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Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

original posting October 1st 2009
"If anyone wants realistic rosters, you should check out mine....I triple checked all rosters....and would find it hard to believe that anyone made better rosters than mine...and I named all of my roster from scratch....if you want realistic rosters, check my rosters out...my gamertag is luvtotha9s"
Updated 8/10/10

This is my post from last season...Version 1 of my NCAA 2011 rosters are now in my EA Locker: luvtotha9s
I am currently working on Version 2, I have set no timetable for version 2( I already rushed out version 1, because the people wanted them so badly)
I have made minimal ratings changes, Ratings and depth charts will be included in my later versions
Version 1 is all about getting the players in the right places and adding/removing all neccesary players
You can follow my progress on twitter : http://twitter.com/Luvtotha9s
or you can Join my Inner Circle by donating to my Paypal: [email protected]
by donating you are privy to personal updates and emails from me directly
I appreciate feedback but please be respectful with your posts, I do these rosters for fun and enjoyment...and I want to get them as accurate as possible...and they will...good things just take time...thanks for everyones kind words and support...If I hadnt received so many responses I wouldnt even do this, since its such a exhausting process....Enjoy!!
PS: I do not endorse anyone using my Roster as starting point for their rosters....I worked too hard on these for someone to slap a few changes on them and then claim them as their own....

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Re: Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

I'll check them out bro. If you triple checked them there should be no mistakes.

Did you rerate?

You do know people will come in here and make suggestions and you will be real busy. I just want you to know what you are getting yourself into.
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Re: Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

I took a look and i can see you didn't copy from others. good job. how long did it take?
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Re: Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

From what I seen so far, this is a great set. Great job, just some minor depth chart issues and thats about it
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Re: Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

what all can we see in this roster set.....edited ratings, equipment or just names, classes, numbers
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Re: Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

Whats ur psn?
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Re: Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

I finished up a couple weeks ago....I started as soon as the game came out...I have been making my own rosters since we were able to do it back in the day....this is the first time I ever uploaded....Editing rosters is an ongoing process, with there only being 69 available roster spots and most college rosters having well over 100 players....I rerated some...made as many equipment changes as i saw pics of....all classes, names, skin colors should be accurate...and as for the depth charts....I could change them every week till the end of the season..and they would always be in need of a change...whats a psn?
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Re: Luvtotha9s PS3 Roster

Originally Posted by luvtotha9s
whats a psn?
Your gamertag or EA Locker name--i'm guessin' it's luvtotha9s

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