Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

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Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

Hey guys, heres the slider set ive been using over the last few weeks, its given me some incredible games and I hope it'll do the same for ya'll. I've experimented with SECElite's and Matt10's sliders and in many ways this set is based on theirs so i have those guys tons of credit.
I tried to make these as hard as possible while maintaining a high level of realism, meaning that ratings matter. A B team should beat a C team 7 out of 10 times.

Skill Level: Heisman

Quarter Length:
8-10 Depending on how much time you have. I usually go with 8.

Fast - I feel that this most accurately reflects the speed of football. Playing on fast gives you less time to think about where you're going with the ball, putting more emphasis on the pre-snap read. Also, routes that take 3-4 seconds to develop in real life (15 yard comebacks, outs, digs and posts) are more accurate time-wise.

Threshold: 0

Offsides: 95
False starts: 100
Holding: 52
Facemask: 60
Offensive P.I: 100
Defensive P.I: 100
KR/PR Interference: 100
Clipping: 52
IG: 100
Roughing the Passer: 52
Roughing the Punter/Kicker: 100

I wanted to make it so that you couldnt constantly try to draw the defense offsides. It can be a pain when you have linemen with low awareness but I feel like this adds to the realism, after all how many times have we watched the same guy false start play after play after... (Im looking at you Doug Free.)


QB ACC: 5/25 (5/50)

I chose 5 for user QBA because it allows you to lead pass and throw with touch under optimal conditions. Throwing while falling back is generally a disaster (as it should be) and pressure really affects the QB. I've also noticed that with these settings a strong side blitz will disrupt the QB far more than one coming from the weak side.
I use 25 for CPU QBA because you really notice a difference between bad, mediocre and elite qbs. If you put pressure on a bad qb he will throw into coverage. However, if you try to hit Dan Persa with a Cover 3 fire zone he'll slide the line and hit the out route for the first down.

Pass Blocking: 5/0
With double 0's the CPU will get pressure on you with 4 even if you're dropping 6. At 5, two similar lines will generally cancel each other out, this doesnt mean that the D will get pancaked or that youll have 10 seconds to throw every time, instead it creates a good balance, sometimes youll be under fire sometimes no. I feel that this effectively solves the problem with 4 verts that some people complain about, the route may be open but if you dont have time to get the ball there you wont score. Like in real life the offense will have to go to the screen game or 3 step drops against dominant D-lines.

RBA: 45/95
At 40, I feel that the user running back is too sluggish and at 50 an 80 overall back will look like Herschel Walker. 95 may seem like a lot for CPU backs but i feel that its realistic, elite backs will juke, spin and bust through tackles. At 95, you have to change your game plan to deal with elite RB's. You wont be able to sit back in Zone and contain the run game.

WR Catch: 35
This is my happy medium, sometimes you'll have a quarter where guys have butter fingers and other times you'll hang on despite getting de-cleated.

Run Block: 0/30
I've found that with these settings, good running backs (both User and CPU) will typically average 4 to 5 yards a carry.

Pass Coverage: 50
At 50, the secondary plays good, but not invincible coverage. Your play action wheel and post combos will be open vs Cover 2, outs and comebacks will work vs cover 3 and crossing routes will work vs man. Of course this is all assuming that you have time in the pocket.

Pass Rush: 0
Like SECElite3 said, pass rush and pass blocking pretty much balance each other out.

Interceptions: 35 (35/60)

Rush Defense: 0/30 (0/50)

Tackling: 30/10
At anything less than 30, hit stick doesn't really have the same punch. I feel that with these settings, you'll be able to jack people up but since RBA is at 95 you wont get the chance too often.

FGP: 45
FGA:15/30 (
Long field goals are not easy anymore)

I hope you guys like these, please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.


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Re: Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

I'm game, I'll give these a shot. I'll let you know on how they work out
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Re: Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

What is your rush defense set?
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Re: Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

I added it in, its at 0/30
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Re: Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

I made an account finally, because I find myself on here all the time looking for the perfect slider sets for madden and ncaa. Thanks for putting time in to do this. Testing them out now.

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Re: Shades3370 Heisman Slider set


Score: 56 / 49
Tot Offense: 454 / 554
Rush-Yards-TD: 36-181-5 / 31-197-2
Comp-Att-TD: 15-34-1 / 16-25-4
Passing Yards: 273 / 357
Turnovers: 2 / 2
Fumbles Lost: 0 / 2
Interceptions: 2 / 0
Penalties-Yards 3-33 / 6-60

Huge offensive game for both teams. I played from behind all game. Seemed like defenders were taking horrible angles to the ball carrier and weren't even trying to tackle at times. Just user tackled as much as I could. Stick moves work a lot better, but I'm thinking of bumping tackling up a bit and running back ability down. I saw a lot of broken tackles on both ends, but I also saw a lot of plays were the defender just couldn't get his hands on the guy. So when he does I think it needs to be a better chance to make the tackle. Both teams ran the ball very well.

Quarterback played way too well, may take his accuracy down to 20, he also broke a lot of tackles. I got a few sacks because of long plays and failed screen plays. Which was legit, because their o-line was better than my d-line, just couldn't get a lot of pressure and had to sit back in coverage. They were getting great pressure on me, but I was able to scramble, get the ball off or throw it away.

Other than that I felt this was the most realistic and flowing game ever. Deep routes were open from time to time, one corner couldn't cover half the field, I found myself picking on corners and such. Threw two picks, bad decisions on my part. The running was fun, I had two huge runs which helped the average out, other than that I was between 2-4 yards a carry, got tackled for a loss a few times, but that happens. I just felt that those stats were way too good for a 74 overall quarterback. My QB was right where he needed to be at around a 70.

Great job, I'm going to change a few things for personal preference. I would recommend these for anyone looking for good sliders.
I have a website/blog dedicated to sports, movies, music, rants etc. I update it often and I'm always looking for critiques to improve it, what do you like about it? what isn't so great able it? Check it out at: http://theworldofkuhlmad.com
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Re: Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

I busted out the stopwatch yesterday to see just how long routes took to develop, (sample size was about 3 games) 3 step drops averaged approx 1.6 seconds while 5-7 step drops were in the 2.5 range (time from the snap to the quarterbacks release). This tells me that game speed on fast is a tad bit slow. I bumped it up to very fast and hit the lab, i noticed that the game plays far more like a real football game but when you measure 40 times the players are way too quick. I've decided to keep it on fast because id rather have accurate 40's and be able to hold the ball for that extra .2-.4 seconds.
I downloaded patch 3 but i didnt like it's effects on line play. With patch 3 installed, average defensive linemen often make offensive linemen look like traffic cones. I ended up deleting patch 3 and the tuner so now im playing the game straight out of the box. Since deleting patch 3 ive made a couple of changes to the sliders to make them more challenging:

-CPU QBA is now 50, ive noticed that this doesnt necessarily make them more accurate but it increases their awareness. For instance lets say youre playing Cover 2 but your SS is too deep; with QBA at 50, the QB will hit the X receiver in the soft spot in the zone.
-Interceptions have been bumped up to 45/75. I feel that the CPU secondary plays more aggressively with these settings, allowing you to work the pump fake on double moves. This also helps mediate the fact that you have a little bit more time in the pocket pre-patch.
-CPU rush defense is now 50, I want defenders to stick to their gaps.

Everything else remains the same, ill put up some stats later on in the day.
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Re: Shades3370 Heisman Slider set

Clemson (user) v South Carolina

Score: 17 / 10
Tot Offense: 236 / 183
Rush-Yards-TD: 32-87-0 / 32-125-1
Comp-Att-TD: 21-29-1 / 4-16-0
Passing Yards: 149 / 58
Turnovers: 3 / 3
Fumbles Lost: 0 / 0
Interceptions: 3 / 3
Penalties-Yards 3- 20 / 5-38
T.O.P: 18:48 / 16:29

Just an ugly game, their D was playing me tight man on 3rd down most of the game and the pass rush was forcing it out quick. Garcia threw 3 bad picks and was terrible the entire game. Lattimore was in beast mode and got almost all of their first downs. In all it was a hard hitting ugly game, I enjoyed it and it certainly was different from the shootouts ive been having recently.

Im going to lower interceptions to 35 for User and 60 for the CPU. I really like the higher INT values for the CPU, the secondary makes you pay as they almost never drop the easy ones. Aside from that I like the progress im making.
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