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Re: Disconnects late in games

Originally Posted by RebelT
I would agree with you except for the scenario where the other player is still well in the game when he disconnects. It just makes no sense that they would quit in those situations, and then it makes no sense that ALL of them would say they didn't quit intentionally.

If it was an isolated occurence I would agree, but in this case it's not.
I was just going off of my experiences, but you'd be surprised at how little it takes to push someone over the edge and disconnect from a game. I've had people throw an interception, disconnect on me, then send me a message about it afterwards.
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Re: Disconnects late in games

Sry if I missed it, but PS3 or XBox? On PS3, I've DCed several times right after I fake the handoff on a read opt play. It's only on straight rd opt (not triple, shovel, slot, etc) plays and happens MAYBE 5-10% of the time I run a rd opt play, but in general, I've started noticing that it only happens in games that already have a noticeable lag. The rd opt just seems to be the straw that breaks the camel's back lol.

Happened to me a cpl weeks ago when I was playing a guy that I've played before and get along with. I was running all over him (aub pb), and he sent a message after sayin "there's some glitch in the game where the game freezes if you use the rd opt". I just thought he was jokingl, bc he didn't want me runnin that offense against him the next time...

but since he said that, I've probably had 6+ DCs that happen at the exact moment that my qb pulls the ball out on a rd opt. It's to the point that I won't run a straight read opt play unless the game is tied lol. I hate cheap wins or losses...

Anyone else have this issue? FYI I do have a sub-par network, but rd opt is the only thing that rly ever causes a DC in my games (besides situations like you have all described--my 2nd and 3rd INTs seem to really affect the "connection" as well

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