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Re: QB Autopass Test

That is mostly w/ HFA on I'm guessing. Away team has more false starts etc. I put the slider at 54-56 and put HFA off.
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Re: QB Autopass Test

Originally Posted by Art01
Do you also have thoughts about Penalties and playing in Coach-A-Game Mode? For example: I have never seen a False Start penalty called against the Human Team, but the CPU Team gets 2-3 False Start penalties per game.
I'm not familiar with the coach mode experience but I do view the CPU/CPU games. Other than the obvious of lowering the pass block slider for HUM and raising the off-sides slider, I don't know what may be the fix for that.

Forty Forty Test

I have a request for anybody viewing this thread:

Try the following sliders at 40 and let me know what your findings are. I have been using the threshold setting at 40 and roughing the kicker at 40 on the default difficulty levels (Varsity) in NCAA12 and (Pro) in Madden13.

This has been part of my research for understanding how the sliders speak to us - EA's Language. I've found the CPU to be playing reassuringly better just by changing these two sliders.

Ahead of all that, the whole game feels different. I feel more momentum from the defense which drives new animations and I also feel a new velocity on the ball that changes the trajectory of the releases.

These experiences are observed in both brands. I'm now interested to see how they translate in NCAA13. I don't have that game personally but I view the forums to get ideas for my own testing.

I'm looking to create a 101 Slider Guide with all the data I gather but for this one here I'm interested too see how far these two changes stretch.
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Re: QB Autopass Test

Originally Posted by Sundown2600
Have you tried lowering HUM QB accuracy?

Not yet, I haven't had much time for testing. I am going to test other theories first.
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