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Fixing coaching aggression

I have an interesting idea for finally fixing the CPU defense. Many may not be aware but the main reason deep passes and over the middle passes are so effective against the CPU and why the CPU gets sacks, pressure that feels unrealistic is because the CPU is blitzing 6 or more players a very high percentage of the time. This leaves inadequate defenders for deep passes and leads to big passing plays and yardage and boost sacks.

I have been able to ameliorate this somewhat in past years by using the coaching aggression sliders for defense which I showed do effect in game aggression. Many used my coaching sliders last year. This year I plan on doing minor testing to confirm this still works and then implement the system again. However, I had a new idea.

The main problem with blitzing is that the CPU sends all out blitzes far too often instead of the more controled blitzes. This leads to frankly silly blitzing schemes. I think the CPU calls up a blitz play based on aggression and then randomly selects a blitz. Now we have access to playbooks. If you edit out all the aggressive blitz schemes except maybe 1 this might further improve the defensive play of the CPU.

However, I am not sure if the CPU has a different playbook for each coach or if there are only teh base playbooks.

I am curious if anyone else has any suggestoins about this?
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Re: Fixing coaching aggression

That's an interesting idea! I can't really chime in about what settings each team should have, but playbook wise you could create 5-10 "different" playbooks (adding in 4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5, etc.) with less all out blitzes and select one for the CPU (sticking to their schemes of course). I can't say it would be much different but maybe some different. Just my thoughts.
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Re: Fixing coaching aggression

This sounds real my clever. I
Have finally found sliders for a challenging run game both ways, however passing goes like this

the long ball is always there.. posts, flyes, verts, etc. I think passing is broken... I hate to use a no verticals house rule cuz you do run verts in real life n big plays do happen.. But they're money plays n it's frustrating as hell... So I put CPU pass cov to 75 and threshold to 25, this tightened it up quite a bit... Still some money plays. Then I put threshold back to zero n jacked CPU cov to 100... Yea sill happened and still completed passes over middle, outs, everything. These sliders are good. I think passing is broken. Inbet well see a patch at some point. This happened on heisman too.. I can't be SO good that 100 pas cov on heisman is too easy.... Wtf.

If we use custom playbooks, how would u implement them I'm dynasty. I heard u can't control more than one team now. Would u reccomend deleting those crazy blitzes from base sets? Bc no ones goin. Through 117 playbooks n deleting blitzes. If u make base sets (3-4, 4-3, mult, 3 3 5, etc)
Just apply them to every team?? Would u also reduce ahhressil
Then? Or just see what happens when u get rod of all out blitz.

Lastly. I feel like regular passin is ok, it's just Lon ball defenders getting beat/out of position. Nit some much that they've blitzes What a mouthful
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Re: Fixing coaching aggression

Nevermind aggression is fixed this year.
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