodwin CHANGE TO - OC #54 Tevita Stevens, redshirt Frosh, 6'1 275, spd 60, str 86, agil 56, acc 60, awr 70, ctch 55, psblk 82, rnblk 82, imp 78, other block ratings 74
TE 83 Hendy: REPLACE WITH #84 Brad Clifford, redshirt Jr, light skin 9,

LT 70 Bergstrom: MOVE TO starting RT
LG 79 Taumoealau: MOVE TO LT
[controversy at center, can leave Zane Taylor where he is, but was moved to RG in spring, may move back to C in fall]
RG 73 Bukarau: CHANGE TO Derek Tuimauga #67, Utah, redshirt Frosh, 6'4 314, light 20, str 90, acc 65, awr 64, psblk 86, rnblk 88, imp 80, rnblk str 85, rnblk ft 80, psblk str 80, psblk ft 75
RT 75 Nau: first name Viliamu, backup LT


DT 91 Tofaeono: likely redshirt and true Frosh - change to Vyncent Jones, LG #64, Utah, true Frosh, 6'3 291, light 2, spd 56, str 88, agil 56, acc 60, awr 66, psblk 83, rnblk 83, imp 78, other block ratings 76
DT 44 Kruger: CHANGE TO LE
DT 42 Talamaivao: redshirt Soph not Soph
DT 93 Salanoa: CHANGE TO - DT Latu Heimuli, #95, true Frosh, 6-3/296, spd 65, str 90, agil 65, acc 70, awr 63, tkl 79, hit pwr 85, pwr move 60
DT 97 Binks: CHANGE TO - DT Siosaia Tuipulotu, #58, true Frosh, 6-1/280, light 7,

LOLB 42 Fotu: change to RE, light 7, awr 70, acc 86, hit pwr 90
LOLB 51 King: change to ROLB
LOLB 50 Neal: change to MLB

MLB 59 Gaison: change to LOLB (starter)
MLB 52 Martinez: redshirt soph, light 1

ROLB 16 Williams: #13, move to LOLB, redshirt soph, 6-0 225, light 4
ROLB 45 Anderson: light 2

CB 25 Stanford: change to #5 CB Conroy Black, Junior, 6'0 176,
CB 29 Chapman: change name to RJ Stanford, #25, 5'11 184
CB 14 Stewart: change to FS
CB 28 Topps: change to backup FS
CB 24 Jones: buried, change to - CB #21 Lamar Chapman redshirt Junior, 5-8/170, med 5,

FS 17 Johnson: preseason all conf pick
FS 33 Taplin Ross: change to SS, skin dark 22, (backup SS, so OVR 74-77)
FS 18 Canales: change to - SS #37 Chris Washington, true Frosh, 6-0 183,

SS 12 Dale: skin dark 12
SS 6 Yancy: change to CB
SS 4 Lacy: change to CB


QB Louks Cain Wynn
RB Asiata Wide Shakerin Burton
TE Joppru Clifford Moeai
LT Beadles Nau Taumoelau
LG Schlauderaff Watts V Jones
C Stevens TWilliams
RG ZTaylor Tuimauga
RT Bergstrom A'asa Brenner
WR Z , Reed Smithson
WR H, Brooks Christopher
WR X , Key Lacy J Smith
WR Y , Matthews , Peel

LE Misi Tui'one Kruger
DT Talamaivao Aiono Tuipulotu
NT Eliapo Siliga Heimuli
RE Shelby Fotu
ROV Sylvester King Anderson
MLB Wright Neal Martinez
STUD Gaison Williams Chapman Yancy
CB Burton Lacy Yancy
CB Stanford Black Chapman
FS Johnson Topps Stewart
SS Dale Taplin-Ross Washington

K Vroman
P Marsh
This is a mess. Some of this doesnt make any sense.
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

hey when do u estimate being done? and i hope u left CJ Mizell on FSU he is officialy gonna join the team in january so kinda like a redshirt and he is a strait beast... now willie downs he is goin juco and his grades are a LONG shot so i doubt he ever plays for us
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)


-HB James Aldridge
-FB Luke Schmidt SHOULD BE JR(RS) not SR
-FB Steve Paskorz SHOULD BE SO(RS) not JR
-TE Mike Ragone SHOULD BE JR not SO(RS)
-LT Paul Duncan SHOULD BE SR(RS) not SR
-LT Andrew Nuss (#76 86 OVR) SHOULD BE Lane Clelland #73
-LT Lane Clelland MOVE TO RT
-LT Matt Romine SHOULD BE #77 not #70
-LG Trevor Robinson SHOULD BE SO not FR(RS)
-LG Trevor Robinson MOVE TO RG
-C Braxston Cave SHOULD BE #52
-RG Eric Olsen MOVE TO LG
-RT Zach Martin (#75 78 OVR) SHOULD BE Taylor Dever #75

-LE Kapron Lewis-Moore SHOULD BE skin tone dark
-RE Ethan Johnson SHOULD BE skin tone medium
-RE Ethan Johnson MOVE TO DT
-DT Hafis Williams SHOULD BE #79 not #52
-DT Brandon Newman SHOULD BE #99 not #48
-LOLB Darius Fleming SHOULD BE SO not FR(RS)
-MLB David Posluszny SHOULD BE #36 not #47
-FS Harrison Smith SHOULD BE SO(RS) not SR and skin tone light
-FS Dan McCarthy SHOULD BE skin tone light

-HB Cierre Wood SHOULD BE #20 not #2
-WR Shaquelle Evans SHOULD BE #11 not #17
-LG Chris Watt SHOULD BE #66 not #67
-RG Alex Bullard SHOULD BE #68 not #77
-LOLB Zeke Motta (#57 70 OVR) SHOULD BE Jake Fox #48 6'3" 215 (way off)
-MLB Carlo Calabrese SHOULD BE #44 not #50
-ROLB Dan Fox (#40 75 OVR) SHOULD BE Zeke Motta #17 and FR NOT FR(RS) and skin tone dark
(you need to swith Fox and Motta...Motta's more highly touted and should be 75...also hometown states match up this way)
CB EJ Banks SHOULD BE #27 not #13

DT Tyler Stockton #92 (#3 OVR DT / Grade of 83 from ESPNU)
OT Zack Martin #70 (#10 OVR OT / Grade of 81 from ESPNU)

OLB Scott Smith #41 SR(RS)
OG Andrew Nuss #76 JR

QB Clausen, Crist
HB Allen, Hughes, Aldridge
FB Schmidt, Paskorz
WR Tate, Floyd, Kamara, Parris, Walker, West
TE Rudolph, Ragone, Fauria
LT Duncan, Romine
LG Olsen
C Wenger, Cave
RG Stewart, Robinson
RT Young, Clelland, Dever

LE Lewis Moore, Richardson
RE Neal, Ryan
DT I.Williams, E.Johnson(should be better...got a lotta of PT last year as end in 3-4 and 3 tech in 4-3), S.Cwynar, B.Newman, H.Williams
LOLB Filer, Fleming
MLB B. Smith, T.Smith
ROLB M.Teo, McDonald
CB Blanton, McNeil, Walls, Banks, Slaughter (Gray just rejoined team)
FS H.Smith, D.McCarthy, Gordon
SS K.McCarthy, Brown
K Walker
P Maust
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

did anyone get Michigan WR Feagins kicked off team?
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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

Virginia Tech

QB Marcus Davis MOVE TO WR (will need a rating boost at WR.. 78OVR)
HB David Wilson CHANGE TO 5’11 195
HB Nubian Peak CHANGE TO 6’1 180
FB Kenny Younger CHANGE number to #31 and MAKE r-JR
WR Xavier Boyce CHANGE TO #29
WR DJ Coles CHANGE number to #16 (give #14 to FS Lorenzo Williams)
WR Patrick Terry CHANGE TO #83 (switch with TE Logan Thomas)
TE Logan Thomas CHANGE TO #84 (switch with WR Patrick Terry)
LG Vinston Painter CHANGE number to #71 and make r-FR
RG Andrew Lanier CHANGE TO #72
RT Rickard Graham CHANGE TO Richard Graham
DT Courtney Prince CHANGE number to #59 and make r-FR
CB Jacob Sykes CHANGE number to #37 (from FS Lorenzo Williams)
SS Davon Morgan CHANGE TO JR
K Matt Waldron CHANGE TO 5’11 190


QB JuJu Clayton
QB Marcus Davis CHANGE TO WR (78OVR)
HB Ryan Williams
HB David Wilson CHANGE TO 5’11 195
HB Nubian Peak
WR Xavier Boyce CHANGE TO #29
WR Austin Fuller
WR Tony Gregory
TE Logan Thomas CHANGE TO #84
LG Vinston Painter CHANGE number to #71 and make r-FR
LG Andrew Miller
C Micheal Via
LE Lanford Collins
LE Joe Jones
RE James Gayle
DT Antoine Hopkins
DT Courtney Prince CHANGE number to #59 and make r-FR
LOLB Tariq Edwards
MLB Bruce Taylor
MLB Lyndell Gibson
CB Jayron Hosley
CB James Hopper
FS Antone Exum

Depth Chart
QB - Taylor, Clayton
HB - Evans, Williams, Lewis, Oglesby, Wilson, Peak
FB – Younger
WR – Boykin, Coale, Roberts, Dillard, Boyce, Coles, Fuller, Davis, Gregory, Terry
TE – Boone, Wheeler, Smith, Thomas
LT – Wang, Nosal
LG – Render, Miller
C – Warren, Via
RG – Painter, Brooks, Lanier
RT – DeChristopher, Graham
LE – Brown, Collins, Jones
RE – Worilds, Friday, Gayle
DT – Thompson, Graves, Taylor, Battle, Hopkins, Prince
LOLB – Johnson, Odoms, Edwards
MLB – Rivers, Taylor, Gibson
ROLB – Martin, Grimm
CB – Virgil, Carmichael, Hill, Whitley, Sykes, Hosley, Hopper
FS – Chancellor, Williams, Exum
SS – Porch, Morgan
K – Waldron
P - Bowden
Twitter - @I_am_Mr_Miller

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Re: GatorBait06NC's NCAA 10 Roster Updates (PS3)

brett clay-no longer with team- replace with maurice mercer (see de)
Jordan- is a RFR not a soph, weighs 210 and needs a rating upgrade( 70 spd, 60 agi, 65 awr, tpwr88, tacc81

marquan brown- committed never signed. replace with demonte terry(see below-just edited and kept all attributes the same except noted)
DaMonte Terry 6'1 203 true fr laurinberg, NC, 88 speed 60 strength 70 truck 80 return
Jackson- R SO not JR, change # to 7, and ratings to 70 awr, 75 break tackle, 91 speed

Gidrey ratings boost- 78 speed, 70 awr,65 truck,60 stiff arm,70 carry,75 catch,60 spec catch,65 catch in traffic,65 pass and run block, 72 impact block
Harris- 90 return, 90 Throw power, 75 throw acc, 95 juke, 70 spin move, 85 ball carrier vision, 95 elusive, 90 agility, 90 acc, 88 speed, 55 stiff arm
Bowman- 92 speed, 90 Kick return, 70 route running True SO no redshirt
Freeney-not Freeman, 90 speed, 60 awr 76 catch
wiggins- 5'11 180 speed 85
womack- true SO no redshirt
DJ McFadden-86 speed, 80 agi, 80 acc, 75 awr, 65 elu, 60 spin, 85 catch, 73 route running

Byrd- Medium Black not white- raise ratings a bit?
Jones- 6'8 250 and black

Melvin-medium black and move to RT

Farr- Change to willie smith( a black LT 6'6 290 #69 keep same ratings)
Allen-move to C

Campbell-move to LG
DJ Scott-change to white
Polochak- move to RG

Wilson-80 pwr move, 75 finesse, 85 strength
Robinson-move to RE, 79 awr, 87 str, 75 tackle, 75 power and finesse, 80 play recognition
Maurice Mercer-Create using Brett Clays roster spot- # 94 6'5 264 R-SO from nashville, NC
81 spd, 78 str, 74 agi, 85 acc, 82 awr, 73 jump, 76 tackle, 67 hit power, 71 power move, 72 finesse, 72 block shed, 77 pursuit, 73 play rec, 83 stamina, 85 inj

crowder- white and R Fr not SO
Jones- move to DT and # 54 and true Soph keep same ratings
Ross-change skin tone to dark black, 86 tackle, 80 power move
Joseph- Linval not linual, dark black, 68 speed, 99 strength(560 bench!/500 out of HS!!) 62 agil, 75 acc, 76 awr, 84 tackle, 82 hit power, 84 power move, 80 finesse, 80 block shed, 75 play rec, 58 jump, 75 stamina
Osbourne- JR not SR, 75 awr, 65 catch, 60 power/finesse, 78 tackle, 70 zone/man
Lineback- Dustin not justin

Haynes- not Hayes

Reynolds- change number to 11
Blacknall- change to SS 65 tackle, 45 power, 73 play rec, 74 awr

Eskridge- 88 awr, 68 catch, 89 tackle, 87 pursuit
Venable- change to SS and number 21
Davis change to CB- 78 awr, 92 speed, 65 catch, 87 jump, 65 tackle, 73 play rec, 74 man cov, 73 zone, 70 release, 59 strength

Mattocks- move to LOLB 220lbs, 77 awr, 75 tackle, 70 hit power, 67 strength, 64 finesse, 84 pursuit, 80 play rec
Patterson-move to ROLB 235lbs, 70 str, 75 awr, 75 tak, 65 hit power, 65 power/finesse, 75 block shedding, 75 pursuit, 75 play rec
Dobson-Move to RB keep same ratings
Levin Neal-Create with remaining roster spot- or take away CB Jones. #1 5'11 200lbs from wilmington, NC R-SR
91 speed, 54 Str, 85 agi, 89 acc, 88 awr, 58 catch, 79 jump, 66 tackle and hit power, 80 pursuit, 80 play rec, 75 man, 78 zone, 66 press and release, 80 stamina and injury

Matt Dodge not ben ryan- keep ratings and size but number 42 and sr

what do you mean by post all freshman? in real life or in the game?

qb-pinkney, kass, jordan, johnson
rb-lindsay, williams, whitley, jackson, terry, dobson
wr-bryant, harris, taylor, freeney, bowman
lt-smith, baker,
c-allen, heis
rg-palmer, polochak
rt-dj scott, melvine
le-wilson, mercer
re-robinson, crowder
dt-ross, joseph, jones, allison
lolb-osbourne, mattocks
mlb-johnson, lineback
rolb- chambliss, patterson
cb-marshall, simmons, davis, reynolds,
ss-neal, blacknall, venable

i understand you might not do the ratings changes but they really screwed up our depth chart without the ratings changes
same goes for the o line changes
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