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Ramblinwreck21's AA sliders

This is my first attempt at sliders. They fit my ability well, so its a good challenge for me. It feels pretty good as far as sim goes. We all are looking for something a little different, so I take no offense if its not your cup of tea. I'm really enjoying them and figured I might as well share them even if no one ends up liking them. lol

General Rules and Penalties:

Skill: All American
Quarter Length: 7 Minutes
Game Speed: Slow
Player Threshold: 50
Offsides: 100%
False Start: 100%
Holding: 55%
Facemask: 55%
Offensive Pass Interference: 100%
Defensive Pass Interference: 100%
KR/PR Interference: 100%
Clipping: 55%
Intentional Grounding: 100%
Roughing Passer: 100%
Roughing Kicker: 100%

Custom AI User/CPU
QB ACC 15/65
Pass Block 50/40
WR Catch 55/60
RB ability 55/60
Rub Block 45/60
Pass coverage 50/70
Pass Rush 100/95
INT 50/50
Rush D 45/60
Tackling 50/55
FG Power 45/45
FG Acc 45/50
Punt Power 50/50
Punt Acc 25/55
Kickoff 45/45

Again, I made these to fit my style of play and still be able to have defensive games and offensive shoot outs, depending on how the game is going. If it's not your cup of tea, no harm saying so, I just figured I'd share.
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