Anti-rage 5 minute heisman sliders

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Anti-rage 5 minute heisman sliders

I made some sliders for 5 minute heisman, since the ones I have found haven't pleased me, and I can't stand playing on all american (way too easy). So, making my sliders, I basically just tweaked them based on how much bull**** was happening (larry caper breaks 8 tackles? yea okay, bringing that rb ability back down... etc.). I like them, I hope other people do, and I'm open to any suggestions.


I'll give my reasoning after I post them. Without further ado:

Speed Threshold: 45

Mostly I was getting sick of not being able to take kicks back for even a decent return, but it turned out to really help in the passing game (fast guys actually get open deep sometimes?! nooooooo never!). I guess you could change this to preference, but this affects the game more than anything else.

Offsides - 95 (Should almost always be called)
False Start - 95 (Frustrating when the computer isn't called, so got boosted)
Holding - 35 (gets called way too often, especially on special teams, tweak this to what you want)
Facemask - 50
O Pass Interference -100
D Pass Interference - 100
KR/PR Interference - 100
Clipping - 45 (Same as holding)
Intentional Grounding - 100
Roughing the Passer - 95
Roughing the Kicker - 95

QB Accuracy 45/30
Pass Blocking 55/35
WR Catching 50/40
RB Ability 50/50
Run Block 45/55
Pass Coverage 70/90
Pass Rush 60/55
Ints 35/75
Everything else 50

So. User QB Accuracy is because its way too easy to throw a perfectly placed bomb with anyone over 85 throw accuracy. For the CPU... well if you've ever hit the QB and had them throw an 80 yard touchdown bomb on on one knee and just start screaming... yea. BS.

User Pass Blocking is because if they stack the line (engage eight), you get smoked every time in ace. Every time. Just didn't seem high enough to me, then again I suck at staying in the pocket so maybe it should go back to 50. For the computer, its because... well it was just way too good. Craig Roh had like 2 sacks in 10 games in my dynasty, so I threw the shenanigans flag.

WR Catching. User gets the same because it feels about right, computer gets lower because they NEVER DROP PASSES EVEN WITH TWO DBS CRAWLING UP THEIR RECTUM CONTROLLER THROUGH WINDOW.

RB Ability. Uhhh... Yea. Don't touch this slider. Bad things happen. Larry Caper 8 broken tackles averaging 9ypc bad.

Run Block. User run blocking is way, waaaaaaaayyy too good. Seriously. go run a counter right now and report back. Didn't get 9 yards? RUN IT AGAIN. Stupid. So that got lowered and running is now more on par with what it should be. CPU gets a boost here to try and get it to RUN FOR ONCE DAMNIT RUN YOU NEVER RUN WHY DON'T YOU EVER RUN. Feels much nicer to actually watch a CPU hb dive get 3-4 yards against the 4-3.

Pass Coverage. Eek. This took the longest time for me to get happyish with. For starters, the computer is just absolutely disgusting at throwing up your ******* when you call perfect coverages. Its full ******! Your CBs never make a play on the ball (unless you're controlling them), and the safeties are goddamn utterly useless and JUST STAND IN THE ENDZONE RAGE JORDAN KOVACS YOU SUCK. CPU sucks at coverage (putting guys in the proper spot), so I upped this like crazy.

Pass Rush. Like honestly, my 96 DE is gonna get absolutely stuffed by central michigans RT? honestly? yea no. CPU no longer gets a freakin hour to wait for the coverage to completely break down and make me scream. The CPU will get rid of the ball when you get close to them and that finally happens. Turned up CPU pass rush because it was kind of weak. It might actually need to be higher but I suck at staying in the pocket. That's why other people can give me feedback yeaa yeaaa yeaaa?! yea.

Interceptions. The worlds most important slider. This one is directly tied to certain animations your DBs and LBs will take. Don't you just love when you have a LB in coverage over the middle and the CPU throws it right past him and he just watches it whistle over his shoulder? Yea. Now they do the AHHH BALL SWIPE animation. User DBs actually make plays on the ball when its RIGHT IN THEIR FACE. Still tons of dropped picks, but way better than before, and the CPU gets punished for making stupid BS throws that should never be completed BUT OH WAIT ITS SLANTS SO FORGET IT CPU WINS. Man coverage works again. Crazy ideas. turned down CPU ints because well they were just crazy about it. Never dropped any, DTs jump 5 feet and grab them with one hand, RAGE.

Everything else I got lazy. Kicking is all kinds of screwed up, this definitely needs tuning but I really just don't care.

SO. To sum up. I made it easier for the comp to run up your ******* (may need to be made even easier), and put their DBs in good coverage, but made it so they're not all Charles Woodson. I also tried to keep the changes minimal so not to throw stats off too badly - and honestly they seem pretty decent. Eastern Michigan put up some points against Michigan, and I destroyed them, whereas I blanked Navy with Central Michigan, then promptly got wooped through the air by Toledo. So, the CPU is still good, just feels like way less BS and much more fun (sometimes I don't know almost exactly what play they'll be running next).

Give it a try. If you won't do it for me do it for your controller's sake.
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Re: Anti-rage 5 minute heisman sliders

That was an enjoyable read. I was laughing all the way through man. I already utilize a variant of playmakers so i cant say I'll be giving these a try but that read just alleviated some stress I had going on here for a second.

Hope you find a good level and slider set that works for ya mayne. One.
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