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My Ideas for NCAA 2013

1. Fix the passing game
Okay, I've noticed some really bad problems with the passing game.
For instance, I'd estimate 3 in 4 of my broken passes are knocked down by linebackers that are being blocked and suddenly just have the urge to jump and block the ball.
Another example is sometimes when my receivers are done running short routes and staring at me, I pass it to them (when they're completely open), and they drop the ball. I normally would write this off as the player not being highly skilled, but this happens a lot, and I know my receivers stats aren't that bad. This seems to happen to the computers as well, although I can't decide if it's just because their qb AI is terrible or not.
Defense seems to have a magic touch. I send one of my wides on a slant route, and before he even starts moving they're already running parallel in front of where he's supposed to be going.

2. Defense adjustments
Well, the only one I can think of here is I think there's a bug with some of the zoned coverage plays. Sometimes, I'll be running zoned coverage for the middle, and whenever they run slant routes towards the middle I stare in awe as none of my 3 defenders I posted there are actually anywhere near that position.
Another strange occurrence is I noticed whenever a ball is rushed against zoned coverage the defenders won't actually try to tackle the RB until he gets within their circles, when I'd figure they'd go ahead and try to tackle him since he's in their line of sight and he's obviously not going to pass the ball downfield. I guess that one might just be bad playcalling in the first place, though.

3. Crowds/SFX
I was pleased to hear they added new crowd sounds into NCAA 2012 until I actually played the game. They're cool and all, but they still aren't really near the intensity of a real game. I think they could do a better job by getting chants from each of the stadiums (such as the C-L-E-M-S-O-N chant whenever Tiger Rag is played in Death Valley), I know this can be added manually by us, but I think it's a real big inconvenience when I'm already spending $60 on the game yearly. I also think they could also do something with entrances, the music is nice, but it just doesn't feel complete compared to real games with things such as the video that plays before every game at Death Valley. Ambient stadium sfxes such as the tiger that roars at Death Valley would also be a great addition as well.
My final request dealing with SFX is that they add in some way to make it so you can play SFXs without creating a playlist. I don't know if it's possible, but I find it really inconvenient to have to burn cds everytime I want to add custom SFX for a team, since you can't save playlists off of a flash drive.
Oh, and definitely more commentators, or at the very least more snippets of what the current commentators say.
Oh, and the crowds seem kind of... dead. I know there's a lot of fans for the game to handle, but they shouldn't just stand the whole time, it seems... like they're zombies. Also everybody standing in grid pattern in the hills is kind of strange to me too. As is the players on the side of the field not reacting to somebody running out of bounds and almost hitting them.

4. Other
I don't think a new physics engine would hurt the game. I find it awe inspiring how I can break 3 tackles from multiple directions with my tightend.
I think it'd be cool if whenever you played games they simmed other ones while you played, so they could do score alerts like an ESPN broadcast. Another note on this is maybe have the hud pop up to show random statistics in games like in real ones, for instance if you're in a game that has had a particular amount of flags it'll show number of flags and total yards for both teams.
Weather is a really weird thing for me, too. First of all, I think sunlight should gradually go down through the quarters instead of quarter 1 looking like midday and quarter 2 looking like late afternoon with a heavy overcast, for instance. It also seems like I almost never get weather in my games, I've had a total of one game so far in my 3 seasons where it was snow, although sadly it didn't seem to affect the players much.
CPU players seem like they love running the clock. I've been playing with teams before that have only been down by 7 after making a touchdown with under two minutes left before, and surprised to see they still wait forever to do their plays. This usually only happens on third down, but you figure with them down that much near the end of the game they'd be looking for fourth down anyways and just go ahead and play.
CPU no huddle is a pain. I get offsides all the time because the offense goes into no huddle, I choose my play, and they immediately start before my players get to the line.
I think different skill settings for things such as passing, rushing, rush defense, and pass defense would be cool, like in Madden 2011, or maybe even something like "my skill" on it where it reacts to how you play so you'll always have a tough game. I find I really tear through the defense easily with my rb for instance, but I feel the CPU offense and pass defense is on the right level for me, so I can't turn up the settings to make it so the run game isn't like slicing butter.

That's all I can think of for now. Even with it's problems, I still think it's a fantastic game and I'd like to get back to it!

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