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Re: Pancakes

Okay guy's from what I have seen lately is that the game on is only counting pancakes on Hines Ward type of blocks. Everytime a guy gets one he blast the defender. Those blocks that we normally see when the offensive lineman power the defensive player to the ground on his back it's not counting those. Also I check replays to confirm this. As of now I have [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected] . I may lower pb and rb to 55 and see what happens.
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Re: Pancakes

yeah they are only counted when the blocker annihilates his man. Maybe the pancake stat logic they used is only tied into that animation. I'm in my 6th year with MTSU and I've got a 90 rated RG. He only gets a pancake tallied when I control him using player lock, and if a defender is directly across from him I use the hit stick power block. Sometimes my guy pulverizes the opponent but many times he whiffs. I do this maybe once a possession on running plays(twice on long drives) and am able to get my guy 3-5 pancakes a game.
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Re: Pancakes

Just saw the most pancakes by a team in a CPU/CPU game in NCAA 11.

Run Blocking at 65, Run Defense at 0.

Georgia Tech had 16 pancakes against Kansas. Their RT had 5 pancakes, LT had 3 pancakes.

It seems like run heavy teams with a lot of movement and pull blocking on the OL should be able to get a season total of pancakes similar to the sim engine, but pass heavy teams have no chance.
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Re: Pancakes

Its a worthless stat. Unfortunately, you won't win awards without them, but if you set run blocking high enough to get a decent amount of them, you will be able to run roughshod over the AI.

Don't pay attention to this stat, broken tackles, runs over 20 yards. They are all broken in the sim engine.

A marquis LT will get 2 pancakes per game in real life where he puts the DE on his back and then lays on him. So 60+ pancake guys in the sim engine is silly.

Also the runs over 20 yards is broken in the sim engine. The best running backs only have 1. Literally all of them.
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Re: Pancakes

I wish they would take this stat out of the game and find another way to hand out lineman awards. Pancakes have been tricky to even out for a few years now.
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