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MUHerd Heisman Sliders

I'm sure these sliders are identical to other Heisman sliders out but I just wanted to post what I'm using along with two games' stats to get some feedback. I'm using Marshall University and would consider myself a slightly above average player.

7 Min quarters

QB Pass Acc: 40
Pass Block: 0
WR Catch: 15
RB Ability: 85
Run Block: 95

Def Aware: 85
Knock Downs: 95
Interceptions: 0
Break Block: 100
Tackle: 45

Special Teams:
FG Power: 5
FG Acc: 5
Punt Power: 0
Punt Acc: 60
Kickoff Power: 70

*Note: CPU AI all set on default (50)

Game 1: MU vs. UCF

MU 31
UCF 24

Game States
MU (me)
First Downs: 17
Total Offense: 383
Turn Overs: 3 (2 Ints,1 Fumble)

First Downs: 10
Total Offense: 222
Turn Overs: 2 (1 Int, 1 Fumble)

Player Stats:
MU Passing
Anderson: 20 of 31 242 Yards 2/2 Sacked 4 times

MU Rushing
Small: 26 att 107 Yards 1TD
Marshall: 4 att 10 Yards 1TD
Anderson: 1 att 5 yards
Perry: 1 att 52 Yards

UCF Passing:
Greco: 12 of 18 104 Yards 1/1 Sacked 1 time

UCF Rushing
Smith: 18 att 113 Yards 1 TD
Greco: 5 att 4 yards
Harvey: 2 att 7 yards
Ross: 1 att 0 yards

Game 2: MU vs. WVU

MU: 12
WVU: 54

Game Stats:
First Downs: 19
Total Off: 354
Turn Overs: 6 (3 ints/3 fumbles)

First Downs: 18
Total Off: 361
Turn Overs: 1 (1 int)

Player Stats
MU Passing
Anderson: 21 of 36 266 Yards 1/3 Sacked 4 times
Beardin: 3/4 30 Yards

MU Rushing:
Small: 18 att 51 Yards
Marshall: 5 att 24 Yards

WVU Passing:
White: 10 of 17 152 Yards 2/1
Brown: 3/4 44 Yards 1/0

WVU Rushing:
Devine: 23 att 91 Yards 1 TD
Kerns: 11 att 47 Yards
White: 4 att 2 yards
Brown: 4 att 6 Yards

These have been the best sliders so far for me. Keep in mind that the WVU score was not an indication of the game play. We fumbled twice and threw an INT in the red zone. Also, Devine killed us with 1 kickoff return and providing excellent field position with punt returns. Game states were identical in terms of total yards and I actually had more 1 more first down than they did.

My only issue, as Ive seen it posted time and time again, is the poor kickoff coverage.

As for passing and rushing... with the QB Acc on 40 I was able to throw some balls down field without it being intercepted every time. Granted, more balls fell incomplete than anything else, but Anderson is a Sophomore QB with only a 82 rating. Over all this has been my favorite slider set.

Hopefully some others can enjoy them. Try them out, post some stats and offer some feedback.
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Re: MUHerd Heisman Sliders

I am using these right now I will report back with my stats
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Re: MUHerd Heisman Sliders

Navy (me) vs. Memphis.. 7 min. quarters, Heisman w/ patch

Final Score:
Navy - 54
Memphis -14

Game Stats:

Total Yards:
Navy: 442
Memphis: 292

First Downs:
Navy: 21
Memphis: 10

Player Stats:

Kaheaku-Enhad - 6/9 136 Yards, 1 TD/0 Int's, Sacked 2 times

Hall - 13/20 176 Yards, 1 TD/3 Int's, Sacked 2 times

Kettani (FB) - 25/118, 2 TD's, Long: 11 Yards, 41 1st H, 8 BTK
Shinego (2nd RB) - 23/141, 4 TD's, Long: 19 Yards, 23 1st H, 5 BTK
Kaheaku-Enhad (QB) - 8/45, 0 TD's, Long: 20 Yards, 2 1st Hit, 2 BTK
Bryant (3rd RB) - 1/4, 0 TD's, Long: 4 Yards, 0 1st Hit, 0 BTK
Murray (2nd FB) - 1/0, 0 TD's, Long: 0 Yards, 0 1st Hit, 0 BTK
White (1st RB) - Got hurt on punt return

Pitts (1st RB) - 13/97, 1 TD, Long: 56 Yards, 14 1st H, 2 BTK
Hall (QB) - 8/21, 0 TD's, Long: 15 Yards, 6 1st H, 2 BTK
Calhoun (1st WR) - 3/6, 0 TD's, Long: 4 Yards, 2 1st H, 0 BTK

Kettani (1st FB) - 4/112, 1 TD, Long: 73 Yards
Bryant (3rd RB) - 1/16, 0 TD's, Long: 16 Yards
Sharp (1st TE) 1/8, 0 TD's, Long: 8 Yards

Singleton (2nd WR) 4/52, 0 TD's, Long: 25 Yards
Calhoun (1st WR) 3/84, 1 TD, Long: 44 Yards
Jones (3rd WR) 3/22, 0 TD's, Long: 8 Yards
Pitts (1st RB) 2/1, 0 TD's, Long: 1 Yard
Williams (4th WR) 1/17, 0 TD's, Long: 17 Yards

Notes: Memphis only scored on two long plays on me. The first was a 3rd and 8 closing in at the end of the half. The 2nd was a run play where the RB got his only two broken tackles. Overall, I didn't have any trouble at all moving the football. My 1st RB got hurt right away, but I utilized my FB much more than planned. I used mostly flexbone and wishbone while rarely using my other RB. A big mix of inside/outside, with counters/options as well. Didn't pass much and got lucky on the pass to my FB who broke a tackle down the sidelines and outran the defense. Two interceptions were manual across the middle of the field and the other was a poorly thrown ball.

If the two big plays didn't happen they wouldn't have topped 200 total yards of offense. Granted they are a poor team, but my teams defense isn't that good either. Their passing attack was decent at best and wouldn't change much there. Solid pass rush when needed and didn't allow many open routes. They had a hard time running the ball, but running from the shotgun isn't an easy task without a great QB/RB duo.

I will try another game with these sliders and then suggest tweaks to it from there.
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