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Things That Are Missing

So if they were going to make a new NCAA game, what are the things you would be hoping to see added?

-Grad transfers (and you should have to recruit them)

-More attrition (it's common for teams to lose 5-10 players per off-season, in the game you rarely lose more than one or two)

-Player morale (would contribute to guys deciding to leave the team)

-Position coaches

-More coach abilities (stuff like recruiter, game planner, motivator, talent developer. Each thing has different strengths)

-Run/pass options (huge part of spread offenses now)

-Substituting in the no huddle (only if the offensive tempo is slow enough to allow it)

-Tempo options (some teams go no huddle but take their time at the line, some teams run up and snap the ball immediately)

-Players getting benched (CPU should bench players if they screw up)

-Position changes (CPU should change positions for non-user teams). Also ability to change positions in-season.

-Scheme-based ratings (a 230 pound defensive end should suck if he's playing DE in a 3-4)

-Being able to set snap distribution (instead of fatigue-based substitution, set how you want the snaps divided up)

-Medical DQs/career-ending injuries

-Expanded rosters (85 players would probably be realistic)

-Medical redshirts

-More dynamic player progression (sometimes players should improve a ton, some should never really get better, a few should actually get worse)

-More detailed coach philosophies (zone or power run game? Zone or man coverage? Press coverage or off coverage? Do they use the option?). There should be coaches who are great motivators, coaches who have an eye for talent, coaches who develop players, coaches who are great with schemes. The teams should be boosted by what a coach specializes in: Jim Harbaugh and his quarterbacks, Nick Saban and defensive backs, that sort of thing.

-De-commits in recruiting. Especially if a coach gets fired.

-Coaching changes should cause more turmoil. More players transfer, recruits decommit, players change position to fit into the new schemes.

-Better crowd noise and celebrations. When you win a big game it doesn't really feel different than when you blow some FCS team out. The crowd should react during a play. When you win a big game the celebration should feel bigger. I feel like the crowd actually got worse, there was a year where they made it so that when you made a big play they would get louder while the play was going on.
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Re: Things That Are Missing

I definitely agree with everything you said and I would add that we need a complete revamp of the Teambuilder system. The ability to make custom uniforms for existing teams is something that the creative side of the game needs, at least in my eyes. Also, the difference between the colors in the editor and the in game is pretty drastic.
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Re: Things That Are Missing

Yeah, I understand why they didn't put that in since the series was ongoing and they wanted to be able to sell people the new uniforms as DLC.
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Re: Things That Are Missing

How about stadiums from the past that had hosted college football games:

Pitt Stadium
Fenway Park
Orange Bowl
Polo Grounds
Tulane Stadium
Mountaineer Field
Archbold Stadium
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