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iPottie's Realistic Gameplay Heisman Sliders

Here's a slider set I made. Originally, it started out as a All-American slider set because I got the impression many on OS and myself felt that the CPU in Heisman difficulty "cheated"; played NCAA 10 without custom sliders on Heisman and it was challenging but very frustrating. Made a All-American slider set for 11 but one thing I noticed was that the CPU QB wasn't aware of either blitzs or open receivers so I started all over a created a Heisman one. When I say realistic, these sliders, in my opinion, will provide realistic gameplay on both sides (in terms of blocking, passing, catching, running, correct penalties, etc...) and realistic numbers in the stats.

I usually play quick games of 4-5 mins games but to make stats realistic, 7 mins will provide great stats. Played as Houston Cougars vs Texas Tech Red Raiders. Close game through halftime (17-10) but I threw too many interceptions and it went downhill from there. Game ended (47-17); 7 turnovers for me. 150 pass and 100 rush yds for Houston; 300 pass and 90 yds rush for TxT. Some videos provided below.

Played a quick game of Arkansas (me) vs LSU (CPU); failed to convert 4th down in the final seconds of 4th quarter and lost (17-20). Also tried quick games using these sliders with "elite vs weak" teams. Played as a UL Monroe vs Penn State; lost 6-21. Played as Ohio State vs Eastern Michigan; won 28-7. With even teams, the games will be close but it will be blowouts with elite vs weaker teams.

Opinions and feedback greatly appreciated!

Skill- Heisman
Injuries- On
Fatigue- On
Quarter Length- 7 mins
Game Speed- Normal
Threshold- 50
Home Field Advantage- On
Ice Kicker- Off

Offsides- 80
False Starts- 70
Holding- 55
Facemask- 65
Off. Pass Interference- 100
Def. Pass Interference- 100
Clipping- 55
Int. Grounding- 100
Roughing Passer- 100
Roughing Kicker- 100


QB Accuracy- 35-------45
Pass Blocking- 45-------45
WR Catching- 45-------45
RB Ability- 50-------45
Run Blocking- 55-------50
Pass Coverage- 50-------55
Pass Rush- 50-------60
Interception- 70-------70
Rush Defense- 55-------50
Tackling- 65-------70
FG Power- 45-------45
FG Accuracy- 50-------55
Punt Power- 55-------50
Punt Accuracy- 45-------55
Kickoff Power- 55-------55

EA Sports: NCAA Football 11 Video

EA Sports: NCAA Football 11 Video

EA Sports: NCAA Football 11 Video

EA Sports: NCAA Football 11 Video

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