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Option Playbooks

**Just an update to sportsguru, dukeblue, michfan (and anyone else interested from our discussion about opt pbs on the other thread)**

I found GT's pb for cheap (it sucks btw--def has the least variety out of the 4 opt pb's). It basically just has several versions of Flex...anyways, it doesn't appear that you can do a package adjustment to the formations to do "3 HBs" like we were talking about. There's only a "HB/FB Flip" package (at least on any formations that I checked--its tough to check em all in a game with 3 min quarters that you need to win as well lol).

I used:

FB Schmitt
**HB1 Herschel
**HB2 Spiller

**these can rly be interchangeable, as the "role or assignment" for each HB rly just depends on if you're running left or right. BUT I made Herschel my HB1 b/c when using the "HB/FB FLIP" package, he swaps with the FB and gets the bulk of the runs between the tackles...)

I used Air Force's pb as well and i like it much better...although its really more of a standard "Run Heavy" pb (plus several regular shotgun forms) with a section devoted to the triple option/wing back style. But, again, wasn't able to adjust any formations to a "3 HB" package...

Plan to try out Navy next, but it looks like i sold that pb when clearing out reserves, so if anyone's willing to sell it to me for cheap, that would be awesome...

Overall, I won the 3 or 4 games i played using these pb's, but that was rly a result of A) getting lucky and facing easy opponents--I was kinda embarrassed by how close the games were, and B) domination from my "Legion of Broom" (my secondary that sweeps up any mess I make on offense) lol...and in each game, every time I tried to run one of the standard plays from these schemes (flex trpl opt, wb sweep, etc.) it just got blown up for a 2 yd loss. The D Line was all over me before i could do ANYTHING. And i have about as good an O Line as you can get...I tried to experiment as much as possible, but also didnt wanna lose, so I gravitated towards either using the "normal plays/formations" or I did a "HB/FB flip" out of the opt formations and just ran straight FB Dives with Herschel...None of that lateral crap (while under the center) worked. I had to use pistol or shotgun to do any kind of play with multiple reads...

I think don't think EA calibrated the game correctly to where these type of schemes are a viable option (pun intended lol) to use against human opponents. It's a shame, bc that style is rly fun to use! I did a dynasty with Navy on a (MUCH) older NCAA version--mainly just b/c I went to HS with their starting FB during that time lol) and I had a blast runnin all those crazy plays!

Anyways, guru or duke, if you guys try it out, lemme know how it goes, or if you figure out things that work!

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