Mathmatic formula behind Speed Threshold?

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Mathmatic formula behind Speed Threshold?

Does anyone know what it is? There has to be one.

I was reading the arguments over where to set the threshold, I've been playing at 25, thinking it was more realistic, but I am considering setting it back to 50, thinking the formula may be this:

Instead of thinking in 0-100, think of
-100(0) / -50(25) / 0(50) / +50(75) / +100(100)

I just played a game where my receiver of 97 speed 84 acceleration ran a streak against a 93 speed 82 acceleration corner for about 60 yards. By the time they both reached the goal line, the CB was about 7-10 yards back. Realistically speaking, he'd be much closer, 4-6 yards probably. So I did some mental math.

The speed threshold pushes players closer and further away from a speed rating of 99, correct? So take your 97 speed WR and and he is 2 pts from 99 and the CB at 93 speed is 6 pts. My theory says that at a speed threshold of 25(-50) The difference is divided in half and deducted from the player.
97-(2/.5)= 96 speed
93-(6/.5)= 90 speed

And a threshold of >50 would add to the players speed.

All thresholds for example match up:

WR - 99-97=2
CB - 99-93=6

97+2= 99 speed
93+6= 99 speed

97+(2/.5)= 98 speed
93+(6/.5)= 96 speed

97+0 = 97 speed
93+0 = 93 speed

97-(2/.5)= 96 speed
93-(6/.5)= 90 speed

97-2 = 95 speed
93-6 = 87 speed

It makes so much sense if it is actually true to the design of the game.

Though, I know adding the 99-speed to everyone on 100 threshold isn't accurate, as a guard that is 60 speed would be 99-60=39 60+39=99 speed. It can't be making every player a 99 speed on 100 threshold. The actual percent change would be something else, maybe 50% that would make that guard at 79 speed on 100 threshold... We'd have to be told that by EA.

I just want to know the actual formula.

But my own tinkering makes me believe the realistic 0 is at 35-40 on AA.

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Re: Mathmatic formula behind Speed Threshold?

You can check my thread on testing the changes in 40 times for LB and HB with threshold. The sliders does appear to push everyones speed up towards 99 rather than reduce speed around a lower given value as it gets higher and it slows everyone down below 99. The problem is that LB are too slow at default because of their speed and acceleration ratings so any value below 50 makes middle and short coverage worse. It would probable be fine at 50 if all the linebackers got a 5 boost to speed and acceleration.
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