Trinitys Varsity Sliders (Finally!)

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Trinitys Varsity Sliders (Finally!)

After many many hours of playing and tweaking I finally have found the set for me! Alot of you may not know who I am, but I def would consider myself a slider guru haha. I create sliders for every sports game that I buy, and post on here.

These sliders are meant for skill level above Varsity, but not quite at All-American. My only rule(s) I use is that I always pick a play from the ask coach boxes. Doesn't need to be the first three choices in the box, as I will sometimes scroll around and find something. One thing I have noticed is that Four Verticals is very easy to pull off on 3rd and long situations because the AI blitzes all the LBs, and seems to be the safeties as well! So in order to not "cheat" I will ONLY choose that play if it is the CENTER (or x button) to choose play on 3rd and long situations.

The other thing I don't do is switch players during a passing play until ball is caught or whatever happens....in other words, I don't user switch to grab interceptions, which are much easier to do of course. I just let my cpu teammates get the interception if they catch it. Here they are!

Skill- Varsity
Qtr Length- 8min
Game Speed- Slow
Speed Threshold- 0

Rules: 100, 92, 52, 56, 100, 100, 100, 51, 100, 54, 65

Sliders (Hum/Cpu):

QB Acc- 20/70
Pass Blocking- 20/50
WR Catching- 25/65
RB Ability- 35/75
Run Blocking- 30/70
Pass Coverage- 15/75
Pass Rush- 80/100
Interceptions- 50/50
Rush Defense- 15/100
Tackling- 20/65
FG Power- 45/45
FG Acc- 40/45
Punt Power- 25/50
Punt Acc- 30/50
Kickoff Power- 45/55

Auto Subs (In/Out):

QB- 60/70
RB- 85/90
WR- 80/85
TE- 80/85
OL- 65/70

DT/DE- 85/90
LB- 80/85
CB- 70/85
S- 80/85

Thanks to mkmarsh for a good base to start with! Hope for any of you that try these have as much fun as I am!!! Lemme know what you all think if you try them out.
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Re: Trinitys Varsity Sliders (Finally!)

Do you believe any of the sliders are reversed, such as pass accuracy and pass coverage?
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