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Re: HELP!!!

Btw I JUST NOW noticed that the CV challenge rewards cards are NOT auctionable! Wtf?...god i hate EA...So now I have to decide if it's even worth completing...any opinions?

There are already 8 cards I added to the coll: 3 good cards that i have dups of, all the $hiddy QBs, and Ingram (who i do miss slightly)...but now I dont even rly see the point in buyin RGIII back, bc he'll just cancel out the 75K in coins, not to mention i could easily sell the guys i don't rly use (Frazier, Alexander, Denard and McFadden) to get that 75K anyways. So i guess it rly comes down to the Madden packs. I MAY get Madden and play MUT eventually, but don't know for sure. Are 20 pro packs significant (or worth it in my situation)? I'd be sacrificing a lot of flexibility to trade/sell and would just waste reserve space with every white QB in this collection (strike that. Tebow is white. Every "pocket passer" lol...)

Thoughts? Recommendations?

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Re: HELP!!!

If you don't play madden, it's a total waste in my eyes. Plus it's not like you won't be able to do it if you get madden down the road, I say don't complete it just yet.
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