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Old 07-15-2010, 09:02 PM   #9
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Re: Default Sliders

1st game played with 15 minutes quarters on ALL-American, Normal Speed and Default Sliders

Arkansas 59 me
Ariz.St 34

1st downs: 38-ark 14-ariz.st
Total Off: 726 364
Rush Yards: 293 35
Pass Comp.Att.TD: 36/56 and 2 td, 29/41 2 td
Pass Yards: 433 357
TO: 5 4
TOP: 48:44 21:10

Ind. Stats

Mallett: 36/55 for 433 yards, 2td and 4int
Wingo: 123 yards on 32 carries 1td
Davis: 156 yards on 18 carries 3td
Williams: 9 rec 101 1td
Childs: 8 rec 110

Threet: 27/38 339 yards 2td 2int
Marshall: 32 yards 25 carries 1td
Miles- 8 rec 102 yards
Floyd: 17 tackles
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Re: Default Sliders

Originally Posted by DaTwolves21
yes AA is not that challenging to me anymore but i hear heisman is fluky lol
It's not ... at least not yet. I feel the CPU is fair and there's no "boosting" or "cheating" that I've witnessed from the AI in the games I've played so far.

I just don't like tinkering with sliders, so I'd rather play on Heisman than AA where I'd have to make sweeping changes across the board. But, to each his own, ya know? I'm just glad we have sliders that (apparently) are responsive this year so each individual can tune the game to his own liking.
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Old 07-16-2010, 04:38 AM   #11
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Re: Default Sliders

15 minute are possible, i am playing with USC against the washington huskies and i'm getting very good number. One thing tho, i'm playing conservative so it's running the clock.
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Re: Default Sliders

yeah otherwise 15 mins will get you too many plays.

I vote for 10 min, i get around 130plays combined.

Regarding what i feel i need to tweak from AA.

Pass % is way to high, both sides, this need to be lowered.
CPU Running game need to be better

that`s it.
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Re: Default Sliders

I think either the CPU offensive line is too good or the user defensive line isn't good enough on default.
I just played a game Clemson(me) vs BYU. I figure the best way to work on a pass rush is play a team that passes a lot. Well, my pass rush through the first half was non existant. BYU's QB had all day in the pocket. In fact I barely even made him have to move out of the pocket.
Now I'm not sure if BYU's O-line is this good IRL but they were like a brick wall in the game. For the second half I lowered their pass blocking to 30 and raised my pass rush to 70 and I was able to get 3 sacks and even made him have to scramble a bit. The pressure I was getting felt right. I actually forced an interception with under 2 minutes left in a 31-31 game by getting pressure and making him throw on the run. He threw over the head of the receiver to my DB for the pick. A few runs later I was in range and kicked a 27 yarder for the win with no time left.
I want to try a few more games with these settings and see what happens before I do anything drastic. I don't want to base my decision on one game.
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