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Re: Competitive Varsity sliders by playmakers

Originally Posted by doctorhay53
Where are the sacks coming from, screen plays or actual pressure from the line?

I really don't think the CPU sliders do anything.....Ive left them at 50, played a few games, then put them all at 0, w/o changing the hum sliders, and I didnt notice a change.

Its still possible they have an effect, its just my opinion that they dont.

And I think playmakers has had so many people say 'youre sliders are the best ever!!' that he doesnt listen to people anymore.
Some sacks come from the screen, some we've gotten on almost instant pressure (don't ask me how) and some have been coverage sacks where the cpu QB will hold the ball entirely too long and we'll get him.
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Re: Competitive Varsity sliders by playmakers

well, ill try whatever he comes up with post-patch, but if its varsity, i doubt ill be able to stick with them. still, if it helps the pass rush issue I may become way more intereseted in them. Im very tired of seeing sacks on screen plays.
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Re: Competitive Varsity sliders by playmakers

Originally Posted by evarts2616
he said he broke down every slider and came up with these settings based on a formula for his work on both varsity and aa.

"qoute from playmakers



**CPU's Defensive Sliders must be setup exactly the way you see them posted regardless of what you've heard about the defensive sliders.**



PASS BLK-50/50
WR CATCH-20/20
RB ABLTY-30/30
RUN BLK-95/95

Optional QBA/WR settings you can use on Varsity level
QBA-35/WR Catch-15
QBA-30/WR Catch-20
QBA-25/WR Catch-25

AWR-0/100............(This is the only setting I'd reccomend on Varsity level)
KNDWS-80/100.......(Set Human KDWN to 50 point advantage over QBA slider)
INT-5/50..............(Leave this at 0 or 5 at all times on this level for Human)
BRK BLK-10/100.....(This helps to keep CPU run defense stay strong)

FG Power-0/0
PUNT Power-35/35
PUNT Accuarcy-70/70
KO Power-85/85

Ok this time I think for sure I've found the settings on Varsity level that will make it a little more playable like AA level. I posted them on the front Page again now.

Here's what I did to try and manipulate the sliders this year to make the CPU function much better on both levels.

I had to figure out a point system that keeps things close to equal because of the issues with the sliders. It can only be accomplished with the settings I posted by giving the CPU a huge advantage defensively and then taking away the speed of the RB's to help the defenders to pursue the ball carriers.

For example RBA at 45 or 50 was simply too high playing on either level and by reducing the effectiveness of the RBA slider it also helped to allow the defenders to locate and get to ball quicker on both sides. But this change helps the CPU more than anything aslong as their AWR is maxed out. Some people might disagree that they aren't playing at 100 AWR but th eonly thing I can say is set it and see for yourself.

The 2nd biggest thing was to find combinations between the sliders that make things cover up for the sliders being screwed up this year.

I noticed that the Pass Block slider on both sides and the CPU's TKL Slider had to be locked in at their original settings or things get thrown off in those area's of the game.

The settings take into account the percentage difference IMO between Varsity and AA level. I think each level after testing out 3 of them (Varsity, AA and Heisman) has a jump up of about 5-10% in player ratings this year. That means a RBA at 35 on Heisman by the CPU will resemble an RBA set at 50 on Varsity level. He'll start breaking tackles left and right if you set the Tackle slider at 0 or 5 on Heisman. That same RBA on Varsity or AA won't have the same type of ratings boost.

I also have a cut off point that I think RBA fits better at on each level.

RBA on Varsity has a Max setting of 35 with a low of 25....anything over that will allow the Human player to dismantle the CPU.

AA level holds up at 45 Max and 35 Low if playing the CPU.

Anything Higher should be used on Heisman only IMO

The RBA/Run BLK slider seems to work best if you keep them at 100 point value system.

RBA-25/Run Block-75
RBA-30/Run Block-70
RBA-35/Run Block-65
RBA-40/Runb Block-60
RBA-45/Run Block-55
RBA-50/Run Block-50......This is the default setting

The RBA chart basically still gives you a 100 point value between RBA and Run Block just as if it were at 50/50 on the default settings.

The only problem is the CPU's RB's are incompetent and although those settings worked out just fine for me when playing the CPU they tended to struggle a bit. I think that is because quite naturally were better than them in making decisions.

Which led me to compromise and help them out more by maxing out their Run Block Slider because as stated the RBA has to be kept low as possible on these settings.

The other sliders have to match up to a point value aswell.

QBA is tied into the KDWN Slider on this set. The KDWN slider should be set at 50 points higher than the QBA slider. I noticed this on Varsity when the QB's completion%'s started hovering around 50-55%. The WR catch slider and INT slider should be equal if it was Human vs Human play but it's not so I had to compromised again for the CPU QB's.

The Examples would be like this for the settings

QBA-50/WR Catch-0 = KDWN-100/INT-0
QBA-45/WR Catch-5 = KDWN-95/INT-5
QBA-40/WR Catch-10 = KDWN-90/INT-10
QBA-35/WR Catch-15 = KDWN-85/INT-15
QBA-30/WR Catch-20 = KDWN-80/INT-20
QBA-25/WR Catch-25 = KDWN-75/INT-25

Again the Sliders are at 50/50 on Default which equals 100 points in value. Each setting gives you the 100 points just in different combinations that match up the appropriate corresponding slider.

I got all these matches with Human AWR at 0 and CPU at 100.

I also made those settings on defense for the Human side only and left CPU at 100 KDWN's and 50 INT. When I decreased them it didn't have the same effect on completion %'s.

The Pass Block Slider should stay at 50/50 because that's when I didn't see any issues with that setting. Both the Human and CPU could get a pass rush pretty decent.

The BRK BLK Slider on these two levels should be 75 points below the RUN Block Slider and 25 Points below the Pass Block Slider. Giving you again a value of 100 points in the CPU favor. But this had to be adjusted by me once again because of the CPU's RB's. It worked out great on CPU vs CPU play as both Computer teams could pick up yards at 4.0-4.5 avg

It was slightly altered on the slider settings to about a 85-90 point advantage to help them out when playing us.

The TKL Slider was set at 25 points below the RBA Slider and combined with the Run Block Slider having the 75 point Advantage over BRK BLK Slider, I was again able to come up with away to give the CPU a 100 point advantage.

When matching up those two sliders it should closey mirror the settings listed below. This doesn't apply to the CPU Tackle Slider and it needs to stay at 50 because it'll throw off the balance of the tackling in the game when the Human has the ball at RB.


But they were altered slightly aswell to provide about a 30 point Advantage to help the CPU RB's. Human RB seemed to break tackles at realistic rate using those settings.

That should help you to tweak the sliders if you need to make any changes to suit your preferance.

Special teams I didn't use any formula but I did notice from level to the next that punts and kickoffs aren't the same distance."

Ok, so this post confuses me a little after browsing over it here at work. These sliders are for Varsity only? If I were to play at AA, based on your findings and your slider scale, what would you suggest I use as my sliders? Thanks.
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Re: Competitive Varsity sliders by playmakers

So far I am in the third quarter using these sliders RU (Me) versus Syracuse and passing seems way way too easy.

Teel is 16-16 so far.

Rushing wise very accurate numbers and fun.

Just finished the game.


Mike Teel 20-21 268 Yards 3 TDs 0 INTS

Mason Robinson 29 Att 106 Yards TD Long of 20
Kordell Young 5 Att 18 Yards TD Long of 8
Mike Teel 1 Att 6 Yards

Shamar Graves 5 Recepts 44 Yards
Kenny Britt 2 Recepts 96 Yards 2 TDs
Jack Corcoran 2 Recepts 18 Yards TD
(Completed 1 Pass to at least 8 different receivers)

Ryan D'Imperio 6 Tackles INT
Brandon Bing 4 Tackles TFL Sack
Joe Lefeged 3 Tackles INT

San San Te 1-1 Long of 41

Teddy Dellaganna 2 Punts 86 Yards 43 AVG Net Yards 66 Net AVG 33


Andrew Robinson 14-25 131 Yards TD 2 INTs

Curtis Brinkley 11 Att 28 Yards Long of 7
Andrew Robinson 2 Att 3 Yards Long of 6

Lavar Lobdell 4 Recepts 34 Yards
Mike Williams 3 Recepts 59 Yards TD
Mike Owen 2 Recepts 23 Yards

Bruce Williams 11 Tackles 2 FF
AJ Brown 7 Tackles FF
Mike Jones 3 Tackles 2 FR
Parker Cantey 5 Tackles FR
Zary Stewart 1 Tackle TFL Sack

Rob Long 7 Punts 324 Yards 46.2 AVG Net Yards 195 Net AVG 27.8

Team Stats SU/RU

Score 14/38
First Downs 6/15
Total Offense 155/390
Rushes-Yards-TD 16-24-0 / 35-122-2
Comp-Att-TD 14-25-1 / 20-21-3
Passing Yards 131/268
3rd Down Conv 1-10 (10%) / 7-11 (63%)
4th Down Conv 0-1 (0%) / 0-0 (0%)
Red Zone-TD-FG 0-0-0 / 4-3-0 (75%)
Turnovers 2/4
Fumbles Lost 0/4
Intercepted 2/0
PR Yards 0/126
KR Yards 89/73
Total Yards 244/589
Punts-Average 7-46.3 / 2-43
Penalties 1-5 / 3-20
TOP 7:24 / 16:40

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Re: Competitive Varsity sliders by playmakers

Varsity is going to be way too easy, period. It doesn't matter how you skew the sliders, the AI just isnt good enough.
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Re: Competitive Varsity sliders by playmakers

i actually had a really, really good game with these against UNC with UMD. I won 17-13 but the opposing offense was stupid as usual and called QB Choice plays non-stop. But I wasn't doing so well passing.

Then, in my next 2 games (play now vs. Michigan and VT), I had zero problems passing, but rushing was realistic, aside from stupid CPU QB Choice.
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Re: Competitive Varsity sliders by playmakers

Originally Posted by crques
Ok, so this post confuses me a little after browsing over it here at work. These sliders are for Varsity only? If I were to play at AA, based on your findings and your slider scale, what would you suggest I use as my sliders? Thanks.
i don't know what his scale was for aa level, i've just been using the sliders the way he set them without stressing over whether the sliders are broke or not and it plays pretty good.

his aa sliders are listed here in case you need them that's the level i play most of my games on:
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