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Re: Coach Mode Sliders w/Qtr Adjustments

Originally Posted by fldash
Zeke: Thanks for the reply. The idea that making a slider adjustment in game keeps every game close is incorrect. It's really a misconception as that's not how it works at all.

NCAA's randomness factor does a pretty decent job of managing close games vs blow out games, the only thing the slider adjustment during the game does is slightly balance the game to 'normalcy'. You can still have statistical outliers, but they are minimized.

Again, the goal of the adjustments isn't to change the outcome of the game, if the game is close and the results are believable then no adjustments are necessary. It's pretty easy to determine when an adjustment is necessary when you are in a game with a team such a Georgia Tech and their average per carry is 1.2 and the team they are playing is not that good. You'd be surprising how much jumping their run blocking up 5 or the opposing run defense down 5 does.

One thing I never mentioned is I never use 'Team Stats' to determine if an adjustment is necessary. I go into player stats and look at the players and their individual rushing statistics.

I'm intrigued by your RBA at 60/65 idea. I agree the CPU running game could be more realistic, but one of my main issues is the speed increase given when you adjust this upward. Do you think you have to raise Tackling? I think I'll try it tonight, setting both HUM/CPU at 60 and see what happens.

Also, I agree with you. The CPU is controlling both sets of players so the sliders should be the same or close to the same.
I totally understand looking at the player stats and not the team stats in order to determine what changes are necessary. And I'm sorry if I implied that you were trying to affect the outcome of the game by changing the sliders at each quarter, I know that it's really about the statistical anomalies and i'm with you on that one. the other side of the coin is that if you want a RB to average 4-6 YPC on the game, then he might avg 1.2 in the first quarter but then have a couple long runs in the second quarter or second half that even everything out in the end, and he may have those with or without mid-game slider changes. when i look at RB stats, i always do some quick mental math to subtract their longest rush from their total and look at the average of the rest of their carries in trying to figure out how they're doing... but i'm sure you probably do the same thing, and i also know that you're basing your changes on what you see on the field and not just on the stat sheet

dude, it is just SO much nicer to watch with RBA at 60. even when i started with RBA at 50, i had my tackling at 35 so i could see a broken tackle every now and then (instead of the animation that *looks* like they might break out but they never do). so i have my RBA and my Run Blocking up at 60, and my tackling back up to 40 and i'm pretty happy with that. Rush Defense for both User and CPU is the trickiest part of this equation for me. I'm going to try it at 60 as i try to find my own coach mode sliders... as i played the game (keeping in mind that my stick skills or lack thereof made me a pretty good rusher and rush defender but a horrible passer and pass defender) i had user rush defense at 50 and cpu rush defense at 80... i raise the rush defense to counteract the increase in RBA and Run Blocking that I didn't think i needed due to difficulty, but just because it "looks better"... hope that at least some of that made sense
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