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Re: Quarter Length?

Originally Posted by dochalladay32
You will NOT get realistic TOP in this game. The computer rushes too much. Even a traditional offense will probably have less than you, but it wont' be as bad. Play a no huddle team and they will be well below you. Worry about the plays and stats. By the time you found a good setup to get all of them with TOP, you would be playing NCAA 13.

And it is realistic for some teams to air it out and score a lot a game. See Oregon. It is realistic for some teams to have lots of plays. See Oklahoma. They managed it all in the same period of time.
I disagree I play alot of play now games and the CPU runs NO HUDDLE almost all the time. I thoroughly test games I dont just make an assumption and I ve been playing madden for over 20 years and now NEW to testing sliders to get the most realistic gameplay. Like I said before 12 MINUTE QTRS with 15 sec runoff on MADDEN gives you real life stats so NCAA 12 at 10 minute qtrs NO RUNOFF is the same as the MADDEN 12 MIN QTRS with 15 sec runoff. Basically the runoff in madden sheds about 2 minutes per qtr.

And a NOTE is I dont use a default setting like AA the settings are also adjusted for more realistic gameplay and using the OS COMMUNITY ROSTERS makes a huge difference with there COACHING changes.
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Re: Quarter Length?

That's because you must only be playing teams that don't run no huddle. Go play Oklahoma State and try and tell me they run no huddle. They were doing it in the 1st quarter up 7-0. It's their style of play and it fits into my settings just fine.

And I never said a thing about not playing with sliders. 10 minute quarters works, I know, I use it. But you will not get realistic T.O.P. unless you play the same game as the computer exactly. And on 10 minute quarters, computer is still snapping the ball by 25 seconds on the play clock min. I snap it around 15-20 or so. I get realistic numbers of plays. Fairly realistic stats. I don't consider T.O.P. The computer and I can each run about 60 plays, as happened in my TCU/Louisville game, but they sure didn't hold the ball as long as me, AND these were not no huddle teams, like you say you use. It may happen a time or two, but it will not be consistent; the computer plays a faster game than you. If you play their game, you can't play 10 minute quarters or you will be 150 plays and up which shouldn't happen unless both teams are running no huddle.
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