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Old 09-04-2011, 03:32 PM   #1
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Mustangs84/Community Roster

Starting a new thread for this file so I can edit this first post with updates/progress.


GT: Mustangs84


Basically this file is the community roster from sometime a couple weeks back. I then have gone through each team since they have released depth charts and game notes. Also, I have continuing with the speed edits that CK started. I'm going off Draft Scout.


Well, as far as checking over every team and adjusting depth charts, speed, etc. There's still room for tweaking and corrections, but the bulk of the work is over (thank god).

SO, I will now be doing equipment for as many teams as I can as well. Currently only Wisconsin, LSU, Baylor, Louisville, Utah State, FIU, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, BYU, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Penn State, Oregon, Minnesota, Iowa State, Cincinnati, UConn, Boise State, Notre Dame, Tennessee, West Virginia, USC, Stanford, Arizona, Miami, Utah, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Nebraska, San Diego State, USF, Illinois, Syracuse, Clemson, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Temple, Georgia, Florida State, North Carolina, Auburn, Iowa, Indiana, Northwestern, Kansas State, Washington State, UCLA, Houston, Cal, Wake Forest, Kansas, Texas Tech, Air Force, SMU, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Hawaii, San Jose State, South Carolina are done.

Coach ratings have now been edited based off the following chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...=0&output=html

File is current as of Jan. 7 @ 11:05am.


For everybody requesting 'Player X needs to be rated much higher in speed'...

Here's an easy way to check if he should be higher.

1. In Google, type in the players name followed by 'draft sout' (ie. Denard Robinson draft scout)

2. Click on the link that comes up to enter the players draft scout page. Scroll down and view the players 40 time.

3. Compare this 40 time with the following chart: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...post2041467442

4. Compare what you get off the chart to that in the game.

It's entirely possible a player could get missed. I found 2 on Michigan State today. Draft scout updates without warning, so changes might be made and whatnot.

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Old 09-04-2011, 04:12 PM   #2
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Re: Mustangs84/Community Roster

you said you were done with Notre Dame, but there is one thing i noticed...a freshman OT is on the two deep who is not in the game!

Lane Clelland is in the game, is not injured, and is not in the two deep

any chance you could swich LANE CLELLAND out for NICK MARTIN



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Re: Mustangs84/Community Roster

Thanks for continuing the work!

Here are some Missouri changes after the first game...

At QB Berkstresser's athleticism (spd, agil, strength and acc) are very low. He may redshirt but think of him as a very poor mans Tebow. Big, strong and athletic but a work in progress at qb. Also Glaser's rating could go down to 74 or 75 or even lower, it's unlikely he touches the field.

Lawrence is not a 92 speed, closer to 88 or 89 but agile and good acceleration

Josey was our best back yesterday and the fastest player on the team, 92-93 spd

Jackson could drop from 89 to 87 and Kemp from 86 to 85.

When looking at our depth chart it is weird with the 3 different WR positions but here is the order it should be.

Kemp (Should be lowered from 90 spd to around and 86)
Moe (In the slot, you already got this)
Lucas (Could use a minor boost from 76 to 78)
Washington (Could use a boost from 73 to 76)
Woodland (Lower from 76 to 72 or 73)

Michael Egnew should have medium skin tone

Change Britt to LT, you have this on the depth chart but might as well change the position because that is where he will be this whole season and probably the next couple.

Shane Ray should drop from 72 to 68 or 69, a 3* recruit that is redshirting

Kony Ealy change to number 47, also our third best DE, could use a boost

Should be...
Hamilton (Looked amazing yesterday easily our top DT could use a little boost to 84-85 ovr)
Lucas Vincent (needs to be created, replace White, #96 6'3 295 RS Fr, ovr around 74)
Foster (drop from 81 to 70-73)
Burge (drop from 77 to 71-74)

Bonner needs a boost from 66 to low to mid 70s, very athletic former safety that will play a lot

Holt has the school record with a 47 inch vertical, his jump rating could use a boost.

On the depth chart swap Ponder and Steeples

Matt White is the starter and should be rated higher than Webb

Also Tavon Bolden has been dismissed from the team, our rivals guys said he is done for the season but could possibly be back next year. I would just take him off the depth chart or if you want replace him with #4 SS Daniel Easterly 6'4 190 RS fr

Depth chart should be
TJ Moe followed by EJ Gaines

One other note: Not sure how you feel about overalls but Mizzou's Offense should be a solid B while defense a B+, after the patch comes out I am going to experiment on how to get there with Mizzou and a few other teams without over or under rating players, similar to what dkrause did

Thanks Again

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Re: Mustangs84/Community Roster

Seastrunk was wearing #9 on the sidelines for Baylor
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Re: Mustangs84/Community Roster

Mustang, Thank you for keeping this rolling...it sounds like it is in good hands.
I posted a few days ago on the community roster re-rated page. I am the Boise State Bronco expert (been close to the program and season ticket holder for a long time) so here are some suggestions/equipment updates off the top of my head:

First of all let me say something that I know all of the non "non-BCS conference" haters are going to whine about....IT IS ABOUT TIME that Boise State gets represented with the ratings in this game that are truly representative of their year after year production. If you compare Boise State's ratings from top to bottom and compare them to the other teams in the current top 5, their ratings really are not even in the same galaxy of where they should be. Anyone who watched the game last night would see that we dominated on both sides of the ball. I don't think we would win the SEC, but we would definitely be in the upper echelon of that conference.

Boise State is no longer a "trick play" circus act. We are in your face physical and our athleticism is without a doubt at a BCS level. It would be nice if our teams' ratings really reflected that in NCAA football 12. I know there will be those who disagree, but I really think most of what I am saying is quite valid!

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Obviously, I think the majority of the team needs to see some universal ratings increases...but here are some specifics:

Kellen Moore: Accuracy/awareness should be 99. His mobility should be bumped...I know he is not fast, but he dodges a lot of pressure nonetheless. He was rated a 98 on the default rosters when the game came out and somehow was brought down to a 90???? He should at least be in the mid 90's

DJ Harper: He is definitely back after sustaining 2 ACL injuries over the past few years...should get a bump

Matt Miller: He is a highly touted RS freshman, who suprised the heck out of me and played really well vs. Georgia. He is the starting WR alongside Boldejwin. He should get a pretty big bump. He has some open field speed too.

Chris Potter is the main punt returner and shares the kick returning duties w/ Doug martin. He is rated a little too high from a receiver standpoint and I believe should be about 5th on the WR depth chart. He does have good speed obviously and may need a point or 2 bump in that category.

Mitch Burroughs is a burner. He needs his speed bumped and overall WR rating. He should be #4 on WR depth chart behind #1 Boldewjin and #2 Miller and #3 Schoemaker, his little brother D. Burroughs should have a slight speed bump too.

Both TEs Efaw and Linehan should get some bumps especially Efaw who could be K. Moore's favorite target before the year is over.

Grant Hedrick is the back up QB and was used a lot for the wildcat. His awareness/speed should see some big bumps. He made some big plays.

On defense what can I say, except for being lazy and giving up some long yardage touchdowns, they dominated and even intimidated Georgia last night which I think they will do to any opponent they face this year. I would put their defense up against any SEC defense this year...and I am dead serious about that. McClellin, Winn and the rest of the D-line are a bunch of beasts. I would contend possibly the best front 4 I saw all day yesterday. Two specific guys you should get some big bumps are Jerrell Gavins and true Fresh. Jeremy Ioane. Gavins gave Georgia receivers fits and I don't think we lost any ground having Ioane fill in for Febis.
Lastly, it looks like Trevor Harman #14 is the starting kicker while Elkin is the punter. Harman actually looks solid

Here are some equipment edits off the top off my head

Air XP 2 bar: Geraldo Boldewjin (w/ Nike clear visor)
Air XP Robot: WR Tyler Jackson (w/ Nike clear visor)
Air XP Robot RB: Gavins (w/ Nike clear visor), Schoemaker, DJ Harper (w/ Nike clear visor), Dallas Burroughs, WR Aaron Burks (w/ Nike clear visor)
Air XP 3 Bar RB: Mitch Burroughs, Kirby Moore, Byron Hout
Standard 3 bar RB: Efaw
Revo kicker: Brad Elkin
Revo skill: Matt Miller (w/ Nike clear visor), George iloka (w/ Nike clear visor), Jeremy Ione (who from a skin tone standpoint should be like medium 15 or something close, K Trevor Harman
Revo Speed Robot: Chris Potter, Shea mcClelin
Revo speed 3 bar LB: Dan Paul, Billy Winn (w/ Nike clear visor)
Revo speed 3 bar: Doug martin (didn't wear it against Georgia but usually wears Nike clear visor), Grant Hedrick, Gabe Linehan
Revo Robot 2: Cedric Febis

Well that is what I have for now...I will contribute more throughout the season for other teams other than Boise St. too.


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Re: Mustangs84/Community Roster

Whoa, whoa and whoa.

Before everyone starts requesting 8000 edits for your fav. team, how about we let Mustangs finish what he is doing first.

Everyone starts putting their two cents in and it makes everything thing last a week longer than it should.
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Old 09-04-2011, 08:38 PM   #7
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Re: Mustangs84/Community Roster

Some LSU thoughts after looking at the depth chart (has updated ht/wt but I'm only noting the significant changes) and watching game 1:

-Lee didn't have a great statistical night but it's widely believed that he will be the guy unless Jefferson's charges are dropped. His accuracy and overall probably should be at least equal to Mettenberger's. His WRs didn't really help him out against Oregon.

-I know you have a system for speed ratings but I would look at Randall's again considering that the roster has him and Lee as being equal in speed. I think Jefferson's running attributes would be a better comparison.

-I would add Stephen Rivers, who is currently listed as the 3rd QB on the depth chart. LSU lists him at 6'7 212. He's a true freshman, wears #16 and is from Athens, Alabama. I think light 20 may be a good skin tone. I would probably use WR#81 Williams or #5 Fobbs to create Rivers.

-Mettenberger's weight is now listed at 222lbs.

-Blue and Ford are both listed at 215lbs.

-Hilliard is now up to 240lbs and is being used at FB

-Boone is down to 195lbs

-Landry is listed at 6'0 190

-Beckham is listed as a starter in the 3-wide set.

-True Freshman #21 Paul Turner could replace either Williams or Fobbs. He's ahead of both in terms of appearing on the depth chart. He's 5'11 186 from West Monroe, La. and dark skinned.

-Peterson is down to 235lbs and may need a speed boost. That or Edwards needs a drop.

-Clement is down to 251lbs

-Edwards is down to 235lbs

-Faulk is up to 325lbs

-Collins has been working at LG (I see you have him on the depth chart) and may end up starting there next year since we are so senior heavy at guard, and have 2 good starting tackles. He may need a position switch.

-Davenport has dreads.

-Washington is up to 326lbs

-Hebert is up to 304lbs and will likely be the starter at LG for the time being with Dworaczyk being out.

-Turner is listed at 6'2 and has been working at C. Very likely that he'll redshirt but could be the C of the future.

-Hurst is up to 340lbs, while Shaw is down to 281lbs.

-Mingo is another guy whose speed or acceleration I think needs another look. He plays as fast as Montgomery. I could understand a rating switch with #54 Maclin, who is up to 241lbs now.

-Edwards and Agayahere would be another pair of guys who I think could have their spd/acc switched. Agayahere hasn't flashed the same burst he did in high school while Edwards has been used on the kickoff team because of his speed. Agayahere is up to 279lbs and was used at DT vs. Oregon.

-Rasco is up to 255lbs.

-Logan started vs. Oregon while Ferguson didn't appear until late in the 4th quarter.

-Johnson up to 310lbs (on official roster), Downs up to 287lbs.

-Francois up to 223lbs; Hatcher 223lbs; Minter 6'2 242lbs.

-Baker 236 lbs; Randle wearing #51 and up to 210lbs.

-Collins is now wearing #26

-I'd move Loston to the #2 SS, he and Reid will both start next year. Vinson likely should move back to FS.

Sorry if that got a little long, just trying to help.
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Re: Mustangs84/Community Roster

Alabama edits:

Phillip Sims wears a Revo Speed with a clear Nike visor
Deandrew white wears a Revo Speed 3 bar LB
Blake Sims wears the number 6, and a revolution QB 2
CJ Mosley wears a Revo Speed robot
Jeremy Shelley wears a Revo Speed robot
Cade Foster NEEDS to be on the roster. #43, AirXP, 2 bar. Higher kick power than shelley, but lower accuracy.
Marquis Maze (4) should get a slight boost while McCarron and Sims both get a 1-2 point decrease
IMO the LB's and DB's should all get slight boosts while the DL gets a slight decrease.
Dont'a Hightower wears an AirXP 3 bar helmet with a clear Nike visor

If there are any other equipment changes that I didn't put down please tell me (other bama fans)

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