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Re: RBA Ability: Discussion

I play on slow as well, and agree it gives a much smoother feel to the game.

Like I said before, its kind of a "pick your poison" for me. Your right RBA is probably needed for a good slider set, so if I want a realistic game with great sliders, I'm sure it is necessary for me to change RBA. My problem is in moving the RBA slider up or down, realistic play and statistics may come from it, but I making something unrealistic in that all of the sudden Jeff Demps is the slowest guy on the field rather than the quickest. So do I sacrifice one for the other? That is what is tough for me.
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Re: RBA Ability: Discussion

I have been doing sliders for NCAA since they allowed you and RBA is one of the most important sliders I change every year. Bar NONE. It effects everything skill set wise for the running back and running game not only for the computer but for the human sliders as well. I really took notice of it about 4 years ago when the human running backs were just to easy to abuse people with b/c they seemed to have more speed and agility than anyone on the field. I haven't settled exactly what is should be on yet this year but it won't take much longer. IMO very important slider.
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Re: RBA Ability: Discussion

i never noticed the speed changing when u play with RBA slider. but i dont do crazy changes either. i usually do 45 user and like 60-65 cpu. what i noticed was that made the cpu play more human like by not taking a straight line approach to running. they became more unpredictable when hitting holes...no more hit the hole and go forward in a straight line as far as u could. now they would hit the hole and u had no idea if he would go east or west or straight or juke u with a move. def one of my 1st adjustments. without it the cpu run game is super vanilla and will struggle most times against a decent user D. it seems a lil better outta the box this yr, but they could still use a bump
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Re: RBA Ability: Discussion

Originally Posted by rudyjuly2
I personally feel the RBs have been neutered in NCAA 12. The juke, stiff arm and truck move are fairly ineffective imo. The cpu RB definitely needs a boost in the RBA department because of this imo. But it is tough to find the right spot.

Everyone that runs with the ball, including WRs after the catch, will get boosts in all their physical attributes if you boost RBA. Not only will they juke, spin and break tackles more (need to raise the tackle slider as you raise the cpu RBA) but they do get faster. I don't like raising the cpu RBA much past 65 because then you start to see 80 speed RBs out running 90 speed safeties.

Whether you raise the run block slider or the RBA slider is up to you. I view the run block slider as affecting the consistency of a ground game (affects basic run plays and outcomes) while the RBA affects the number of big plays more. Raising the run block slider will reduce negative runs and create a more consistent ground game. If your average run is only 2-3 ypc you might want to boost run block. If you are getting 5-6 yards every time you run I-formation ISO then maybe you should drop run block. If you aren't seeing any long runs then you need to raise the RBA to account for that. If you are seeing too many long runs then you need to drop it.
This is why in do time i will use the ratings to dictate how effective each RB is on the field...

Slider will go back to DEFAULT 50 and ratings will make the RB's much more effective at default

I honestly hate the way EA rates their players WR with power back ratings and power backs with scat back ratings.....
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