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Re: sub in/out settings

Originally Posted by NEOPARADIGM
The issue goes beyond the "guys not coming back in" problem.

It's really quite baffling to me how year after year this issue is lost on so many people.

I mean, no offense, but case in point:

This is not a solution, nor does it even accurately represent the problem.

Again, no offense.

I play 9-minute quarters; I've messed with different auto-sub numbers for almost every game, just trying to see something different if nothing else. Every single game is the same: either nobody gets subbed out - or - subs are decent but end up with starters not coming back in.

I've yet to see any in-between.

Off the top of my head, of the thousands of plays I've seen so far, I've seen third-string defenders maybe ten times. I've never seen a third-string running back - and even in the hypothetical circumstance in which I did, I'm sure it would be for one play, with the starter (or second-stringer, because the starter is in "cannot come back in" mode) back in the next play.

In my opinion, the way the auto-subs is set up would be perfect for a team with no depth and no talent. For a team that wants to truly "rotate" its guys, I can't think of another term other than "broken" as much as I hate t0 use it.

Offense is running all over me; 12 plays, 67 yards, 4:54 off the clock; and I've got one guy in the red and everyone else is green - I'm sorry, that's a problem considering I'm making a conscious effort to get a good rotation going. If I had the auto-sub sliders set such that I wanted my starters to say in, that'd be one thing; but my entire goal is to get my backups into the game via auto-subs and it's not happening.

It's not game-breaking for the simple reason that it's been like this for as long as I can remember, but I just don't understand why it's not possible to get a true "full squad" rotation going. It'd be like if in a basketball game you assigned a complete 12-man rotation, 18 minutes each, but in final stat line you saw that the starting five all had 32 minutes each, and the other 7 guys averaged 5 minutes each.

It just doesn't make sense.

I won't say it a third time: this game needs a fatigue effect slider.
If you want You can check out my slider set I have my sub sliders in there and am getting a good rotation of back plus a good rotation at defensive line Its really not that big of a problem I havent seen any backs or d lineman dissappear
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Re: sub in/out settings

It is all in finding the right settings for the way you play.

Every game is different and every player has their own rating.

It usually takes a long drive by the other team or CPU to really fatigue your D. That does not happen too often so defenders may not sub in and out as much.

I have had it work fine as well…no problems.

But like others have said I also use the formation subs so the auto sub does not kick in that much. Still no problems though.
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