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Sven's Slow Speed All American sliders

These set was created after testing Playmakers sliders. A lot of his work fixed a lot of issues I was having playing on the Heisman level and uncovered a lot of hidden goodies in the game. As such, these sliders are going to share similarities with his.

One of the things I kept in mind while testing was how the sliders work. Raising the sliders creates equality, lowering sliders creates disparity. Whenever possible, I wanted to lower sliders to avoid "robo" teams. This makes personel more important, and creates more vairety in the game.

Another consideration was the computers tendency to sh*t the bed on offense. The sliders need to be able to compensate for the computers constant desire to blow the game with interceptions and poor play calling. This is amplified by stick skills.

Without further adeu...
Skill: All American
Speed: Slow
Speed Threshold: 30

QB Acc....... 5/55
Pass Blk .....45/45
Catch ........50/50
RBA ...........45/55
Run Blk ......50/60
Coverage ....40/45
Pass Rush ...70/70
INT ............0/80
Rush D .......20/100
Tackle .........5/55

Set Special teams and penalties to taste. Personally I raise CPU kicking a tick, drop human a tick...but some people don't like missed FGs.
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Re: Sven's Slow Speed All American sliders

For those interested in the logic:

Human Pass Game:
Many people have a false sense of reality with the passing game. Lots of people look at pro-bowl NFL QB's as the benchmark...not Bowling Green's backup. At 5 you get a good variation, the 90+ accuracy guys can hit just about everything, your typical spread/scrambling QB is going to really struggle hitting the deeper patterns. Any higher than 5/10 range and you can put up ridiculous numbers if you can read the coverage.

CPU coverage MUST be below 50, or you get DB's running hte route in front of the receiver.

I also hate dropped passes, especially the "easy" drops. If you go under 50, you get too many drops on wide open, short throws.

Human Run Game: If you put run block below 50, there are too many shed/tackles for loss...especially in the gun or running option. If you are an I-formation guy, dropping blockig isn't so bad. At 50 blk/100 run D you get good reaction by the CPU defenders, without the ridiculous block shedding. RB Ability is a preference/skill level thing.

CPU Pass Game: QB acc could be a touch higher, but you start to get a little robo QB not far above 55. Anything under 50 and the computer turns stupid.

Pass Block/Pass Rush is a touchy area, because it also ties into QB accuracy (pressure=bad QB play). I'd be careful tweaking this, if anything, drop pass rush a bit.

Human INT is at 0...otherwise I snag too many user-picks when the CPU floats a deep ball. Again, gotta combat sh*t the bed syndrom.

Computer Run Game: This is almost straight from Playmakers sliders because it worked so well. With tackling at 5 the computer breaks a lot of those tackle for loss and ends ups with 2 yards instead of -1. This is big for me, because as a user I can get too many tackles for loss just reading the play and shooting the gap. Now the computer breaks some of those tackles on the HB off-tackle/stretch play that can kill drives. When the 2nd and 7 run backfires, instead of 3rd and 9 it's 3rd and 5...making that stupid little 6 yard drag route the computer just loves a 1st down instead of a punt.
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