All my true gamers respond please...

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All my true gamers respond please...

All the different slider settings and explanations drive me crazy. Now there's talk of sliders being reversed and some sliders affecting others. Why can't there be an official EA sports site or explanation from EA of each slider and what it does? Or maybe there is...anyone know?

Anyhow...I'm ready to start my offline dynasty.

Opinions on who has the most realisitic slider set on this board????

-I want realisitc hands. Rarely do you see the ball hit both hands of a DB or receiver in college without the ball being caught. That's what I want.

-Also I want good blocking by the good lineman and broken tackles by the best RBs.

-All in all...I want ratings to show...that's what'll make recruiting fun IMO

Some help please...
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It really depends on your style of play,the team you play and your skill level,there are a lot of good slider sets here..the guys have put a lot of testing and hard work into them and us gamers really apreshate there time and effort..myself Im having really good games with SNs set..but some advice play more than one game before you judge a slider set,just like in real football each game plays different.I myself have also noticed that its best when testing slider sets to do so inside a test dynasty..as the games seen to play much different than a play now game..also if you feel some needs to be tweeked due to your play style just bump like 5 at a time for example your having problems running,bump run block up 5 or CPU run d down 5,getting sacked to much,increase pass block by 5 or lower CPU pass rush by 5..ect... most of the sets here are good and meet your needs after little tweaking to meet your playstyle/ skill..each of us are all alittle different..that's the reason for sliders in the first place...good luck and enjoy ..all and all ncaa 2012 is a pretty solid game and a blast to play..hope all this rambling helped.

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Re: All my true gamers respond please...

I've come to find that there are no "perfect" slider sets for realism. What works for one doesn't always work for another. We all have different playing styles, use different teams, and have several other variances that contribute to each of us having different outcomes. I haven't done a lot of slider tweaking and testing for this year's game because I have become too frustrated with this series on the next generation consoles to even want to mess with them at this point. In the past though, I have spent many hours tweaking and testing sliders and trying suggestions from others.

The thing I've found the most helpful in trying to find a set that I'm comfortable with and that seems realistic to me is taking 5 or 6 popular slider sets and looking at the slider numbers that are similar, and those that are miles apart. I compare those to what I'm currently playing with and see if I agree or disagree with their numbers, based on my playing style or experiences. Sometimes I find a happy medium quickly, other times it becomes a matter of trial and error over and over to see what works best for me. Very rarely have a found a set of sliders that someone is using that I'm able to use and have their same results, but I am able to use their sliders as a base, considering their reasoning and rationale for using certain numbers. I just go from there and see what I come up with. Sometimes I am happy with what I am using, and other times I'm constantly tweaking trying to get it just right. Honestly, sliders are the best and worst thing to happen to video games in my opinion. They're kind of like having a good looking girl that you have fun with and are happy being around, yet you're still looking around to see what everyone else has and think that they're girl might be just a bit better. LOL I often fall into the obsessive game of slider tweaking to the point that I don't get as much value and fun from a game as I should because I'm always looking for something while playing to justify moving a slider up or down or leaving it where it is. It's a sick disorder. LOL

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