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Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

I am going to start my slider set and testing again for this years version starting with speed threshold testing. This is a placeholder for where I will edit in the sliders:

Difficulty: All-american (default game setting, speed testing shows statistic cheats for heisman and varsity, also the run glitch helps the human on varsity and helps the CPU on heismann this really is the only balanced mode)
Speed threshold: 50 (appears to be correct this year)
Game speed: Normal
Quarter length: 9-11 minutes (there should be 130-150 plays total per game, about 65-70 per team; make sure you adjust for your clock managment style to get realistic statistics and yardage--I use 11)

QB accuracy: 35/50
Pass blocking: 50/55 (appears to be fairly accurate, CPU needs help if you control linemen)
WR catching: 40/40 (gives 3-4 drops per game)
RB ability: 50/60 (AI access to jukes and spins, better vision esp at 60 but too many TD runs)
Run blocking: 50/55 (increases blocking on second level and big/TD runs)
Pass coverage: 40/50 (prevents sacks by giving open reciever, QBA needed for control of %)
Pass rush: 40/50
Interceptions: 35/35 (gives 1-2 per game)
Rush defense: 50/50 (effects defenders pursuit and getting off blocks)
Tackling: 40/40 (Broken tackle goal of 3-7 range, avg 4.5/game)
FG power: 45/40
FG accuracy: 30/40
Punting power: 30/45
Punting accuracy: 50/50
Kickoff power: 50/50

Offside: 95
False start: 100
Holding: 52
Facemask:53 (count 1 facemask penalty or RP as pass interference since that is never called)
Off PI:100 (never seen one)
Def PI:100 (never seen one)
KR/PR Interf: 60 (never seen one)
Intent grounding:100 (never seen one)
Roughing passer:60 (goal 1 per game per side to replace pass interference)
Roughing kicker:65

Autosubs (Sub out/Sub in):
Running back: 84/85 (doesn't work but next level removes in 4th quarter, use formation subs)

Coaching sliders: No changes recommended to defensive sliders only pass/run. Substitution sliders don't effect gameplay only simulation. The Pass % should be set to match the teams listed pass %. See the table at the bottom of this page.

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Re: Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

BIll Parcells NFL Statistics by position:
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Re: Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

NCAA statistics for teams for offensive and defensive values (fixed plays per game):
TeamPts/GYds/GTotal Plays/G1stD/G3rdD%PenYds/GPass Att/GPass Att/G %Pass Comp/GPass Comp/%PassYds/GPass TDIntSackedSacked/GRush Avg YPCRush Att/GRushAtt/G %RushYd/GRush TD
Air Force32437702252.4431217%653.112012650.45.55883%31841
Arizona St.32426732140703953%2360.1286231731343447%13919
Arkansas St.30403712234603751%2260.725523122324.33549%14923
Ball St.22306631632.9502641%1453.715418161614.13759%15211
Boise St.47520692549.6573246%2370.3319386815.33754%20034
Boston Coll.19309631533.3512642%1452.417513193133.63758%13310
Bowling Green21294681735.1533856%2258.223212203432.13044%6316
Cent. Michigan24390722237.4524056%2460.428417183333.33244%10618
Colorado St.17335661836.7413350%2164.422211134443.53350%11310
East Carolina38446762443.8634863%3164.731939161514.52837%12621
East. Michigan19333661735.3532436%1353.216014142224.14364%17317
Florida Atlantic17303621632.3612946%1656.420817143632.83354%948
Florida Intl.28402702038.8763042%1861.221316142024.74058%18926
Florida St.32387642048.5582945%1863.321924132724.83555%16827
Fresno St.30371661935502742%1761.42142493634.13858%15719
Georgia Tech28415712140561318%538.388971615.65882%32731
Iowa St.22317691837.6513145%1856.617414103333.83855%14315
Kansas St.34379661946.9392234%1463.81731683134.84366%20640
Kent St.21314641730.6563350%1958.520111142223.63250%11415
LA Lafayette22351711835.2413651%1952.525018153932.93549%10114
LA Monroe21347731935.5663346%2161.622718143433.13954%12013
Louisiana Tech27390742137.6443548%2261.221916151714.43952%17122
Miami (FL)27423732239.7673446%1853.123221271614.93954%19019
Miami (OH)21347661935.4453654%2364.425019153533.23146%9714
Michigan St.31407632037.5592945%1966.923823102424.93555%16925
Middle Tenn. St.27372711938.2563042%1758.51939242324.44158%17932
Mississippi St.27394692045.3452232%1356.617918132324.64768%21628
N.C. State33407772443.6364254%2458.228228143933.53546%12517
New Mexico16266671632.6583045%1652.615811152722.93755%10810
New Mexico St.16297691729.6623146%1549.2167991923.43754%1298
North Carolina25390661939.5563248%2267.52671993733.63452%12418
North Texas24375671939.7522639%1557.617316930354161%20217
Northern Illinois38446662251.2402335%1563.21812381316.24365%26542
Notre Dame26378682037.5423855%2359.7257281620243145%12111
Ohio St.39449692245.8472739%186622930132225.34261%22027
Oklahoma St.45538772744.4654153%2867.635536141015.13647%18326
Oregon St.24327631936.6563149%1858.920719123533.73251%12018
Penn St.25374661943.3313248%185723119171214.23452%14316
San Diego St.35449672045.1553450%1956.12972814914.63350%15229
San Jose St.16315611626.2513455%2058.323717173222.92745%797
South Carolina32391652149.1402742%1865.423623173024.13858%15626
South Florida24312621728.6472540%1455.9163131627243860%14919
Southern Miss38458802450.3733646%2362.52552481714.74354%20328
Texas A&M32448812442.2644049%2460.128228153734.14151%16619
Texas Tech32453812443.6624758%3064.731539122124.13442%13817
Utah St.22347711939.8582738%1453.11798142523.84462%16924
Virginia Tech36411652145.2432437%1459.42022453435.14163%20930
W. Michigan32412722139.9534055%2562.728630123033.93245%12618
Wake Forest23302641634.4452540%14551449102624.13860%15923
Washington St.20330671839.1603248%1959.123919125142.63552%9111
West Virginia27377702044.6422941%19652142482723.94259%16218
West. Kentucky23318661839.3462537%1351.21441162924.24263%17521
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Re: Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

Steps for reading the defense:
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Re: Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

Coaching sliders:

Defensive aggession: Alters the blitz frequency. NFL teams blitz from 3-11% with the majority blitzing around 7-8% of pass plays. A blitz in the NFL is defined as 6 or more rushers. Check out your opponents setting before a game to see how often they rush 5. Then try to keep a blocker at home to prevent sacks or feel free not to if they aren't a blitz heavy team

Great great news for this year. It appears defensive over-blitzing has finally been fixed. It also appears the coaching sliders work for run/pass the same as last year.

Defensive aggression 50/50:

5 man rush: 43% plays
6 man rush: 7% plays (no 7 or 8 man blitzes)

Defensive aggression 85 conservative:

5 man rush: 17%
6 man rush: 0%

Defensive aggression 85% aggressive:

5 man rush: 55%
6 man rush: 5% (no 7 or 8 man blitzes)

Offensive run/pass 50 run: 64% run, 36% pass
Offensive run/pass 85 run: 78% run, 22% pass (not exactly 85% run but close)
Offensive run/pass 85 pass: 73% pass, 17% run (not exactly 85% pass but close)

Run/Pass: The run/pass slider effects the play calling and coaching sliders can be updated from last season with some tweaks for coaching changes this season.

Defensive aggression: Odd this year. There are almost no 6 man blitzes (which is good), the slider primarily appears to effect the utilization of 5 man blitzing instead. It is not a % determination as is run/pass slider. I am not sure how to interpret this but I would leave most teams at EA default this year as it seems fairly realistic.

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Re: Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

Speed threshold testing:
1st step I reviewed all teams for average speed of WR and LB. The idea is to use an average player from each level of quality at WR and LB and run 40 yards in practice mode with a stopwatch to assess times. I will run 20 test with each player and generate average values for these players. The idea is then to use published values on the differences in 40 times to create a normal gap between WR and LB avoiding LB burning (still can be burned deep but closer coverage in short zones)--in prior years LB were remarkably slower compared to WR vs their real world counterparts.

Reviewing teams showed the following on rosters:
Top tier WR/CB (same): Avg Spd 93, Avg Acc 93
Top tier LB: Avg Spd 84, Avg Acc 90

Mid tier WR/CB (same): Avg Spd 91, Avg Acc 92
Mid tier LB: Avg Spd 84, Avg Acc 86

Low tier WR/CB (same): Avg Spd 90, Avg Acc 87
Low tier LB: Avg Spd 81, Avg Acc 84

Fairly uniform declines suggest sig drop off between tiers which is expected. Will try to adjust gap within top tier primarily since it most closely mimics pro. Published gap for pro players is 0.20 sec between drafted combine 40 times of WR and LB--Source Bill Parcells ESPN special.

Testing with 20 attempts shows that:
LB 40 time is now 4.7 sec (NFL is 4.68)
WR 40 time is now 4.5 sec (NFL is 4.48)

This shows a gap of 0.2 sec on default threshold slider. This test is remarkably different from last year. Not only are the numbers of top tier players identical to their NFL counterparts on the test (which is a bit unrealistic considering that they are in pads in this game) but the gap is already perfect this year. EA must have altered the game in a good way. Will test mid level next before making final recs.

Mid level testing showed:
WR 40 time is now 4.5
LB 40 time is now 4.8

This is 0.3 seconds difference and worse than NFL within the same tier. I am a bit concerned the threshold may need a minor tweak perhaps to 55 since this would give a sig advantage to recievers within the same tier but for now:

Recommendation: Don't adjust threshold as it appears to be fairly good at default this year. Alternatively adjust to 55 to give mid-tier teams more of a chance against upper tier teams.

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Re: Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

Pass block and pass rush testing:

I planned on running the pass block and pass rush sliders in 10 poin increments with 10 test each to determine time to sack with 4 man rush, 5 man rush, and 6 man rush. Fortunately I found the following (expected release time is <5 seconds before sack--ESPN, Yahoo sports).

Default slider 4 man rush:
Time to sack 4.5 seconds

Default slider 5 man rush:
Time to sack 4 seconds
Additional blocker held (matching rush): 4.5 seconds
Shotgun: 4.5 seconds

Default slider 6 man rush:
Time to sack 3 seconds
Additonal 2 blockers held (matching rush): 4.5 seconds
Shotgun: 4 seconds

Results: The default settings appear perfect. If you are getting sacked too much it is because you are not using the pocket, holding the ball too long, or not holding additional blockers. You can beat the blitz this year by holding additional blockers or using shotgun (less effective). Last year holding blockers had a minor impact and 4 man rush took way to long to get a sack. It is perfect this year.

Recommendation: Default slider for Pass block and pass rush. May need adjustment to obtain real world game stats but that is later testing.

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Re: Statistics and Sliders NCAA12

Run inside and outside testing:
Unfortunately testing was not possible for how much sliders change yardage here. The game seemed to have balanced inside and outside runs. It did seem to have a few too many TFL plays. However, by examining the extremes of the sliders I can now state what they do in general terms:

1) RB ability: Increases the RB speed and ability to break tackles and hit the correct hole. This slider improved yards per carry with some potential for big plays. It seemed to adjust yardage gained the best but at high levels the RB starts to look oddly fast. Probably my 1st choice adjustment for improving YPC.

2) Run blocking: Very interesting slider. It does almost nothing for YPC if you exclude touchdown runs. However, this slider has a huge impact on the quality of lineman blocking at the second level. At default you rarely see blockers getting to the second level consistently. At a slider of 100 they were consistently blocking downfield even to the level of the safety (a bit unrealistic though). Largely this downfield blocking is because they level their assigned defender and move on. Use this slider if you want to have imrpoved second level blocking and more big runs (i.e. TD runs). Be very cautious at 70 and above it resulted in >20% of runs being TD's; I personally wouldn't recommend using >60.

3) Run defense: Appears to effect the defenses ability to adjust to and correctly read the running play. This improves somewhat the YPC by allowing bigger gains but doesn't give up TD's like Run blocking sliders do. This would be my 2nd choice for imrpoving the run gain after RB ability and probably a tandem usage of both sliders would be best rather than overutilizing 1. Has its biggest impact on inside runs by improving YPC there.

Don't adjust any sliders yet until in game testing begins. Then first adjust RB ability slider but if going above 60 adjust the Run defense slider first. If not enough big plays/TD for your preference (generally not >1 per game for matched teams) adjust run blocking but a high risk slider as only effects the second level. If more inside YPC are needed decrease Run defense slider.

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