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Re: Coach Mode & CPU vs. CPU Theory

Originally Posted by 32jack
I am the home team and I will turn it off and continue playing or do you think I should restart the game?
You need to play with it on first, say for three games. Then come back and play the same three games with it off. Play them in Dynasty Mode.

A single game does not provide a big enough sample to get an accurate gauge on gameplay.
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Re: Coach Mode & CPU vs. CPU Theory

Originally Posted by 32jack
I thought the game would play as Buckeye suggested. In my 3 nights of coach mode testing, that's not the case.

The coach mode user, I feel, gets a slight bump... not as great a bump as when I play in 1-button mode, where I only call the play and then watch.

Last night I used vgunn's sliders in coach mode, and gameplay was "erratic." vgunn indicated this in his thread and he was right.

The prior 2 nights I used Fist's varsity sliders in coach mode. These sliders offer a challenging CPU, and I got my clock cleaned in coach mode. I couldn't run or pass and my D got manhandled. I was Troy vs. WKU in these games.

Using Fist's varsity sliders in 1-button mode, my QB was way too accurate and I was challenged, but always felt like I could pull off a win.

This morning I plugged in Fist's sliders, alterted them a bit (see my post on Fist's varsity sliders thread) to be even steven between the CPU and coach mode user...

Playing as Oklahoma vs. Texas. I'm almost one qtr. complete and the game has a solid feel, but I feel it is a tad slanted to give me a small advantage.

1 fumble on a nasty hit by Noulie on QB Ash. 4 penalties, 3 total sacks-- 2 for Sooners and 1 for Texas. 3 drops so far!

I tried 2 verticals by Jones---
1st one he had to throw under and second, he rolled right and threw left to the endzone where Texas broke up the play.

Saw good and not so good throws by both QB's.
Saw a couple of solid runs by Whaley and Brown and also saw them stopped for 1 and 2 yd. gains.
I just feel like there's a... 5% boost to human???

I'm going to tweak the pass blk. and bump it up by 5. Probably raise rba by 5. Drop tackling by 5. Raise WR by 5. Keep INT. as is.

So, back to the drawing board--
I will also lower user settings by 5-- i.e: QB [email protected] 5 and USER [email protected] 10.
This is maddening but I can't dump this game! LOL!
Sounds like there is some hope with your testing. I wish EA would fix these issues once and for all. It is nice to know that I am not the only one seeing the QB Accuracy issue. I am going to do some testing tomorrow on CPU v CPU, then QB accuracy rating adjustments. Once I get a solid base (if I ever get there) on CPU v. CPU, then I am going to test it with coach mode. I would like to play regular mode using Auto Pass, but again the QB's are way too accurate. Hopefully, EA will release a tuner to adjust these sliders. 4 to 5 years ago, EA patched the sliders because they weren't working and the patch fixed the game for a lot of people. Hopefully this is the case this year. I was ready to shelve the game and then I started playing around with vgunn's sliders. I have to say, I am not a big CPU v CPU fan. I like to have some control over my team, but when your a die hard college football fan and this is the only game you play you gotta do what you gotta do. Been playing EA's NCAA Football since the beginning. Hope EA does something, cause I am about to walk away from this game and I won't look back. I have spent too much time year after year trying to make a game work. Last year I never got a dynasty going, spent a good five months trying, finally I gave up. Hoping 13 would be better, well I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. EA save the game for your fans!
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Re: Coach Mode & CPU vs. CPU Theory

cpu vs cpu sliders will not work in coach mode since coach mode uses user sliders and cpu vs cpu only uses the cpu sliders. i do know this for a fact as i have extensively tested out coach mode. if you take these sliders to coach mode, you will have to tweak both sides to get realistic results.
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